Suvreen is very happy, she is talking to herself. Ira wants to make him happy again. Suvreen says that she did it for Soni. Yuvi says that Suvi was thinking that he has gift the dress for her. Suvi comes to the house. Suvreen gets the pot and Yuvraj cuts the noodle packet both Yuvreen make dinner…Yuvraj cuts the onions… both Yuvreen have food fight with noodles and they mess up the whole kitchen…then both come in the living room and mess it all up..

She thinks saree will suit her personality more. Soni tells that she ans Suvi are in need of wine. I got my first salary. Yuvraj stops her and says that he made her angry so he can make her happy again. Veera 10th June Written Episode Update. He asks where is my card? Suvreen gets happy and says thank you. Soni says yes and tells her everything..

And then he makes faces how she was drunk. Madhura looks at Ira. Suvreen says to herself why does this happen to me?

He looks very angry he says: Everything will be fine topper. Yuvraj tells her that she always keeps doing so many stuffs for everyoneso there should be someone to take care of her also na. Soni tells that episore they had some more wine, there will be some other shade that will come mune. A password will be e-mailed to you.


Suvi comes and apologises, they continue discussing. RC comes and Alisha tells that they can begin and Suvi can take notes from her. And then he says NEXT!!

Suvreen Guggal 14th June Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

And then her phone rings. Like 0 Dislike 0. Soni and Yuvraj are sitting in a coffee. Soni is not happy with the locations, but Maddy tells her that she looks good with natural fkll and poses, and tells her to pose in a garage. Madhura says to Ira that she ofcourse knows Ira.

And then he goes. And then Geeti turns around. Suvi says what can I doo. I know everybody says maddy when you came everything changed in my life. Yuvraj says I like india food but anything that has been made by you. She says that she will design for a star.

Suvreen says you came to say sorry and in that to problem Yuvraj says not sorry big sorry Suvreen says are episodd forgetting 113th Madhura says sorry because of yesterday.


[V] Suvreen Guggal 26th February 2013 Video Watch Online Pt1

And then she says I love you. And then Geeti comes. Jolly throws all the clothes. On Jun 14, Jolly tells everyone to get to work. Soni asks what happened? Suvi says that she forgot her keys and Soni is not there. Smart one to Suvreen.

They are in the office. She thinks saree will suit her personality more. Sign in Recover your password. He asks where is my card? Sign in Recover your password.

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Rohan comes and asks her to come to cafetaria. Suvreen is very happy and Alisha is angry. Yuvraj says I replaced it.