After Tyray thought about what he was doing, he decided this was not the path he wanted to follow and was going to be a better person. Overall, I liked the book and appreciated it but would not recommend it to older or more advanced readers. That night Tyray went to the store where Darrell worked and waited to him to get off work. Lark is the person in this story who gives Tyray the money for a gun but she didn’t know it was for a gun she thought the money was for a present that Tyray wanted to get his mom. He gets the gun and hides it in his room. His is name is Tyray Hobbs.

Tyray did this because he knew he could make him cower and be afraid of him. He wants to buy a gun from this guy that his brother knows. I agree with that and liked that the author was trying to communicate it. I thought the book was really good. It will make you want to read the whole series. Two weeks later Tyray was getting picked on in school by kids that he used to pick on, and bully. His dad threatens to beat him and would make good on his threat.

I enjoyed reading this book every day. It was relatively small in size and meant for younger or beginning readers. Jan 10, Dakota rated it really liked it. Jan 03, Regino Leon rated it really liked it.

Tyray lied to her in order to get the money. gyn

The gun by Paul Langan by Callie Frankston on Prezi

I like the gun because this can happen to anyone. The gun by Paul Langan was an amazing book. He decided that he wanted to take revenge on Darrel. There is Lark, the girl who Tyray played to get the money. Like how his family is poor and struggles to feed their kids and survive.

This thhe tells a story on how anyone can stand up for themselves no matter their size or strength. The book is about the kid Tyray is a bull and one time he was bulling someone else and the kid took him down and broke his wrist. It had me at the edge of my seat and wanting more the whole time.


Nov cbapter, Mario Monsalve rated it it was amazing. Apr 20, Mac Speed rated it liked it. He now serves as both editor of the series and author or coauthor of several novels, including The Bully, The Gun, and The Fallen. After the first day of having the gun, he had the principal concerned for the other kids’ safety.

Tyray was the main character of the story, he was a black, seventeen year old. Tyray had to find a way to get the money. People started to make fun of him and mock him. The book has a very good message and is an easy read for anyone who likes intense action. Tyray is six feet tall, muscular and he takes advantage of these things when it comes to school.

Chapter 1 is about a Bluford High freshman named Tyray Hobbs by Eliot Walker Jr. on Prezi

Trivia About Serues Gun Bluford After school he was told to meet the guy with the gun behind the gym and so he sneaks out and meets him he got pickpocket wile he was there waiting. He had diary of all his emotions and the things he wanted to do people. Tyray tried catching I just read the book “Payback” by Langan Paul. I disliked how weapons were a big thing in this book, even though the outcome of the book was very good and nothing negative.

Tyray lived in a big city, New York. There are his parents and a a lot of other people mentioned. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, because it flowed very well and was never boring.

Tyray had a mom and a dad but chaptter dad was very strict and sometimes abusive. Bluord reached out to help him up. The more I read the book the more it pulled me in to reading just one more chapter. While his bullying powers had been momentarily ceased, his anger led to his want for a gun to regain his so-called “power”. He looks up to his brother and because of this he doesn’t kill Darrell.

Darrell came to Blue Ford High School, because his mom could not find a job on the east coast. The book The Gun was a very good book. There is one person that tries talking to him and it is a girl. Tyray is about to kill Darrell but then points the gun to his own head.


His older brother was in jail for stupid decisions he had done. Tyray decided that it would be best if he bought a gun off of this guy his brother know This book is about a freshman bully.

Tyray hated being the underdog. In the end Darrel proved he is not undefeatable and Tyray felt as though his only option was a weapon. In “The Bully” Tyray was the freshman bully in high school and he learned to get what he wanted through bullying and intimidation.

The book shows how Tyray’s life at home is very hard and troubling. Mar 12, Carl Koch rated it really liked it. The more I kept reading the more I liked it and kept reading. Then he saw derrly the kid who broke his wrist and he asked why they had to be enemies and he said payback is soon lark gave him the money for the “necklace” for his mom when he was really going to get the gun.

the bully paul langan chapter 5 summary

There is no specific time, but the events seem similar capter current day issues. Once in a while they go to his house which is a moderate home that is not that fancy but it keeps a roof over his head. The book takes place in a city in California. Sumkaries decided that it would be best if he bought a gun from this guy his brother knew named Bones.

This book is about a freshman bully. After he got the gun, he started telling people at school that he had a gun. I would recommend it to most readers, because it has a simple vocabulary and would interest most readers.

I liked this book because I would always have to stop at a good part and couldn’t wait to know what was happening next if you like crime and stuff like that then you would like this book because it is full of it.