I just finished watching the episode and am still in a state of awe. But the show stellar moment was the final scene in mere seconds the three women left a lasting impression on my mind. Vidpk — Pakistani Entertainment Portal. Retrieved 23 June Hina, So excited and happy to see you here. But is he wrong?

Totally agree with loving the final shot, so classy and beautiful. But then as Hasan mentioned, the shower scene and the one by pond were lovely as well. The Air Waves Media is a private organization. Oh Afia, You read my mind…. So, if you want your day to go well, you should consider starting it with the morning show on TV ONE. The shower scene where she thought of the fakir, naani and Hamza was brilliant! I loved how you began and ended with Salman you always did find him intriguing didnt you?

Naani reprimanded her that she was turning a mere mortal into divinity — he could not give her all that she wanted, neither could he be all that she wanted. These include dramas, sitcoms, shows, Tele Films, lifestyle related programs, and many other. This episode creates a feeling which i might not able to describe.

This is the city of lights Karachi in the province of Sindh. You pretty much covered e erything, but I still dis. From Humsafar to SeZ she has improved alot. Lovely to have to have you here! This is one of those moments where I have to pinch myself! Half the time when I am watching I just keep thinking of what would naani say to all the going ons!


But the show stellar moment was the final scene in mere seconds the three epixode left a lasting impression on my mind. LahoreKarachiPakistan. Show is full of energy, colors, and information. Air Waves Media is a suburb of one of the very famous agencies in our country.

Looking forward to Hamza coming back, lets see how he responds. She realized for herself how helpless humans actually are, we might think we know it all and do it all, but ultimately it all boils down to that one benevolent glance from the ultimate Khawba. KPKP deserved way more success than it got.

Notify me of new posts via email. SeZ without SZ was indeed incomplete. Epsiode forward to today, all those long-forgotten thoughts came crashing back, hitting Falak like a tidal wave, as she came face to face with her rival, Tabinda.

Btw, did any of you thah irritated with the horrible background music playing during the scene the parents were talking? They are doing such a perfect job of supporting Mahira.

Hina Ji, just want to say, you are an amazing actress and I really enjoy your performances. Loved your comment… Yes cannot wait. Kitni Girhain Baaki Hain. The Tele Films are usually in accordance with cultural and national events. Mikaal Zulfiqar has nailed the character, a true depiction mray a jerk.

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Samina Peerzada made her directorial debut through Intehaa critically acclaimed film [2] addressing the social issue of marital rape. The final scene, where Mehrunnisa brings naani to see Falak, was wow — just wow!


It is when against our perfect planning that we fail we realize kuhc was the missing part of the puzzle. These three finest actors left a lasting impression on viewers minds qithout even saying anything.

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SZ you need to take a bow along with Sarmad, Mahira and the crew. But I was looking forward to the Neelum-Fawad pairing which now has been completely ruined for me. Mahira was out of this world, not that I ever doubted it. I can totally think of a few!

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I agree with your reading of the story. Mikaal is simply superb, not to mention unquestionably drool-worthy, as the arrogant, uncaring, unfeeling husband who has zero qualms discussing a divorce while his wife recovers from a nervous breakdown. Dil Ajeeb shai hai, magar hum phir bhi dil ki khawashion ke peeche bhag te rehte hain aur jab thak dil mai Allah nahi ajata hai, woh ajeeb hi rahe ga. A brilliant review as usual. Dil ajab shay hai Nani ajeeb ajeeb kaam karnay ko kehta hai. Humsafar was a milestone foe our industry,i still remember the first time students started discussing Pakistani plays with pride.

Both my All time favourite dramas. I earlier said that episode 12 was best episode till last week. Views Read Edit View history.