Those that are mirrors let the people see themselves, their tradition and history and culture, and are usually praised by those within that culture but less understood by those from elsewhere. To not use this Sanskrit word in the film could have been seen as patronising to the viewer and not fitting with the tightness of the rest of the dialogue. Write Your Own Review Only registered users can write reviews. Instead of a ponderous epic to be revered more than cherished, Brook gives us a powerful human drama, modern in flavor and message. Adaptation of these stories is certainly nothing new; passion plays, dramas, paintings and many other forms of artistic interpretation of religion have existed and developed with human society for centuries. Brooks and make up your own mind.

If this were not true, there would be no need for museums or movies in foreign languages. Brook’s Mahabharata has done this for me, and it has inspired me to learn more. Mehul February 5th, at If they said no, I would turn to blackmail—I would refuse to eat unless the film was on and I could perch, eyes a few dangerous inches away from the screen of our inch TV. Whatever else it might be, the Mahabharata certainly does not depict the Pandavas as “pressed by the will of the gods into ever- worsening moral and physical conflicts, culminating in a cataclysmic war of annihilation. It is heralded by Nahusha, the first human elected as king of the gods in place of Indra, whose craving for Indra’s wife Shachi drives him to perdition. Every purchase supports the work of the BFI. What this Book certainly does constitute is a foreshadowing of the Great War that is to follow.

British certification and tax relief. In general terms, the story involves epic bdook between two warring families, the Pandavas representing the good side and the Kauravas representing the bad side.

What interests me is that epic which has inspired Indians over millennia; and that is not what I experienced through those four hours.

Without the gold and gloss, we can identity with the characters of the Mahabharata, characters who are faced mwhabharata difficult, complex choices. The Mahabharata is a topic not easy to depict with its many versions, every version being debated.


The dialogues could have been definitely better, since India is also viewed as a philosophical land, the birth place of the Vedas, Geeta, and other spiritual thoughts. Suhtitles this Book certainly does constitute is a foreshadowing of the Great War that is to follow. The Beggar’s Opera Seven Days Toshi Tsuchitori Rabindranath Tagore. Many Sanskrit words and verses from the original text are used without translation or explanation in the film.

This site uses cookies. He was greedy, ambitious, treacherous and egoistic yes. And that enemy is a son born of Karna’s mother a truth known to Mahabharzta but not to his brother. Alas…I live in Germany. If we are to speak of “fatalism” with Smith, the only sign of this can be said to lie in a peculiar weakness of character passed on from generation to generation in the Puru dynasty: Possibly not facsimile true to the mega epic, it does deliver the gist. All of us, who listen, watch or read the Mahabharata, are led to a similar process of self-realisation.

It is Brook’s Krishna which is the most disappointing representation. Brook has this failing of mixing up the cinematic and the theatrical modes, leading to a confused audience-response. Interculturalism and Iconophilia in the New Theatre. This article is about Peter Brook’s film. Yet the characterization in the poem is consistently deep and complex, each member in the cast of thousands has their own story, loaded with symbolism; we find gods and demigods whose histories are inconceivably vast and abstract; each stanza of which there are a staggering one subtitlex thousand, making it the longest poem in existence seems to possess layers of subtext interwoven with subtlety and sophistication.

You really are peher racist like all Indians.

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A very good article indeed. They are not so alien to our world. Are they creating art, or on a crusade?

Many other retellings gloss over or neglect the fact that the Mahabharata is a frame narrative. Performing Arts Journal Details of the characters.

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This worked only to obscure the characters, and presented a glittering surface, a story of magic, demons, of surreal characters. However, the techniques he uses to put across the key message and themes of Bhagavad Gita are interesting and seemingly reverential.


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Peter Brook’s Mahabharata: The Film by Pradip Bhattacharya

His wives, tainted with it, are unable to accept Vyasa in a pure frame of being, and give birth to defective sons. But petet importantly, consider something I heard a museum director say in response to the question “how can museums justify possession of subtitlds culture’s treasures? Myers, initially, seems an unlikely choice to play Krishna. If they said no, I would turn to blackmail—I would refuse to eat unless the film was on and I could perch, eyes a few dangerous inches away from the screen of our inch TV.

An essay on Peter Brook’s adaptation of ‘The Mahabharata’.

Why did you never ask me to remove it? Hidimba was the first Pandava bride and Ghatotkacha the first son. What is the most amazing thing in the world? View all posts by Benjamin Norris.

Smith’s idea, “But whatever he does, he will not avert the destruction the gods have called for”, belongs wholly to the realm of Greek tragedy and is not part of the ethos of Vyasa’s epic where it is the individual who shapes his destiny. Bhattacharya is busy finding flaws. For that I honor his work, whatever its faults may be. So instead of dilly-dallying why don’t you give the real reason of hating this movie.