Personal tools Log in. The 35 best episodes of SPN. He asks if Dean ever considered the possibility that he liked being possessed and goes on to say that he loved the connection and that the demon was the love of his life. Dealing with a hallucination that acts like an attention-starved child is annoying, sure, but then we find out that the hallucinations manifests in glimpses of Hell. Jeffrey’s character may refer to Jeffrey Dahmer , who murdered 17 men and boys between and Search for ” Repo Man ” on Amazon. The boys hear about another murder on the police radio. Big brother’s probably dead.

The boys hear about another murder on the police radio. Is this a supernatural malady, or is this specifically a mental issue? He follows a suspicious-looking man who turns out to be Marjorie’s boyfriend. Lilith had a lieutenant named Merrick in New Orleans. Sam tells her to use her son’s ear in a tracking spell to find him and Dean. Proudly powered by WordPress. Big brother’s probably dead. He then kills his dog off screen, places her heart and Dean’s blood on the altar and reads the invocation.

Nora tells Sam how Jeffrey came to her looking for a way to summon the demon. Could therapy help him? Now he’s back for revenge. Jeffrey seems upset and asks what the latest victim’s name was.

She attacks him but he stops her. The line was previously mentioned by Jenkins in 1. Yes No Report this. Fan report on the episode filming.

Mark Watches ‘Supernatural’: S07E15 – Repo Man

At the motel, Dean goes to sleep. Stereo DTS Blu-ray release. The director of this episode Thomas J. Later, after Jeffrey collects his dog from the shelter, he hears a noise coming from the alley and goes with his dog to investigate.


So how will Sam ground himself? Dean’s voice message says “Leave your name, number and nightmare after the tone. Before they can start interrogating him, though, the demon gives Jeffrey control of his body. Alan visits briefly to remind Jeffrey to have his guests sign in. Nora Havelock Jeffrey Ballard Stratemeyer also created the similar book series “The Hardy Boys,” a nickname for the supernatual used by Crowley.

Season 7 Episode More likely, it’s a reference to Gomer Pyle who was portrayed as being very simpleminded, naive, and gentle. S01E03 — The Turk. When Dean comes to, he is tied up.

Mark Watches ‘Supernatural’: S07E15 – Repo Man |

At the nest, Dean’s cellphone doesn’t have signal. Hallucifer says that Sam’s tricks won’t work because he let him in earlier. She then found a stronger summoning spell. Sam enters Nora’s store.

The rapier wit – superntaural wittier rape – come on, I’ll be good, I’ll even help you solve your little Nancy Drew mystery or whatever.

Sam can’t get through to any of Dean’s phones. This is because of the boys following Frank’s advice in 7. At Nora’s white magic store, there’s a freshly painted devil’s trap in the doorway. Sam doesn’t believe Ruby but, seeing no other option, supwrnatural the demon and Cindy anyway. Yeah, your, uh, scooping days are over, Gomer. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, eupernatural your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!


The title “Repo Man” refers to the movie Repo Man about a punk rocker who ends up working for a car repossession agency and getting entangled with a bunch of strange characters and a mystery involving a Chevy Malibu with dead aliens in its trunk. Dean wonders why the demon would be organized and Jeffrey says it was the demon’s job. The fact that Jeffrey killed the dog may be a reference to the widely held belief that there is a correlation between animal abuse and serial killers – including the case of Jeffrey Dahmer.

Jeffrey gave her the job of sending the boys after him because the spell requires the blood of the exorcist who banished the demon: Nora sobs and says that Jeffrey has her son.

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Sam and Dean jump him with a flask of waych water and press Ruby’s knife to his neck. Keep sawing away at your ropes, Penelope Pitstop.

He and Jeffrey enter the building, where Dean finds a young man tied up. They explain that they need to torture the demon for information, and Jeffrey tells the boys to do whatever they have to do.