For these characters though, to live like such would proabbly just be endlessly bone-breaking boring.. Mom senses them coming and when Eun-oh charges at her with the hairpin, she throws him back with her black demon mist. Sad that only the couple with heartbreaking existences out of having the gods own them a solid get a new life with cake. Archived from the original on September 22, But it’s funny how my mom now always asks me to watch Nice Guy at least 2 episodes back to back.. Does love have to be poor?

I will give high score for this drama. I thought it was Mu Young who was reincarnated as a flower eating goat, and when was Mu Young ever a serial killer? You wouldn’t be that cruel, would you, drama writers?! It’s just rather distasteful how they portrayed the happy family in alternate reality so poor! D Just like earthna said, I will miss your comments too: I disagree on the crying part. I felt it would have been better had he lived helping other orphans like himself, repenting for his sins. This is completely out of left field, but what are those yellow floors made of?

As for the ending I was pleased they got to be together but felt oddly unemotional about it. Or in such great despair at the wrong steps and actions they have taken? This gives me idea that this drama should have a season 2!

They clearly still do have desires and self, pleasure seeking interests. Arang and the Magistrate Favorite. Until yesterday episode I would prefer or thought that the writer will let Arang remain in the world but I dont think there is any other solution giving that she has an immortal body and the situation is complicated enough at that time. His choice of the alternative world in which he appears to EO is interesting. This way he forgets and is still of service. Because I’m confucius since I was a little kid.


Sinopsis ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ All Episodes – Korean Drama Sinopsis Indonesia

The way I would have written it would be something like this: Mu-young grabs Mu-yeon, who struggles to break free and begs him to help her.

That would mess up the lineages and ancestor worship big time, and Confucianism is ultimately ancestor worship. I think I can imagine the ending now.

And the Jade Emperor. He for the deeds and other slice of pie served; the first being the side served by the protagonists — is sonopsis goat in heaven. Sorry, this is so random. This show specifically mentioned the levels of Buddhist hell. Perhaps we can discuss other possibilities that can tie up the whole story, make perfect sense and please the viewers at the same time.

I love how this episode got back a lot of the fun that the show has been lacking for a little while and dealt some more with ghosts and the underworld. There are just so many of my eoisode scenes today. She jumped in front of the moving knife to save Joowal.

The Best Solution for everything. He is the Best D Drama comeback since Rooftop Prince. She asks him to promise—that when Mu-yeon comes aranv, he not hesitate for one second to put a knife in her heart.

So I don’t really get the little kids part That is unsatisfying for me. Simple and contend life in contrast what Lord Choi has and what Eun Oh really want. Even if it means changing the arqng of heaven She goes to her grave to speak to her directly.


Sinopsis ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ All Episodes

I’m imagining the opening for the last ep to be like this: Episodee think he knows this. Arang Shin Min-ah lost all her memories when she became a ghost and is unable to rest in peace until she finds out how she died. Think back to City Hunter and Gaksital, among others, and see if you agree. Oori Appa is Buddhist. He hears them out and gets to work. I’d like to see her fight back though It’s kind of built into the premise, isn’t it? Jan October 17, at 9: Confucianism kinda blended into the fabric of society I felt kind of bad for him.

We all know the body has reached its snopsis date — Big Bad doesn’t know this. Grim reaper is not a happy ending, it’s supposed to be a punishment to have to work for Hades mwgistrate eternity and not being allowed to have any desires. All the romantics out here That purse-y face the nobleman “dad” makes. I read netizens comments I once watched a show where one side of the loving couple undergoes such irrecoverable memory loss not fantasy btw but loves again regardless.

Dol-swe’s position as magistrate was something that he had to apply and work for, it was not served to him on a platter. She puts her hand in his, and closes her eyes.