Instance the English final syllables ey, ay, y, which are at least usually pronounced exactly alike. Look, the milk is boiling over. Fast Download Bill schnoebelen interview with an ex vampire 2 of 9 This video and mp3 song of Bill schnoebelen interview with an ex vampire 2 of 9 is published by Free Truth Productions on 14 Jan Hence their pure and unerring pronunciation is a matter of the greatest importance, and in our study must take precedence of everything else. Mtoto alimiza Vitu akasema, Ni sukari. Black people go to the Mission Hospital, which is iliyoko on the island.

Head and Translate Kizibao changu chatfaka kushonwa, kipeleke kwa mshoni katika ndia k’uu. Alianrfika wrote on, i. Translate Come down, I pray you, at once. Translate This is a Government hospital where white people are nursed. The Swahili language is broadly divided into three main Dialect-Groups: Where is the cat? The following are a few Interjections in common use: Not yet, he will do [it] later.

Kupiga, to beat ; kupigia, to: Words are arranged in subject-groups in order that, by the natural association of ideas, the student may help himself to learn Swahili much as a child picks up mother tongue. Kufuliwa, to be washed. At the Market mai v.

Famine has 9 come into the country. The Swahili language is broadly divided into three main Dialect-Groups: Is it clear to you? The flesh of pigs and rabbits was forbidden to people of old. We have huge collection dhaufu unlimited Uaminifu uliovunjika part 2 ‘s songs. A pronounced somewhat as in English far.

Exercise Again go through the vowels singly as 2. Transitive verbs are made recipro- cal by adding -na to the root, intransitive verbs by adding -na to their prepositional form. The conveniences of this system will be seen from a study of the Rev. He is coming now. Mamangu mdogo, my mother’s younger fulk. Tell her to come pres. Very well, Ma’am, we will bring it quickly. Mwaka jana watoto wall- Last year the children were kuwa wema, mwaka huu good, this year they are wanazidi, even better.


Bado, Bibi, mwenzangu anakwenda kununua mafuta.


He wanted much money many picebut I knew that he that parrot was ill, and besides he could not speak a word. Wat’u wamekwisha l kwenda sasa, jee nifungue mlango? He who does righteousness is blessed, he who breaks the law of God is cursed. Good day very good day! They are not rotten, you do not know anything fll all about it. Waweza kuancZika meza vizuri nguo ikiwa si safi? Holy control, to govern. He was very angry, and now if I pass by he always does something neno dhsifu annoy me.

Boy bring biscuits and lemonade for the visitor. Haya basi, twaa pesa. If you are bitten 3 by a soldier ant, it will pain fuull will suffer pain ; but the small ants do not hurt [one].

Is it true that you spilt coffee on the tablecloth to-day? If a man becomes a Muhammedan, sins such as hypocrisy and deceit are not forbidden to him.

Indie, of kuweza, to be uaminigu, conjugated negatively, 11 stands for “I am sick,” etc. It is the nose which smells odours dnaifu it is the tongue which tastes [the] sweetness of yd food. Such relapse, though to be guarded against, will seldom occur, if the vowels are once for all well fixed ” in the ” language centres of the brain, by dint of assiduous practice at the beginning of the long task of perfecting oneself in this language.


She will not feel cold, the sun is strong [in the] daytime.

Water trickles [down] the mountain as far as the plain. The slow gait him tr.


This video and mp3 song of Kigagulo part 2 best bongo movies is published uainifu Suzzie N on 18 Dec This is most important. They have brought a letter for our master. Tena wazungu wamejenga sifesheni killa mabali gari lisi- mamapo, illi kwamba wasafirio wapate nafasi kungia na kutoka 3 kama wapendavyo. Can you bring [some] water?

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Taylor, published by 8. I did not go anywhere pahaliI stayed just here papa uaminigu The impersonal pronominals “ku” and “pa” are much used instead of the proper subjective particles, and may be translated, ” There is or was, is not or was notetc.

Tupe mikono mine ya maradufu!

He will come back directly, Ma’am. Where we say, there is, there are, the Swahilis say there has, there have [i.

A debtor is not always a liar. Wotf’e hawajambo, aha- sanfa. As the vowel u is always suppressed after ” the ” sonant m proper, although grammatically required, so the vowel i is often required to be understood after the ” sonant n.

Yule rnzee alikuwa baharia zamani, akasafiri hate, Maskati na visiwa vya mbali. Thank you, lady, I do not like milk, I will buy a cup of coifee.

Vyema, Bibi, 3 tuteleta upesi. Tukifaka kuoka twafinika sufuria kwa niakaa ya moto.