If you like sea going adventures then this one is worth the read. We have not verified that the email belongs to you. Aug 12, Jeanne rated it it was amazing. Patch asks if Janet’s father wrote her from Rangoon and explains that he boarded the Mary Deare after the ship left Rangoon, as a replacement for a sick officer. Lowbrow dialect, straight from the Southampton wharf, is used when thuggish brutes make their threats and imposing intentions known, and it provides the spice where the profane would undermine reality and flatten the villain. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Back in court, Patch’s credibility is questioned when his earlier suspension is revealed and he is accused of being responsible for the infirm Taggert’s death.

As Mike struggles to hold the much smaller Sea Witch alongside the Mary Deare , John slides down a rope, attempting to swing across to his boat, only to be continually buffeted violently against the side of the bigger ship. Oct 29, Hana rated it really liked it Shelves: Needless to say, nothing works out as planned, as the ship is not abandoned, and the half-mad captain is trying to keep it afloat as the rest of the crew has ditched. I was hooked, I read many of his books: Devil in a Blue Dress starring Denzel Washington. I thought the court scenes which take up a good third of the book flowed and continued interest throughout.

Retrieved from ” https: Cracking thriller of the old school. Patch hopes that an independent company will be appointed by a synposis of inquiry to examine the ship.

However, I soon got into the swing of it and I’ve got to say, this is highly addictive. It’s the kind of adventure yarn which, thanks to intelligent treatment and topnotch photography, comes off with a bang. John Sands Charleton Heston is the captain of a salvage ship that is almost rammed by the apparently abandoned Mary Deare. It is difficult to be scared of something that is inevitable. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

This, itself, is mysterious, but just the first of mysteries that involves murder, mayhem, legal proceedings, and harrowing chases wrecm the English Channel.


Here was a ship of mystery and tragedy Danger, betrayal and superhuman effort lurk throughout, as two men brave the hostility eeare the world at large, and of brutality on the part of Man as well as the unforgiving elements.

Patch convinces Sands to help him beach the ship, even though it will void his salvage claim. And Charlton Heston plays the skipper of a salvage boat who becomes innocently involved in the mystery of the Mary Deare and, in the end, helps solve it.

We found your email in our system. You will be redirected back to your article in seconds. Patch, captain of the ill-fated cargo steamer Mary Deare, becomes the driving force of the book.

The Wreck of the Mary Deare – Wikipedia

More storms wrwck Patch slowly realised the mate Higgins was in a conspiracy to sink the ship. In they released a movie version starring an ageing Gary Cooper as the haunted, obsessed captain, and a fresh-faced Charlton Heston as the salvage man who gets caught up in the conspiracy. In my opinion, he belongs in the same top tier of maritime authors as Douglas Reeman, Patrick o’Brian and Nicholas Monsarrat.

mayr From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There was scarcely wind enough to move the boat through the water, yet the swell kicked up by the March gales ran as strong as ever and my numbed brain was conscious all the time that this was only a lull. Od you discount the fact that nobody has cell phones, then it doesn’t seem that dated. Climbing on board imagine the salvage on it! Views Read Edit View history.

Then later when the yacht finds the Mary Deare stopped, and one of the crew boards her to investigate, and finds the Captain the only person onboard. Choose a new password: This is a well written, evenly paced adventure thriller about a wreck and the crew who abandoned her, leaving the captain to live or die alone. The story is atmospheric and moody. When John begins slipping down the rope, Patch pulls him back aboard the Oc Deare and Mike sets off for the nearest port.

Just a stand alone of around pages. He is dead tired at the tiller, frozen to the bones and surrounded by miles and miles of misty darkness. John identifies the ship as the Mary Deare and is perplexed that the bridge appears unoccupied. What happened to the Mary Deare? John is able to board the Mary Deare, and encounters Gideon Patch, captain, who is alone on the ship, desperately trying to keep it afloat.


Aug 27, Jessaka rated it really liked it Shelves: Riveting tale of a rusty old ship, captained by a man unwilling synopsiz let his command be spoiled by abandonment of his crew during a suspicious fire.

The Wreck of the Mary Deare by Hammond Innes (1956)

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Whilst there, he is nearly run down by a seemingly abandoned steamer ship, the Mary Deare. Gideon Patch, the haunted master of the Mary Deare is complex and satisfying character, full of mysteries and ambiguities, by turns sinister, intriguing, admirable and tragic. Re-working this review for the blog, I checked on Fantastic Fiction. The captain of salvage boat Charlton Heston boards the apparently deserted freighter under difficult conditions.

Instead of curing the sick, he finds himself caught up in a quest for dearee ancient silver mine, a quest which brings disaster to the impoverished community where it is set. Highly recommended for fans of sailing adventures.

Sands boards the ship in search of plunder but as it is tossed on the high seas, he discovers a half-crazed captain aboard Gary Cooper. Nothing that dramatic actually happens aboard the ship but the writing makes these final scenes, as the Mary Deare founders deeper and deeper in the stormy seas and the characters reach the ends of their tether, incredibly powerful and moving. Login with your social network: Suddenly, out of the dark, stormy sea, they are almost run down by a far larger, apparently abandoned, ship, the Mary Deare.