With its small screens and old seats, as well as limited range of movies, this cinema is certainly spartan compared to its flashier chain alternatives. Their VIP seats are good leather, big, comfy, good angles. Aquaman US 2h 23min Directed by: Broly Japan 1h 40min PG Directed by: This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Nov 8, at 9: Tell us more about this venue. Vice US 15 Directed by:

Jun 30, Messages: The story follows Don Quixote’s picaresque journey to do deeds in honour of his imaginary noble lady, Dulcinea. Total Dhamaal India Directed by: On Twitter, immobiliser than asked the official Vue account if this statement was correct:. September 25, at 9: The story is a bit of a grab-bag of ideas, but Salazar shines via motion capture as a truly splendid teen action heroine. May 30, Messages:

Sep 20, Messages: Craig Grannell on technologyApplegaming and design. South Coast UK Ratings: Jun 30, Messages: Biopic of French writer Colette Knightleyfocusing on her early years and her wild days in fin-de-siecle Paris after her marriage to Henry Gauthier-Villars West.

No response directly from Vue as yet, but the company responded to White on Twitter and since sent an email, which he forwarded to me. Don Quixote Cervantes’s story of the bumbling knight Don Quixote has inspired countless artistic interpretations.

Compare cinemas? Which screen to visit to watch Skyfall?

Jan 15, Messages: Families are catered for with a strong selection of child-friendly films. Looked very nice too. For loitering teens a whole array of arcade machines and air hockey tables are laid out in the main foyer.


Vue Plymouth opens the largest cinema screen in the South West Just Plymouth Edit, maybe a bit too far from you, my lack of knowledge of the area, I tend to think all the ‘mouths’ are close together.

But it would be good for the company to have a clear national policy that all staff abide by — and is clearly shown in the cinemas and on the tickets. Nov 8, at 6: Aquaman US 2h 23min Directed by: However all the seats were full, no problems with my fellow viewers, just the occasional oohs and aahs, laughs etc in the appropriate places. A pleasurable rite of passage about a woman striving for independence.

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Brash, bawdy and beguiling, and a deceptively acute commentary on the nature of power, with career-best work from Weisz and Stone and a commanding performance from Colman as the ailing Queen.

Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston, Nicole Kidman Dell Hart is an unemployed ex-con who gets a job as live-in carer to millionaire Phil Cranstonparalysed after a hang-gliding cjnema, and the pair forge an unlikely friendship. Arranged and orchestrated by Martin Yates.

Was any of it shot in Imax? MoFoHoNov 9, The rise of Dick Cheney Balefrom electrical worker in Conema to US vice-president, presented as cheeky, dark, inventive comedy. But with cut-price offerings and engaging staff, the cinema is likely to build up a following amongst locals looking for cheap and cheerful entertainment.


It is indeed within reason.

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Jul 2, Messages: Screen 6 hr showing, I must say I was somewhat apprehensive! Tell us more about this venue.

Nov 9, at 9: Alien US 1h 56min 18 Directed by: Thanks x 1 List. Gully Boy India Directed by: All is True UK 1h 41min Directed by: Entertaining, but with too many unanswered questions, and Ferguson as Morgana is wasted for most of the movie.

I have been in empty screens before. Dec 6, Messages: Charles Martin Smith Cast: Show 25 25 50 All. Skyfsll group of people find themselves solving a series of deadly puzzles in an escape room.

Edge-of-the-seat suspense thriller with sykfall strong cast and ghastly special effects. Earl Eastwood is a prize-winning horticulturist who, when his business faces foreclosure, becomes a drug mule for the cartels. Jan 11, Messages: Like you I avoid the cinema for the same reasons, however my son treated me to Skyfall at the Empire Poole Tower Park wed 7th. Mary Stuart Ronan and Elizabeth Robbie would like to be sisters but political rivalry drives them apart.

Pete Wahlberg and Elie Byrne are a couple who decide to try fostering children, and they take in teenage Lizzy Moner and her siblings. MichaelNov 8,