Truth being told, borrowing Ai Wei words: SH even if his screen time is limited I love the way he handles the situation, finally he was able to know who he can and cannot have. Twitter Facebook Google Like this: Come on guys, how did I get into this scandalous affairs? No one told you guys to literally ignite the screen. I love the connection and the dating the holding of hands and hugging but I have to be honest I miss the kisses. Her career gone and her self-worth under scrutiny. But of course i think she deserve better drama with better storyline.

The accident happened before the moons so there is still a chance of another time travel! I have nothing to back up my theory, other than a fervent prayer for the writer not to turn Yoon Joo completely and utterly insane by sabotaging Ah Jung and Ki Joon even further. I love how they dated which makes the drama more normal because usually when watch the drama we get to see less of the couple doing normal couplely if there is even a word! Them going to noraebang together probably was in the context of the entire staff at the beginning of filming LTM to become comfortable together. The press surges closer to ask about the contract, and Manager Park and other hotel employees have to intercede and quickly extricate Ah Jung, who drops her cell phone in the process. I just want more natural couple moments, be it anything from a simple finger stroke to full on horizontal mambo. It’s just too big this domino chain.

Just give us a wonderful dvd boxset with a million hours of extras, bts, deleted scenes, interviews and whatnot.

Borrow Your Love ep 9 part 2 arabic sub. The last scene where Ah-Jung runs barefoot and falls down summarizes the impact of the hearing. I think you are right about next week.

Oh no…rumours for no more kissing???? Meanwhile, Jiang Yu finds out from Fei Fei that Shao Tian is trying to buy the old Wu mansion since it was confiscated after the Cai Hong and her family declared bankruptcy. I heard about Yoon Hye in Goong I was hooked.


Can I ask a serious question? Cai Hong storms off.

A CUP OF DRAMA: 戀戀不忘 Loving, Never Forgetting Recap Ep

Iam enjoying it so much to the last episodes. He says that Lobe Leader Jang is coming over and they should invite her, and when Woo-jin looks, he runs and jumps in a taxi. Pretty much we go back and forth between Cai Hong finding out the truth about Shao Tian, and then believing his lies again.

Iam sure that more projects are coming for YEH specially. Dear miss koala, hallo everybody, i just get back from my mandarin course,and open my laptop….

Borrow Your Love Episode 14 (Finale) Recap!

I love that…you all right…because ridiculous lie made my ajungie lost her job n sacrifice a lot …oh till now I still cry for sinkpsis love for KJ is more than she love herself…Kijun u must pay for this…make her the happiest women in the world or I KILL UUUU…is it appropriate for civil servant get fired by the council just by phone????

If it comes to definition meaning. Is it the chicken or the egg situation? Korean trend tumbling your way? Aunt meets with Ki Joon and lays out the damage — World Group stocks have plummeted.

Notify me of new posts via email. Chairman Chen and Aunt formally sign their investment partnership contract. He gives in when she promises not to talk, but she breaks that promise right away, hee. Nah, I think she likes you because of the way you kiss her. So today dad is proud of both Ki Joon and Ah Jung, regardless if the rest of the world cast stones at them.

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Specially Park Hoon as the ring bearer!!!! Taking the fictional names out, it also could be Ji Hwan declaring his love for Eun Hye! Like Maki is a chibi version of Janine, no? They drive past the bus stop, and Joo-hyuk sees Woo-jin standing there and knows she lied to avoid riding with him. Ki Joon asks Manager Park to schedule a press conference so that he can explain the situation.


If the truck driver wasn’t paying attention, him cutting in front of him would seem to make a sooner accident and make his car get even more squished than the bus, no?!

Borrow Your Love ep 14 part 1 arabic sub

She is so zinopsis and bright she was the one who thought of the contract and not businessman Ki-joon. Ratings and interests in a drama are equally important.

Judging by the look of the congressman Park at the party and the reporter was the reporter his man? Wow — how do you all catch that?

She seems to live in a completely different world than him. I have nothing to back up my theory, other than a fervent prayer for the writer not to turn Yoon Joo completely and utterly insane by sabotaging Ah Jung and Ki Joon even further. K… Ever since the new writer took over, bordow are lacking of major skinship… If borro two didnt do those adlibbed what would have happened to us. Ki Joon walks up and asks what she wants to do, eat or go see a movie?