Men see through that. Marches don’t change the fact that this will continue to happen. I’ve been saying to hit ’em where it hurts. I just think folks take a storyline too seriously and apply to their own lives or views unnecessarily Great show I enjoy it week to week. There’s no comparison to Scandal. And I watch Scandal, but that show has gotten so soapy lately that I don’t have the same excitement I used to have when it first started No, I know It’s the way you ‘tied it in’ to your post that got me.

I missed it purposely!!! Then how bout he was at her house and dude came by. Partied with him couple of yearssssss back, at Essence party when he was Mayor of NO. I sure did They didnt believe it but I was hateful and vengeful House of Cards starts on netflix on the 14th! I love this show!

I don’t watch for GU, I watch for the 2 sexy guys she screwing.

How can I watch R&B Divas LA Season 2

Young Cha Cha Boy: SR, they just found Ray Nagan guilty. These “nanomotors” are small synthetic motors, consisting of gold rods, that move around inside cells, and can wreak havoc deason a way that might one day be used to treat diseases. Also, I could totally relate to Mary Jane when it came to David I was blinded by seasob DACK. David needs to see Mary Mrdorldpremiere one more time to get her out of his system and to kick his emotional dependency on her once and for all.

Laws need to be changed and enforced across the board. Mic Checksays: IDK why folks have such a problem with this show. Its a great show, with good writing, adult content, and great actors. Does anyone dovas have a Skype acct? Scandal story line is intense, the clients that Oliva Pope represents.


They shot a couple of episodes of House of Cards right outside my office when I was on contract at Johns Hopkins … Never watched the show though. OK, Omari so damn fine.

A federal jury found that the mayor of Trenton, Tony F. I’ve been saying to hit ’em where it hurts. Her family is a family who takes portraying images very seriously, but each member has their own difficulties in life.

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Here you have a great guy that you have a great time with and he fell for someone else, but couldn’t fall for you. Kid Fury wishing for her death and calling her Shug. It ain’t every woman that can pimp out Shaft. Omari in the boxer briefs.

Heads should roll for their incompetence!

R&B Divas LA Season 2 Episode 1

I made my son 213 coaches too. Like him saying it could make it happen. But David pictured above with Mary Jane is contending with his own Love addiction battle.

Just always look Fabolous.

I gotta find a suitable replacement for Angel Soft. Gotta reach back “phone book” and say hi to old friend. One thing is for sure, black folk will always have mtworldpremiere to complain about when it comes to entertainment made dlvas for us. You might have to wait and “accept” his call Nothing wrong with supporting us.


I always knew our sons weren’t valued by many on this society but this is downright hateful!

Just Looking… Yeah found out later he was living with his Baby Mama so he cheated on her with me I aint like that! Ohhh, it’s might in here, bbl. Why cant both be great in their own lanes? Someone I know tried to compare it to Scandal???? I’m about to go find some food before my stomach caves in I just read an article last night stating that blacks are projected to have 1.

I want to know if there is anything I need to know. DTTS this has hurt my heart. Just logged in to say I think Man is right Dunn will get away with cold blooded murder.

Ray Nagin- What He’s a cool dude. I keep forgetting about this show. You are making it so hard for me to not make a fool of myself by howling in this quiet office. That’s where the similarities end. CUS I’ont like him. Future applications of the nanomotors could also include delivering drugs and performing surgery within a cell. No, I know It’s the way you ‘tied it in’ to your post that got me.