Now leave the area through the exit above the tank on the left side of the room. Avoid the jet of water that pushes you toward a sea urchin, which harms your sub and scares away a fish. You are commenting using your WordPress. You will see that all of the pieces to the door are now lit up! It swims through an opening accessible at the lower right side of this area, so follow it in that direction. Any thing you guys could suggest?

Click on him to get a bucketload of ink. This guide was a HUGE help for me! Find this guy and talk to him: If not, keep trying until you have fed it sufficiently there are other fish you can find to the left, but there’s no need to bother with them. Move over to the right to find the third bubble jet. Hey, we’re back in the main room! The puzzle on episode 2: Here is the second set of markings.

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Then head right and descend along a passage leading to your lower right. Follow the pipe out from that reservoir. Swim to the left and break the purple glass wall, and a surprise awaits you…. Now drive over to the pink area where you park your pod.

Mission Atlantis Island Cheats & Walkthrough |

Congratulations, you have completed Mission Atlantis: Push the disk towards the right, towards atlantus big hole in the wall, yet careful not to be too close yourself. This time, you want to “go right” and explore the passage to the right side of the chamber.


Click on the sub to get inside!

Click on the image on the wall, which depicts six fish beneath what looks like a pyramid, and you will obtain glyph 6 for your records. Does the catastrophic event music from MCI play when the Hydromedusas zap you? Head to the upper left side of this area and you will find what looks like a clay volcano, with a jet of bubbles, positioned on the left wall and blowing toward the right.

In this new screen, you have a split in the passage where you can go directly left or swim down a bit.

Here they are for reference click to enlarge:. There is only one purple cuttle fish, and only one red patch of seaweed. Now you’ll see some purple buttons. This website is no joke useful. Approach from the right side, break through the cylinder, and collect what will be your fourth miniature red fish.

Thank you for your help!

Now go to the top right of the area and go up through the passage, to the next scene. Contact us if you are not sure.

This might take a few tries to get the cuttlefish to move to the red coral reef. He is excited and instructs you to use it on the box, by which he means the box held suspended from a crane just to the left. Doing so opens the green barrier to your left.


The goal is to connect the translucent pink piping in this manner. He will drop the key, and you can drop down to the deck to grab it and obtain the key for your inventory. Go up to the next area. What am I doing wrong? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Once the wheel is arranged correctly. Hey, we’re back in the main room!

Mission Atlantis Island Guide

When you arrive in that room, float toward its center and then a sequence will follow. When you reach the absolute bottom of the area, go to the red tank in the center. You will find the fish to the right, and you epiaode click on it to start filming.

Go down and push the purple fish out; it’ll go up. But who’s in charge of the ship? Partway along the path, you can press a green button to produce an orb, then push it ahead of you so the eel swallows that instead of your sub.

As of right now, only Episode 1 has been released….