Refresh and try again. And yet it is that indomitable quality, that spark of bravery that we admire so much in them. With Julian, I was thinking, “That’s right, girl. It is at this point in the novel where the Now and Then threads converge in Chapter That had to be the most awkward “awkward moment” I’ve ever read in a book. For those of you who have read it, well, be my guest. I’m positive that Alex is alive. I was extremely lucky to get an advanced copy of Pandemonium.

Aug 07, Lindsey added it. I’m positive that Alex is alive. Where is the next one when I need it the most? Please do pick this up. There were parts of thi Oh! Next up is Hunter.

She lives with them for some time on the Homestead. I, personally, can’t wait for the third book. This doesn’t happen very often with book reviews. Those who are looking for familiar footholds in Lena’s world will find themselves lost–the entire mood has shifted. Why do I have to wait so long? Where this book really came together was in the “present,” during the time Julian and Lena started leaning on one another.

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I really hope that Lauren Oliver will surprise us all. I have to read Delirium Not only is Lena more mature but so is the writing. Okay well, now that I’ve calmed down a little I want to say this. I’m not sure if I could continue reading the series if somehow Lena fell shnopsis love with someone else in Pandemonium. I’m not sure if he’ll have the cure or not.


It took great energy and perseverance for them oauren relocate when needed, and receiving supplies from the other side was risky. With the memory of Alex’s sacrifice in mind, she navigates her way out of the place with Julian.

I will try to be as paneemonium as possible with details, but if you do not want spoilers- please don’t read this! Lena will eventually save Julian and help him escape into the Wilds with her.

I know, I know, let me hide my shame in here. Happy because, come on, it’s Alex. During his absence, Lena learns that her own rebel leaders have packed her tools to make her escape inside her backpack. Lena is told to keep watch on the son of the head of the movement, Julian Fineman.

If you thought Delirium was great you will be blown away by Pandemonium. Pandemonium, a Delirium novel 2 by Lauren Oliver Isn’t she lovely? Underground, there is also this group of deformed people. Lauren Oliver, are you serious? While I laurenn reading about the homestead that’s basically a camp for the InvalidsI wanted to skip some of the snail-pace parts. Julian was the first boy she felt attracted to since Alex was gone, and it is possible that she was just overwhelmed by her grief, clinging to the possibility of a new love.

Jun 19, Venezia added it Shelves: As for the llauren itself, Lauren Oliver did a fantastic job! panddmonium

If Alex doesn’t make it Alex is killed as they cross the border and Lena wakes up in the Wilds being taken care of by Invalids. None of that is in this one.


This is one super twisted cliffhanger that will make the reader restless till the finale arrives. The new characters were also likable. And, again, a HUGE cliff hanger.

I think that anything more that I say will be too much, a revelation. I know that in Deliriuma number of people didn’t find Lena that “kick-ass” heroine that we all love in her defense, all those rules would scare me too, into rebelling.

Lena grieves over the loss of Alex and throws herself into her assigned duties.

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While it has a dystopian-ish feel, this book is synolsis all about the romance, which Oliver does beautifully. I know, I know. Do we ever see Alex again?

It has the worst cliffhanger EVER. On the cover for Pandemonium- the model is fierce, picking the reader apart with her angry glare. Olifer I can’t even explain what it did to me.

Oh, yes, she is heartbroken and woebegone, but let’s face it, she forgets him in a short minute. If I were her I would have had a panic attack. Two lost people found a home in each other when they had no one else. But the old Lena is dead too.

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