Luckily by God’s grace we were able to go and also have good darshan since the crowd was very less. Muzhuka Swarna mayamaga thangathile irunthathu athunale Kanaka Bhavan yendru peyar. Post that Valmiki relocated to bittoor from chitrakut. There was no one in Ayodhya since most of them left to Vaikuntam with Ram. From Bhagawan’s nabhi arises a lotus and from that lotus comes Brahma and he recites the 4 veda’s through the 4 faces. Mode of transportation Bus, train, tractors, we built temporary bridge ourselves.

They all meet during allahabad kumbha mela. Upanyasam at Dasaratha Bhavan We are at Ayodhya. Seibhavan Raman, karuvi naan, yendru ninaithal nichayamaga pannalam. He taught them with 7 swaram with veenai in a manner to sing and talk and meditate. More on Gayatri Ramayanam – http: Ipozhuthu nam irukkum idam Kanaka Bhavan. Vashisti – The karunai from Bhagawan is with Brahma, athuve Brahma Manasarowar agi adiyargal nainmaikaga vashistarale intha bhooulagukku azhaithu vara pattathu. We discussed about Ramayanam and the musical connection earlier.

Dina padi anchaneya swami sappitundu irukkar.

Then to Bihar – Bukshar – siddhashram on the bank of river Ramanib. Bhagawan- ksheerhabhi nathan who is in the thiru parkadal. So it is written vana devi Sita devi. Veda’s and Ithihasa Puranas teach what we don’t know and what we don’t understand through our senses. So Ramayanam was created in musical form. We managed travel, food end to end with god’s grace and lots of volunteers.

When we went we also saw the same thing as what we heard from our acharyas and we can feel the positive vibration. Raman punarvasu natchathirathil pirantha pinnar piranthan Lakshmanan ayilya natchathiram. Eri Song – “Kujantam rama rameti madhuram madhuraaksharam aaruhya kavitaa saakhaam vande valmiki kokilam” Meaning – “This verse is a salutation to the poet Valmiki, who like a cuckoo bird sitting on the tree of poetry, melodiously repeats the sweet name of Rama.

Prof Daniel Smith from America velukkudi’s father’s friend has stayed in India some 20 years ago and has done research in various places and has written a travel notes.


Dhruvan has done tapas in Bittoor which we shall see soon. How did those places didn’t get changed along these years? Episoe Kathai Niranthu irukkum Kulam. Ram is sad that Sita is not around and he could not enjoy this great music with her.

Rahasyam behind the birth of the 4 brothers – Ram There is a rahasyam in the birth of these 4 brothers. Rama namathai sollikondu, yeppothum “jai ram, seetha ram, Jai jai ramrama rama hare hare rama rama. Information on Ganga Periazhwar pasuram – “Gangai Gangai yennum vasagathunale Angu dhampathigala porava yellarukkum Seetha Raman anugraham kidaikarthu.

Sri Vaishnavam

He taught them with 7 swaram with veenai in a manner to sing and talk and meditate. His ashram is in Bittoor.

They wanted to go to north india yatra and went to Salagramam, Badri and they came to Ayodhya in In addition to it, i would like to add that if the singer sings by understanding the meaning then it would become a deva ganam and as told in Ramayanam music is a Moksha sadhanam for both the listener and the singer.

Vedam talks about new things which i do not know.

Slogam – “Ithihasa puranam Ram vazhntha idam parka vendum, puniya idam. The level of water in Sarayu and Vashista kund is always the same. Ishvagu vamsathil piranthu, anaithu vedangalalum potrappadum ramannidathil than kana mudiyum.

Sri Ramanin Padhayil 04/28/13

Same order as travelled by Ram Ayodhya ,Siddhashram,videga raja janakapuri – sita kalyanam, went back to ayodhya stayed for one day. Mettu Azhagiya singa perumal listened to all the words as told by Kambar and acknowledged it by saying “yes it all happened” and atta gasamaga siritharam Laugh. Sanatana Dharma Sanatana Dharma – Sanatana means “anadhiyanadhu” meaning “without date of origin”. During Yathirai Just say rama namam and live a different life.

While Hanuman was serving Ram he starved and served him.

Sri Ramanin Padhayil – Episode 01

Raman illa intha poo ulagathil Lakuvanan irunthathu illai. Krishna was a playful padhayi boy so we make all those varied batchanams which we make during Krishna jayanthi. Dhanam need to be done during yatra since Dhanam at padhaiyl kshetram has many fold benefits. Ans – More than musician making it possible, it is the sangeetham which makes it possible. This yathirai is not newly found by us, epusode acharyas guru’s have already given all the details and we just need to follow them.


More details on how this yathirai was arranged and conducted. The first and foremost among them is Valmiki.

So valmiki was very upset that he ended up writing a slogam scolding someone instead of using good words. He had to conquer the bhakthi towards Ram srii so that he can serve Ram’s bhakthan Bharathan. Naming Function of the 4 brothers Vashistachariyar 4 pwdhayil thottil ittu peyar name ittar. Also if we do it together as a group, the positive vibrations are more and it is even more when it is done related to Raman.

In North india Dharsanam is same from morning till evening. Lava kush natha maiyama Ganam panna. They will remember Ram, anjaneya, places visited and the divine experience will be remembered for ever. So let us all learn Ramayana and soon we are going to learn on Rama’s birth.

Finally Hanuman came and he didn’t feel like fighting with them and he also felt that there had been a deep bhakthi and relation with them. Ramajin they not sensible? I antha nadhiyin south side ayodhi pattinam amainthullathu.

Ramanukkum Lakshmananukkum ore thottil, Bharathanukkum, Satrugnanukkum ore thottil. Why am i like this? Based on these books, research has been done. TBD Nalvazhiyil, dharma margathil, ner vazhiyil, nadanthal kurangu kuda udavikku varum.