R eserve of n otes and o iin For the whole of India, therefore, the total shipments sinoe September 1, , and for the corresponding periods o f the two previous years, are as follows. W este rn Uniou Teleg. On the other hand we learn of very considerable takings of securities for Europe. The directors elected were Wm. Title Author Date Theme Subject.

The flow of gold into our banks has continued and they have now become the custodian of considerable of that metal hoarded recently. Interest on said bonds will cease Nov. P ro d u c e Thw imparts mud exports of gold and silver for the tea? Bonds and highgrade municipals. P u lto n M unicipal 6s. The failure in the afEected districts of the prices of food grains rose to three times their normal October rains has made it impossible to prepare the soil amount in Southern India, notwithstanding that the and sow seed on the unirrigatel land for the winter supplies from Bengal, Burmah, the Panjaub, the crops for reaping in March and April , and as the Northwest Provinces and Central India taxed very cold weather food growth is a very important one, the severely the carrying capacity of the railways. Irg property The gross earnings for the year show an increase, but the has been kept in good repair and is in good condition to expenses have been unusually large, principally owing to heavy handle the large travel attendant upon the conventions which are to be held in Denver during September, October a’ d repairs, and the result has been a slight decrease in the net. This receipts and payments at the Sub-Treasury.

There have been liberal sales for foreign account, which were readily absorbed by vc home demand for investment, and stocks so absorbed are largely taken out of the market. They will help to keep our foreign trade in which our people have spoken on the issues so dis from running against us heavily the next six months.


Kansas raised million bushels this year and millions last year, against only 41 million bushels in Troy City R ailw ay C lea red November 14,Vol. M atch C o Western Union gained 4 points on liberal sales. Tae Bank of England must occur before the iron industry shall again reach minimum rate of discount remains unchanged at 4 per the state of activity prevailing at the close of Similar comparisons for other crops were given in our issue of October Tbe securities will bear interest at the rate of 5 per cent and mature in In fact in this group of roads losses are almost as general as in the N orthw estern group.

Interest allowed for deposits by Open M arket Hates. The following is a comparative statement of the earnings of Piesident Rodney Curtis in his report says: This year it gives the Republican ticket a majority of I m p o r t a t io n s a n d W a r e h o u s e W i t h d r a w a l s o f D r y G o o d s The importations and warehouse withdrawals of drygoods at this port for the week ending November 12,and since January 1,and for the corresponding periods of last year are as follow s: It has not as yet been decided whether the ranging from to For that very reason, though, the surplus remaining out of the crop is very heavy—a fortunate circumstance now that prices have advanced, and that there is sure to be an active demand for all kinds of grains.

Take Georgia, for example. The destination of these exports for the week and since The value of the New York exports for the year to date has September 1,is as below. Telej B ay S ta te.

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I t has rained on three days of the week the precipitation reaching eighty three hundredths of an inch’ The therm om -ter has ranged from 44 to D e tro it. There is, however, no important economy of coin in India, for even in Calcutta and Bombay the transactions of the largest wholesale dealers are at this day still settled for the most part in coin.


Monday prices advanced 1 Proposals must be made upon follows: New Y The exports from the several seaboard ports for the week anding Nov. Since June,it has had in operation main line and branches, 65 miles. Fresh eggs have advanced, closing steady at 24c.

November 14, 1896, Vol. 63, No. 1638

In the spot market there was a limited export demand at firm prices. The real state 4023 affairs is better shown by reference to some of the best bond offerings advertised and the lack of success they met with.

Principal and in terest will be paid in gold coin of th e U nited S tates or its equivalent, a t th e office of th e Treasu rer o f th e Commonwealth in Boston.

P a c ific. W o rth week, A full detailed statement, including all roads from A New O rle a n s. The company has been liberal in the issue of transfers from use having been crossed at grade. Newport NewsM o n tr e a l OolnA bullion, both departm ‘ta Prop, reserv e to liabLlitiea. We have said the country is in good shape to wait. Interest on said bonds will cease 9.

The grain markets have been active and whea this week made a new high record in the present mover selling on Thursday at 95 cents.

Sales were restricted to a very small aggregate. P ro d u c e Thw imparts mud exports of gold and silver for the tea? Xor will any one be in doubt as to the cause of the decline.