The end of the attraction features an animatronic family eating dinner and arguing. Webarchive template wayback links Articles with short description Wikipedia pages semi-protected against vandalism. Lauren sets off to get There is something in his bedroom walls in the new house he and his parents move into, that wants sugar and Their father goes searching again after they set up camp for the night when the wind starts up again. A haunted ice cream truck drives a boy insane in this chilling installment.

As they drive, they inadvertently end up on the same road that the Applebaums took on their fateful journey. They are all suddenly brought back in time to the day of Homecoming, with the Queen vote fix never happening, and ‘Gabe’ returns to the detention room. She lived in a farmhouse and was a very lonely girl. It has a good underlining message, it has good suspense, and a great WTF ending. He tries to make up for this by wishing for wealth, prompting Seamus to summon him a pot of gold. But it talks about how fear is often a good thing, and taking them on is the only way for them to not be a huge issue. The present turns out to be a beautiful angel statue which Missy keeps on her nightstand after her family ridicules it.

Lexi also finds out that Cassandra is The Devil who steals the souls of any teen girl who wants to be known as the prettiest face in the world, even though Cassandra claims that she only offers encouragement and that Gracie and all the girls on her wall are secretly shallow and cutthroat because they refused to turn down the offer by deleting the headshot.

Miller, a little boy in a skeleton costume Sean Michael Kyertells Karen and Zach the story of Farmer Palmer, the story of the Pumpkinheads that he created.

Kelly follows her monstrous brother to the funhouse where she urges him to face his own rage before it consumes him. It has a good underlining message, it has good suspense, and a great WTF ending. Maggie turns to see Cupid shoot an arrow into her, causing her to fall in love with Stuart. Lost Password Please enter your username or email address. Holden shows off the instrument to his friends, who struggle to keep up with his newfound talent.


This is Jocelyne Loewen ‘s second time in the show since “Creature Feature”. Lauren Emma Grabinsky and Mark Jason Spevack learn that when cemeteries are disturbed, not everything stays buried.

The end of the attraction features an animatronic family eating dinner and arguing. It talks about corruption in general and how power should not be used like…well magic. This is Peloso’s second time in the show since “Brush with Madness”.

Her skepticism turns to fear though when she notices strange things about the RV–she has a vision of a man panicking in the driver’s seat, hears children’s voices giggling and inviting her to “take a trip” and is even pinned under the RV when it moves on its own accord. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Everytime he tries to get it, it vanishes from sight.

Biazevich warns them to be nice girls and dies the next day.

You missed the dead body. Which have the most well written, best acted, and of course, the scariest? Determined to protect her parents, Sam steals the RV, takes it to a junkyard, and even removes some of its wiring only to discover it waiting for epsodes when she arrives home.

This is Margeaux Muir’s second appearance since “Night of the Mummy”. The crows vanish…and so do the other animals. You feel exactly what he Is going through.

List of The Haunting Hour: The Series episodes – Wikipedia

Kai uses this as an advantage by scaring Cameron Anthony Konechnythe guy that bullies him, and taking his crush Alexa Scaiest Porter for a ride in the pool on his teh in the form of the shark.


Hollinger’s son every day. Worthington tries to punish him with a doll. A boy named Josh Dakota Goyo is on his first flight. A kid named Josh another one! Views Read View source View history. My favourite episode ever.

She becomes obsessed with the image and is called by the girl in the painting Margeaux Muir to enter her world and is ecstatic with the room and the sleepover invitation.

Five of the Creepiest Episodes of R. L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour

The dolls in the basement tell the Dollmaker that Lilly D. Bo is pulled inside to meet the screamer who happens to be the ghost of his grandfather.

She got rid of fear itself. This is Capron’s second time on the show since “Catching Cold”.

August 14, at 3: I bless you for haumting Sick on this list. However, they find out that any recording played by it comes true, and their worst fears come to life… Before I discuss the best villain ever, lets talk about how good the concept is. A creepy forest ranger named Ranger Jackson Juan Riedinger approaches them, warning them to camp on the designated spots and leave no trace.

My Top 10 Haunting Hour Episodes

They show their mom Allison Hossackbut she doesn’t believe them. The boy says that the pumpkins felt abandoned upon Palmer’s death. Scary Mary Part 2 May 14 – Conclusion.