Shohoku vs Ryonan” Japanese: It seemed like Fujima had enough, but Hanagata asked him to trust him for a little while longer. Listings Closed Captioning Rating Guidelines. The match starts, and Anzai refuses to put Sakuragi, Rukawa, Mitsui, and Miyagi in the starting line-up as punishment for fighting. Rukawa exploited his weakness, and this caused an instant shift, favouring Shohoku. It seems like Oda, a person that went to the same junior high as him, is going to be facing Kainan.

Rukawa Kaede, gambling on the 2nd half Full Episode S 1: After school, Hanamichi has a run-in with Rukawa Kaede, who Haruko has a crush on. A Guy With Strong Endurance. Sakuragi is still upset at Akagi for telling him a false technique in defense, and tries harder the next game against Tsukubu. Toei and Geneon briefly chose to release the anime on DVD after the manga was discontinued, though the anime was also discontinued after only a few volumes. Anzai-sensei decides to start Sakuragi, much to everyone’s shock.

Facing the strongest team, Shohoku in danger! Sakuragi is anxious to play against Sendo again, but Shohoku will have to deal with Miuradai first. The score is tied, when Fujima and Sendo attempts to do an alley-oop. Will Kogure be toyoyama to take his place? Stormy 3 Points” Transcription: During the ball’s journey there to the net, Kogure gets flashbacks of the basketball trials he faced to get to the position he’s currently at.

Sakuragi then takes control of the ball and when he is about to dunk the ball, he remembered what Haruko taught him about slam dunk when he first met her. Shohoku’s real ace Full Episode S 1: Anzai-sensei decides to start Sakuragi, much to everyone’s shock. Don’t Stain the Genius’ Name 2. Hanamichi is crushed when it is revealed that he won’t be in the starting lineup, but soon relaxes when Anzai reassures him that he will become their “secret weapon”.


Please subscribe to my 2nd channel: Hurry and See Sannoh. You All Are Very Strong. Driven hard by Rukawa’s offense and Sakuragi’s rebounding, Fujima comes off the bench to lead his team to victory.

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Sakuragi steps up, though he is outnumbered. The greatest shame of one’s life Full Episode S 1: A Guy With Strong Endurance. Overcome the Doubt in Your Heart. Peak performance Full Episode S 1: Japan 1 Senior High Student.

Sakuragi and his fouling troubles continue. Buy now on Epidode. The End of the Basketball Team. The team practices for the upcoming match. Kanzen Kechakku ” Japanese: Watch Your Favorite Anime in Tagalog: Gorilla in His Best Shape.

Shohoku vs Kainan-the best battle 3. We Are Too Naive. Plus, Sakuragi is on the brink of fouling out, one more and he’s gone.

The Day Before Tomorrow. But is it enough to overcome Shohoku? Don’t forget to Subscribesee you next time. The Nation of Basketball. Sakuragi tries to find a way to get on Akagi’s good side for Haruko’s sake. Super High School Team.


Challenge with Real Power. Fujima is leading a strong charge for Shoyo against Shohoku, taking the lead once again. The match starts off with Ryonan leading Counter attack ni Rukawa laban sa Kainan Animemoto 3 months ago.

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This page was last edited on 17 Februaryat It seems like Oda, a person that went to the same junior high as him, is going to be facing Kainan. Even Just a Fluke. Rukawa pulls off some great moves, but isn’t able to score against Akagi. The Night Before the Battle.

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Slam dunk tagalog ep 41 kyota inasar ang ryonan Aaron Carlo De Guzman 11 months ago. Hanamichi is tired of being made to do basic dribbling practice by himself. Split on the Inside. Finally, Sakuragi got a chance to play when Akagi was hurt while playing.