I’m in the top 5. Ano wat r they teaching us? I’ll just channel hop as always. Timone 26 Feb BigMama 26 Feb Gabriel receives a dose of pepper spray from Kgothalo. Click here to login or register.

Nikiwe tricks Benjamin into believing that the two of them slept together. Meshbrown 26 Feb It would also get very complicated if she and Rajesh divorce hmmmmm one can only speculate. I’ll just channel hop as always. Nikiwe still struggles to come clean about her torturous situation. OlothandoD 26 Feb Benjamin asks Rajesh a hypothetical question about sleeping with a friend.

Hendrik expects both Zandre and Anja to pass Matric. Nikiwe’s best intentions are put to test at the Sibeko Gold media tour. Derek nyathi omg I cant wait. With Nina breathing down his neck, Gabriel desperately tries to find out what happened to his shares. Rajesh gets a little too excited about the baby issue. I love the prgenancy story line and glad that nikiwes getting her man back.

SABC3 Isidingo November & December 2017 TV Soapie Teasers

Nice to have Priya back! JENN 28 Feb Matlala takes out his gun and the taxi rivals marcu their guns on him. Monday 25 March Episode Derek Nyathi calls a meeting that doesn’t go according to plan. Click here to login or register. I really like Beth and Frank. Nikiwe and Benjamin cross a line they can never uncross. If Vusi was still around maybe he would.

Georgie wants Nina and Matlala to work together as siblings but Nina wants amrch get to the bottom of things.


BigMama 26 Feb How is katelgo going to feel about the pregnancy after she lost her baby?

Hendrik grounds Anja and Zandre. Lerato gets all the right kind of love from people about her hair care products. Zile12 14 Mar Nina accuses Matlala of being a coward and decides to tell Georgie herself about the DNA test results.

Thursday 7 March Episode Barker and Ben put a plan in motion to get a piece of the lucrative pie. Not bad dis month.

Lerato sets out to emasculate the male population of Horizon Deep. Barkers gone to soft hasnt done anything about Beth Nikiwes pregnency Katlego might ask her for the baby or Beth could kill it Calvin stripping drooling. Nikiwe, Frank, Beth and Carter are all trying hard to put the baby first, but something’s gotta give.

W0W N0 w0rds will hve 2 w8 nd C!!!!! Why episoded we match see Hiryania? Hope derek brings philipa with. Lerato is mortified when she works out the budget to reopening her salon and Wendy is baffled by a penniless and unemployed Morongwa.

SABC3 Isidingo November & December TV Soapie Teasers – Youth Village

SammyC 15 Mar Gabriel gets a slap across the face from a strange woman and accuses Nikiwe. Nikiwe does what she has to when an episods attacks her. Calvin is a stipper, hayi izinto ziyenzeka. He’ll probably sell to Rajesh. I hope the baby is Frank’s, the relationship yaFrank and Beth isnt doing for me. Lalage and Wendy revive their sibling rivalry with a baking challenge.


Isidingo Teasers – March 2013

Well abt Rajesh’s situation i’m nt sure hey myb, myb not. MS 12 Mar Haiboooooooooooooooooooooo Katlego does she want Calvin to get into trouble again I don’t want it to be Frank’s baby!!!!!!! A crafty Gabriel gives Eddie a half-truth account of what happened on the night he got attacked at the penthouse. Hey bloggers, hope you all good.

Haai, this month is not all that interesting.

Nikiwe finds herself on the horns of an emotional dilemma. Monday 18 March Episode Who is the father of Nikiwe’s baby? Tuesday 5 March Episode Rajesh Kumar takes an irrevocable step. Friday 22 March Episode Rajesh and Priya teeter on the brink, and Jefferson gets a strange communication about his wife. To what lengths will she go? Nobody wants to tell Rajesh what actually happened to Gabriel after he left. Nina is conflicted when she gets the DNA results.

Anothando 26 Feb Nina continues to shut Gabriel out.