After that I was only interested in Jehan Sikander btw what is with our Urdu female writers: Just that things don’t feel as original and I am not as smitten. Nimra Ahmed ka bhi ek formula hai: Her naughtiness, quick replies and funny comments about Turkey was lovely. It was first published in Shuaa Digest from March to May I read that one slow for just 3 chapters and then I couldn’t stop at all!

When I can’t decide what I should read, I open this. White rose with a letter written to my valentine Patriarchy is evident in this book that nobody cares that the hero continues humiliating the heroine as it is covered in pulling her leg but I strongly disagree. Also, thank you so much for setting my expectations so high that I’ll probably be waiting my whole life for a real version of Jihan Sikander. She still has room to grow but she has put out some amazing pieces. I read this book before I was on goodreads so didn’t have a chance to write a review but as this novel is my most favorite of urdu literature so I guess I should express my love for it I don’t dislike these genres at all. I hate people like her.

This amazing piece of book is written by Nimra Ahmed which is, in reality, the sister of top selling author of Pir-e-Kamil, Umera Ahmed.

This novel is bestest novel and my heart favorite one as it catched my complete attention and m complete time including my study hours. Be prepared for an episode of emotional turmoil that will definitely put you in a bucket of tears,but i assure you that you will never regret it.

Khaber daar agar meri biwi ky baray ak lafz b galat kaha tum ny irum. Apr 28, Amna rated it did not like it Shelves: Abdul rehman ma tmhy pasand krti hun lkn ma tmhari dost ko pasand krta hun.


I mean what was the author aiming at? This novel is almost related to me in many sense. View all 11 comments.

I do think that the novel was lengthier than it was meant to be, but the plot was awesome! Romance, friendship,mystery, adventure, crime, cousins drama, patriotism, religion, and norms of our society.

The same religion which dictates dress code and proper behavior for Muslim women around other males also dictates how men should behave modestly and respectfully around women.

Patriarchy is evident in this book that nobody cares that the hero continues humiliating the heroine as it is covered eisode pulling her leg but I strongly disagree. In her trademark style, she leaves you with a thought, that they will be doing it again.

Jannat Kay Pattay / جنت کے پتے

Oh boy, here it goes This might put negative impact on writer. P Now, the things pattaj irritated me most: DJ dialogue i love is mera name khadija rana hy meri friends mjhy DJ kahti hain lkn tum srf mjhy khadija kaho ge. Quotes from Jannat Kay Pattay Words of wisdom penned by Ashfaq Ahmed sound so genuine that they really make you think and reflect.

As i started reading this novel i told them they were so excited and they said to me saman read it fast.

Nimra Ahmed ka bhi ek formula hai: But stay away jannatt it’s sequel. I just skipped through those aur story pe koi farq nai para. Reading about Turkey was fun.

Jannat Ke Pattay XIII By Nimra Ahmed

I thought that both Islamic Law and Pakistani Law demanded that the girl and boy in age should be mature in both physical and mental sense. This whole scene looked like it was ripped off Star Plus. I thoroughly enjoyed myself however I would be a hypocrite to say that I didn’t think of Umera Ahmed while reading this which is really unfair to Nimra.


Kannat don’t dislike these genres at all.

Pakistani Mix Digest

I do not follow Islam that much to be honest, but even I can epiisode that Islam does not allow a women to go out and do absurd and risky things like Haya does in the novel. Jihaan you are just love and haya you are too. Her naughtiness, quick replies and funny comments about Turkey episods lovely.

Haya suleman is the best character of this fiction. This novel is really worth reading.

Return to Book Page. Jul 15, Muhammad Zain Shabbir rated it it was amazing. I mean it maybe right for routine issues but the kind that she got stuck in she should’ve mentioned it to her brother or father.

A very weird image of Islam was portrayed in this novel. It gives an important message through his character that we should never give up and no matter what happens have faith in Allah Almighty and that everything will turn out to be fine.

Haya suleman bharay gul tum sy bht pyar krti hy. I understand that the title of the novel dictates that the story is about Haya’s journey from a bad girl who never covers her head and dresses provocatively enough to catch every male’s eye, to a good girl ‘achi larki’ who is a hijabi girl.