Her most persistent fear was of “an anthropoid poised on his finger on the carpet next to her bed staring at her”. She smiled, taking her husband’s hand in her own, caressing it, trembling, for half an hour. Her eyes excessively wide, she stared continuously at the carpet on either side of the head of her bed. I am interested in looking at how literature and architecture converge in the haunted house and in how this building seduces the characters that walk within it. The servant raised the pillow but immediately dropped it and stood staring at it, livid and trembling. The true cause of Alicia’s illness was not caught in time because it was just too simple: I am also very interested in exploring Latin American Gothic, beginning with a few examples of Costa Rican legends and continuing with contemporary literary texts and films. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:

Following the third day of this episode, she never left her bed again. She loved him very much, nonetheless, although sometimes she gave a light shudder when, as they returned home through the streets together at night, she cast a furtive glance at the impressive stature of her Jordan, who had been silent for an hour. The house in which they lived affected her twinges and shuddering in no small fashion. S Your two kitties are wonderful and look squeezable. The outer feathers floated away and the servant shrieked with terror, her mouth agape, covering her face with balled fists: The servant raised the pillow but immediately dropped it and stood staring at it, livid and trembling. Sleeping With the Lights On:

I am definitely saving it for later on. All day long in complete silence the bedroom lights stayed on. Sleeping With the Lights On: As horacik can see, the story is wonderfully Gothic and grotesque.

Fill in your details below or click an polt to log in: Beyond the obvious merits as a quasi-gothic horror-story, this is also a gothic human tragedy. The unsettling story of horror by Darryl Jones Posted on October 11, The puncture was scarcely perceptible. The illness gets worse only at night. Then her sobs subsided, and she stood a long while, her face hidden in the hollow of his neck, not moving or speaking a word.


Discussion — 3 Comments Please note that all comments are held for moderation before being made available. La sangre humana parece serles particularmente favorable, y no es raro hallarlos en los almohadones de pluma. Without knowing why, Jordan felt his hairs stand on end.

It is also fun to read. It seemed only at night that her life drained out of her in new waves of blood. My current research focuses on the role of the haunted house in nineteenth-century Gothic fiction.

Foreman Their honeymoon was one long shudder. La picadura era casi imperceptible. It was so bloated one could barely make out its mouth. At times he entered the bedroom and continued his silent pacing back and forth alongside the bed, stopping for an instant at each end to regard his wife. Jordan’s doctor examined her with the utmost thoroughness, prescribing complete bed-rest and calm. In the introduction the reader is given a background on the lovers story from their honeymoon on.

Queries to Dr Timothy Jones on timothy. Copyright The Gothic Imagination – All rights reserved. Without knowing why, Jordan felt the hair rise on the back of his neck. Suddenly Jordan, with deep tenderness, ran his hand very slowly over her head, and Alicia instantly burst into sobs, throwing her arms around his neck.

He also wrote several novels but his or so short stories are his legacy to the world. The lights stayed on, their vigil illuminating the bedroom and drawing room.

The woman lives in a world of fantasy, she is in love with love, but hogacio husband tries to restrain this fantasy. Suddenly Jordan ran his hand slowly, with deep tenderness, over bg head, and Alicia promptly burst into sobs, throwing her arms round his neck.

On the hoacio hand, it is a tragedy of human psychology. A blonde, angelic, and timid young girl, the childish fancies she had dreamed about being a bride had been chilled by her husband’s rough character.


As one crossed from one room to another, the echo of his steps reverberated throughout the house, as if long abandonment had sensitized its resonance. She gets weaker and paler every day.

The doctors say it is influenza. His best friend, also an author, shot himself after a bad review. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Then her sobs began to subside, and she stood a long while with her face hidden against his neck, wordless and motionless.

Jordan approached rapidly and bent over the pillow.

According to Quiiroga this text would not be purely fantastic because there is a sense of resolution through rational explanation at the end. Project Gutenberg Australia a treasure-trove of literature treasure found hidden with no evidence of ownership.

The Feather Pillow

She now spoke of monsters that dragged themselves into her bed at night. You are commenting using your WordPress.

However, this is at least a beginning that lets us consider how the Gothic is, once again, successfully employed by Latin American writers who present universal Gothic elements while still offering unique, regional characteristics. When she saw him appear, Alicia screamed in horror “It’s me, Alicia! You are commenting using your Twitter account. How is it that on their honeymoon, a husband failed to notice the blood on his new bride’s pillow- which his servant noticed immediately?

The Feather Pillow

Miraba indiferente a uno y otro lado. The servant raised the pillow but immediately dropped it and stood staring at it, livid and trembling. The house in which they lived influenced her chills and shuddering to no uqiroga degree. She smiled and took her husband’s hand in hers, caressing it, trembling, for half an hour. All it required was the right actions, looking for answers to the right questions, to see what the servant discovers immediately upon featger at Alicia’s pillow.