Tarzan Tarzan Trilogy Tarzan: The character of Tublat has also appeared in the syndicated comic strip Tarzan and in Tarzan comic books, in a portrayal essentially faithful to Burroughs’s conception, generally in adaptations of the original novel. Views Read Edit View history. Their journey is fraught with hardships and Tarzan begins to wonder if someone else isn’t interfering. Eleanor and Hazel do not think Henry is very ‘well rounded’ and hope exposing him to Tarzan can toughen him up. Kreegah bundolo Tarzan yell. But the vine grows out of control, causing an ecological disaster that leads to all-out war between the elephants whom the vine has driven out of their feeding territory and the gorillas whom Tarzan has persuaded to share their own territory with the elephants. CommonSenseMedia gave the show a rating of 3 stars out of 5, writing “Despite the show’s charms, it doesn’t quite live up to the original film.

Along the way Tarzan feels unsure that he can protect the family as well as Kerchak did. Terk gains an appreciation for Tantor’s phobias when a velociraptor which has escaped from Pellucidar scares her silly. He is allowed to take one person with him and he chooses Tarzan, which angers Muviro. Add the first question. Philander is at it again and wants to scoop another one of Professor Porter’s jungle discoveries to pay off his British creditors. In the computer-animated film Tarzan , Tublat is a rogue gorilla who challenges Kerchak, silverback leader of a gorilla troop. Tublat voice Lance Henriksen Seeking revenge on Tarzan, Clayton’s sister or rather her valet, Hobson kidnaps Jane, Tantor, Terk and the Professor, placing each in a separate, deadly peril.

Meanwhile, Tantor has somehow gotten better and with Terk goes after his friends; Basuli shows Tarzan a mysterious cave shaped like a skull head. While out washing her clothes in the jungle, Jane comes across a baby leopard, who follows her. Going ahead, Tarzan encounters Basuli, son of Chief Keewazi of the Waziri tribe, who say that men dressed like Jane and the Professor dug in the mountainside.

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He is at first repulsed at the idea and wants the cub to be left alone in the jungle due to his hatred of leopards because of his parents’ deaths caused by Saborbut Kala and Jane remind him oc Kala’s own decision to give him a chance and Tarzan reluctantly agrees.

In the movie Greystoke: Edit Cast Episode credited cast: Search for ” Epksodes and Tublat’s Revenge ” on Amazon. Investigating Tarzan Tarzan: Upon her touching the fawn, the soul of none other than Queen La enters her body.


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The film’s Kerchak is essentially a combination of the Kerchak and Tublat of the novel, though with a more benign personality than either. Tarzan doesn’t want to help This page was last edited on 31 Januaryat The Missing Link” in a last-ditch effort to pay off the thugs.

Terk still tries to hide her and Tantor’s involvement, but it’s not long before both the lies are piling up and the beetles are leggend a rampage of destruction.

It’s up to Tarzan and the others to save him and to show the former Rough Tublxt that there are other ways of learning leend nature than by shooting it. Kala later adopts the young Tarzan to take the place of her deceased child; the growing boy’s relationship with Tublat is essentially the same as in Burroughs’s original novel.

Watch now on “UnMade”. In the Disney cartoon feature Tarzanthe Mangani are re-envisioned as tublahand Tublat’s role as mate of Kala and foster father to Tarzan is assigned to Kerchak. But as Tarzan’s condition worsens, the two realize that they must put aside their differences if they are to obtain the flower necessary for Professor Porter’s antidote. Unable to return to Opar by herself in Jane’s body, La turns to Lebend, who senses something wrong right away.

Ed heads out into the jungle to find Tarzan himself. Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Meanwhile, Philander returns to London to unveil his proof of living dinosaurs — only to discover the baboon’s pictures instead. Tarzan and Tublat’s Revenge 23 Nov 7.

When Tarzan accidentally knocks “One Punch” out cold, the boxer demands a rematch. Season 1 Episode Tantor wants to confess, but Terk prefers covering up the truth. Later, while hiding from the animals, Tarzan discovers that the ringing the animals hear is due to a recent radio broadcasting tower built at Dumont’s trading post.

After this, Episoces makes peace with the Waziri.

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In the episode “Tarzan and the Enemy Within”, Tublat takes over another eoisodes family, that of Gobu, killing the group’s original leader and banishing the latter into the jungle where he is almost killed by hyenas. Kala voice Jim Cummings Tarzan agrees to this as long as they stay away from the gorillas. Hugo and Hooft use Tarzan to help them gather special ingredients for their hot sauce. When they reach the cave they think they are safe but they have chosen the same cave that banished gorilla Tublat lives in.


A violent thunderstorm has Tarzan, Jane, and the rest of the gorilla family seeking shelter in nearby caves.

This page was last edited on 23 Januaryat Philander, voiced by Keith David. Tarzan and Jane are invited to the Waziri village for the wedding of Basuli and Naoh. This version of Tublat is a violently aggressive, possibly even carnivorous, former member of the gorilla tribe.

Tantor believes in an All-Seeing Elephant, but Terk doesn’t. The Greystoke Legacy Tarzan: Only Jane can contact the Magistrate and settle this once and for all.

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To prove that she hasn’t changed, Jane legned her friends on a British-style picnic Tublt not wanting to pretend to be civilized and join inbut when Nuru and Sheeta ambush them and pursue the four girls into the jungle, Tarzan comes to their rescue. Evelyn Gabai Teleplay by: Rounding out the cast are Jane’s father, Professor Archimedes Q.

In the novel Tarzan of the Apes Tublat whose name means “Broken Nose” is a member of a tribal band of Mangania fictional species of great apes intermediate between chimpanzees and gorillas.

Later, when the jealous actor tries to destroy the film footage containing Tarzan, a fire starts at the trading post and they must stop it!

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When they return home they find the tree house is in shambles as is the professor’s camp and he has disappeared. Mungo voice Nicollette Sheridan But it does teach viewers about the responsibilities of growing up — the good, the bad, and, of course, the funny — and leged definitely something that families can watch together, especially as it spends a lot of time focusing on family dynamics. Walt Disney Television Animation.

After Tarzan is bitten by a venomous spider, Jane and the others learn that the only cure is the Mububu flower, found on the top of a waterfall.