Even then, you may end up changing it earlier or later than is actually required. With his own hand he bm’ied In the forsaken cave. With powerful, restless arms, but always and always The labor of the fools is sterile, like the Furies. With grief my heart is pierced to the core. Be welcome then, O world of silence and shadesi Content I shall be even without my lyre Accompanying me; for once I Lived like the gods, and no more is needed. So sprach ich, da entfiihrte Mich schneller, denn ich vermutet I Und weit, wohin ich nimmer Zu kommen gedacht, ein Genius mich Vom eigenen Haus. Trees shiver as the moonlight gleams— Under the spell you cast My wandering song is lost And like a calling-out of dreams. They need the hearts of feeling men, as heroes need their crowns.

But when her troth she slighted, My hoop in two did spring. Quiet is his sign In the thimderous sky. Not any longerl Already I hear, in the distance, A festive choral song on the green hill and its echo in the grove, Where the breasts of the young lift happily and where the souls of the people Quietly join in a freer song for the honor of The god to whom the heights and the valleys are sacred; For where a youthful, growing stream runs gaily on Under the flowers of the land, and where on sunny plains The rich grain and the orchard ripen, there, in festival. There we shall find you, good spirits; and often. But ever closer bind me And let me be Thine ownl My brothers too, beholding, Will soon in Heav’n find rest. It must be won through ordeal.

Has thy sun Friendly eyes Which know me? For you are hated by those whom You, powerful beyond time.

Jahrtausende zogen abwarts in die Feme, wie Ungewitter. For discrepant, As horses, go the tethered Elements and the immemorial Laws of the earth.

After re- covering for a brief spell, he relapsed again, and spent the last forty years of his life in Tiibingen, lodged with a car- penter. I’d like to fly as horseman Right in the bloody fight; Round quiet field fires lay me To rest in dark of night. Umsonst ist deine Wut, Dein Toben. The saga of your past, that my always mourning soul Should rush down blindly to your shades before its time?


God then bendeth to receive us.

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Innkeeper, bring us each a fine Tankard of beer, or glass of wine. Elizabeth closs Auf stiller stadt. Hard wrestled he with the horrors Of ancient death. vooice

From earth a dreamlike rustle rises Through all its trees and tantalizes The heart with strangeness half-confessed. We tried it out to see if it lives up to the hype.

Sings o’er the sea his evening song, God’s praise for his safekeeping. A dream doth break our bonds apart. The river where I gazed at the gliding ships, There, soon.

Gallen, and Bordeaux, endeavor- ing to earn his bread from his tutoring. We all are doomed to sever From all that we hold dear. Lord, bestow on me thy mercy.

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And Etna ghttering resin, So I have riches To fashion an image and see in the semblance Christ as he had been. Who raised the Cross, bestowing A refuge for each heart? Vieles ware Zu sagen davon. Slow in heaven drifting by. The Terra robot mower is designed to keep a garden’s grass in check so you don’t have to. Too soon grown ripe, And proudly estranged From the blessed innocence Of youth.

And within my heart there shower Bitter founts, beclouded growing; When without the springtime hovers. But her soul is clouded trraum grief and joy comes too late to her. All that is earthly floats on the surface, and is washed fllm from the heights; but what has become holy through contact of love runs released into hidden ways in yonder realm, where cloudlike it mingles with the slumber-wrapped loved ones.

The river goes out. For it is decreed that all shall recognize each other. But many shy eyes Wait to behold the Hght.


Denn noch lebt Christus. Our taise with courage ending Eternal life draws near, With inner glow expanding Transfigured sense grows clear. For gladly rests down deeinen. Now you know and, knowing, relax: Golden wehn die Tone nieder, Stille, stille, lass uns lau- schen! Will you still the sorrows of love, will you promise me.

Siehl und dem Schaf- fenden dient der Wald, ihm reicht mit den andern Bergen nahe zur Hand der Pentele Marmor und Vokce Aber lebend, wie er, und froh und herrlich entquillt es Seinen Handen, und leicht, wie der Sonne, gedeiht das Geschafft ihm. The swinging gait, And the sounding lips. Yet not xmheralded he comes: And the old world Which with him had died.

For they, the gods, who lend us the heavenly fire.

Do you never think of me as before? For the noble loved ones no longer live with you, Tsream who honored you, who garlanded your shores With fair temples and cities; and always they search and fail, The godly elements, for always, for their glory.

The shoulder that a cowl has humbled here Knew ermine and imperial tiring gear. Schon auch sprossen und bliihn die Blumen malig, die goldnen, Auf zertre- tenem Feld, von frommen Handen gewartet, Griinet der Olbaum auf, deuysch auf Kolonos Gefilden Nahren friedlich, wie sonst, die Athenischen Rosse sich wieder.

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Holdes Bitten, mild Youg, Wie es siiss zum Herzen spricht! The holy mouth Emptied the dark cup Of untold sorrow. My loved one now has vanished From this, her native ground. The high Spirit of the World Has descended toward us.