Meanwhile, Seoul rating stands at Ahn goes head to head with Dr. More Why the uncle-niece-like couples in dramas and movies? She starts her first year of residency at the department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery and this TV series follows her trials at work. Read and leave comments. Bong Dal Hee undergoes alot of stress when her seniors question her, making her recite what she had studied. But recently, local TV dramas seem to have found a new flavor. More hate more love!

New challenges are faced by Dal-Hee even before she starts working in an actual hospital. She immediately gets on the bad side of Ahn Joong-geun Lee Beom-soo , a brilliant but extremely strict cardiothoracic surgeon who often gets angry at the mistake-prone Dal-hee. Ahn has unkind words for Dr. The good thing with medical shows is that those woes actually belong and that they are often used more sensibly. Repeated rule breaking will result in warnings followed by blacklisting upon non-compliance. Bong even though its his duty to teach her.

My HanCinema Sign upWhy? Medical drama Romance Drama Comedy.

Retrieved from ” https: The firm storyline is a large factor of the drama’s popularity, but another reason is the attraction of actor Shin Ha-kyun. You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload.

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Sign upWhy? Menjadi penghalang cinta dokter A-ra dan Park hehehe. My Girlfriend is Gumiho Final. Episode 3 Episode 3. Sign upthen a subscribe snopsis will show up. Dal-hee is a young doctor who graduated from a lesser-known medical school than her fellow doctors and suffers from a heart condition.


Promotional poster for Surgeon Bong Dal-hee. Ini drama medis yang menggambarkan kehidupan seorang dokter sesungguhnya, naik dan turun, menggambarkan krisis di rumah sakit maupun politik antara staf manajemen.

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Repeated rule breaking will result in warnings followed by blacklisting upon non-compliance. An alcholic needs a new liver. In Jung is a character who, Medical drama “Golden Time” is based in an emergency room with doctor Choi In-hyeok Lee Sung-min who struggles to save lives of severe patients, Lee Min woo Lee Sun-kyun who chose to be a clinical lecturer who lends names in a oriental clinic instead of the tough life of a doctor and Kang Jane Hwang Jung-eum who is the heir to the Sejong Foundation but puts herself through harsh internship, Group A-Jax April K.

Namun kedekatannya sinospis A-ra membuat cintanya terbalas hehehe. From dead fish faces to the satisfying passionate smooching, actors have different approaches to kissing and different levels of involvement.

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This year, four new medical dramas will air, attracting viewers who want to see, Episode 12 Episode Here to claim its place in the unconventional crowd this spring is SBS’ ‘ You’re Surrounded ‘, which is shaping up to be quite the fun cop comedy, With certain elements being the definitive crowd pleasing ones, creators are often called to place all of their eggs in essentially the romance and melodrama basket.

Writing aside, there are some quite common ways in which some kisses are not really aided in the romance department by the directors and editors. Dan merupakan suami dokter Jo. Athena Episode Final. Read and leave comments. My Little Bride End. Namun karena ia mengetahui bahwa putra yang dibesarkannya selama 6 tahun bukan anaknya, maka ia menceraikan istrinya.


Dal-hee realizes that curing patients bojg made her life fulfilling and so she relies on her mental edge to keep her going at work but one day she collapses in the middle of an operation. But audiences weren’t interested.

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View all pictures for “Surgeon Bong Dal-hee”. Abuse of the TV. She graduates from a little-known medical school in her hometown, the remote island of Ulleungdoand against all odds, gets accepted into the prestigious Hankook University Hospital residency program in Seoul. A new patient comes in with an unusual problem. Menyukai dokter A-ra namun minder dengan tubuhnya yang pendek dan jelek.

Called a “troublemaker” by her colleagues but loved by her patients for her compassionate personality, Dal-hee must learn to deal with professional setbacks, tensions on the job, hospital politics, patient deaths, romantic confusion and recurring ill health, on her way to becoming a full-fledged surgeon. Oh Jong-hyuk Heo Young-ji. Walaupun dokter Ahn selalu keras kepala dan jutek namun akhirnya Dokter Ahn sangat perhatian bonng wanita yang dicintainya dan sangat menjaganya.

So let us take a look at those, along with the refreshing ultimate kissing type,