They really look good together. I think this is a reasonable request. Screening Humanity Episode Han wonder what to do about the couple who brought Sa Ran up. He wants to look smarter than him on the photos at the hospital when the baby is born, so he carefully puts on a shirt and tie. One thing that baffled me, how when Rara was to get married to that doctor, her future mother in law kept asking for presents for the entire groom’s familythat was a first for me, I was acostumed to bride and groom being recipient of good will presents hehe; another thing I learnt here, the etiquette when drinking spirits though not in those side road tents you have to be served and then you have to shift sideways to gulp it down; so I’m guessing that enjoying the taste is out of the question. I suppose she wants her husband to acknowledge that he neglected her and to try harder now. Description New Tales of the Gisaeng depicts the love, sadness and pain of people surrounding a gisaeng house, where only VIPs can enter.

Overall I enjoyed this drama although I found some of the scenes and humour on the quirky side i. Soon after Sa Ran and Da Mo move in with his parents, a female ghost in a white hanbok floats through the wall and up the stairs. New Tales Of Gisaeng – Episode 3. And what has happened between Ma Dan Sae and Ms. So when he gets out of hospital he tells her that he does remember the house where they got her from. Sa Ran and Da Mo. New Tales Of Gisaeng – Episode 9. But then she gets a fever.

Maybe a standard 20 episode drama would be enough instead of dragging it to Email required Ejg never made public. Thank you everybody and hoping to see more of them later Review and thoughts on the final episode 52 coming soon. Real couple won’t act like takes. Although he shows some emotion when Sa Ran has a hard time, he remains passive and never really acts like a father should.

Geum and his family decide what to do about Sa Ran. New Tales Of Gisaeng – Episode 1. And, if, by chance, there is a complaint, I don’t see the broadcaster issuing a public apology to a ghost, someone possessed or a fortune-teller. Later he tells Sa Ran how humiliated he feels having her as a daughter -in-law. And one night, he goes out with his friends for dinner. She didn’t deserve such a cruel twist of fate even if her mother did. New Tales of Gisaeng episodes 21 — 30 review: It was sad, it was happy, it was terrific acting from everyone involved.


New Tales Of Gisaeng – Episode 5. Then she invites Sa Ran to see her and makes an excuse that she looks unwell to puncture her finger and get some blood. 15 I totally hate how the storyline veered off into the ghost possession land just to increase screen time.

New Tales of Gisaeng Review: 41-51 Sa Ran and Da Mo

The scene is light-hearted as the men drink more and more to try to settle their disagreement. Unless the broadcaster wants to look really stupid! So the truth is finally out.

So he marches over to Dr. They’re a lovely couple. Particularly since their jobs are giaaeng upon by regular society.

Her mother died when Sa-Ran was still young and her father remarried. Da-Mo is cocky and tends subb look down on woman. If he had really changed, he would ask her what she wants to do and respect her wishes. Thank you subbing team for the wonderful subs. Although they have two adjummas at the house, Sa Ran has decided to do all the cooking gksaeng she wants to make healthy food as well as a good impression.

Sa Ran and the baby are staying at Dr. He realises that his mother was right all nnew and that he should have been happy to accept Sa Ran as his daughter-in-law from the beginning. Dan Sa-Ran comes from a poor family, but she keeps her dignity around friends who come from rich families. Gegege No Nyobo Episode She is so stressed that she gets a nose bleed.

Lee are the only ones with careers and we get the impression that they would give their careers up too if they found husbands. At first his wife gisaenng so happy but he just stands there complaining about having to cook and that now he has no appetite to eat, so she gets upset with him again. I definitely agree with you. Gong Ju isn’t a great beauty, but she’s like a source of fresh air.


Ah Soo Ra was the nes star of the show and he stole every scene was in. Because of her hard work, things seem to be getting a bit better for Sa Ran. In my country, there is a saying – when a newborn comes, someone goes. But suddenly he becomes possessed.

New Tales of Gisaeng Review: Episode 52 Final

He is hard on her but at the giaaeng time he brags to his friends about how healthy he is now thanks to his new diet. New Tales Of Gisaeng – Episode 8.

Digital Monsters Episode The grandfathers wait at the hospital. This ghost is macho and wants to eat meat, drink makali, and show off his strength by arm wrestling.

They really look good together. His daughter-in-law, a grandchild, and several ghosts all work to make him see the light. I think that is a rather thoughtful custom, especially after watching friends ‘throw back’ a few fully talew their throats and the bottom of the glass.

The guy can act even xub he’s a newbie.

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Read here for my latest update! I don’t think Sa Ran’s stepmother and adopted father deserved to die. This is very cute to watch I gisadng.

She’s so lively and gisaegn. The taxi driver episode I didn’t think twice about it, afterall it seems taxi drivers and tourists have a bone to pick world wideI’m here thinking madrilian ones making loads on the “gullible” japanese