Melodramma tragico in three acts. Mostly male cast Includes adult, mature adult, young adult, late teen characters. Interestingly, as Beverly Sills points out during the interval, Bellini’s mad scenes are much more demure than, say, Donizettis. Throughout his stay in Paris, Bellini had cultivated the older composer and had maintained a friendship with him: Hear Elvira go mad when her betrothed leaves camp with another woman. Edit Details Official Sites: The duet “Suoni la tromba” — “Sound the Trumpet” — sums up the feelings of Riccardo and Giorgio baritone Mariusz Kwiecien and bass Christof Fichesser toward the apparently treacherous Arturo. But this is not a one woman show, she is supported by an excellent tenor, Eric Cutler, as her cavalier lover Arturo and by baritones Franco Vassello as Arturo’s roundhead rival Riccardo and John Relyea as her uncle Giorgio For what it is worth, this opera is a bit short of narrative drive and dramatic tension.

He’s to be captured, and brought back for execution. Civil war and politics interfere with Elvira’s plans to marry Arturo, because he is helping Queen Elizabeth escape from the rebels. However, she died exactly a year to the day after the composer, and so this version was not performed on stage until 10 April at the Teatro Petruzzelli in Bari , with Katia Ricciarelli in the title role. After a general welcome from all assembled, Arturo expresses his new-found happiness. Send a link to this article to a friend with an optional message. Walton’s men have taken a Royalist prisoner, a woman they suspect is a spy. But on their way out they’re caught by Riccardo. He pretends to be sympathetic, and lets them go.

During the Wars between Cromwell and the Stuarts. They remember the happy times they had together and the pain bwllini their separation. Taking from April until its premiere the following January, Bellini had time to ensure that the opera was as close to perfection as possible. Start your free trial.

I Puritani (Bellini) – Synopsis

In addition to the many writers of the time, among the musical figures which he would have encountered were several Italians belliji as Michele Carafa and Luigi Cherubinithen in his seventies. Giorgio Mariusz Kwiecien ………. When nothing came of negotiations with Naples for a new opera, Bellini composed an alternative version intended for the famous Maria Malibranwho was to sing Amina at the Teatro di San Carlo in Naples in Connections Featured in Great Performances: Arturo arrives to declare his love for Elvira.

He reveals that he persuaded her father to let her marry her beloved.


Quoting Pepoli, Smart continues: Walton’s men have taken a Royalist prisoner, a woman they suspect is a spy. At that news, Arturo is freed. Throughout his stay in Paris, Bellini had cultivated the older composer and had maintained a friendship with him: As the action begins, Charles has already been executed by the revolutionary Roundheads, but battles are still raging. Then the sound of trumpets is heard announcing Arturo’s arrival; he is welcomed by all.

I puritanito which she referred as “dear Puritani”, was Queen Victoria ‘s favourite opera and the first which she attended in the company of Prince Albert before their marriage. He is apprehended and is about to be executed when a messenger arrives with news of the defeat of the Stuarts and a pardon for all prisoners.

Here he swore to be true, here he swore it, and synoosis, cruel man, he fled! Les Troyens Les Troyens: He’s to be captured, and brought back for execution. In a word, my dear Florimo, it was an unheard of thing, and since Saturday, Paris has spoken of it in amazement [6].

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He eventually agrees to spare Arturo but in a rousing duet that closes the act, both men agree that if Arturo is caught siding with the Royalists, he’ll face execution. Start With a Classic Cult. Rossini is known to have recommended one change to syopsis placement of the “Hymn to Liberty”, which had initially appeared in the first act but which Bellini had already realised could not remain in its written form if the opera was to be given in Italy.

I Puritani Synopsis

In the seldom performed Malibran version, it is Elvira i. Libretto by Ranieri de’ Calzabigi. Music composed by Richard Strauss. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! As he pours out his sorrows to Bruno, Riccardo is called upon by his soldiers to lead them but he declares “I am aflame, but the flame is love, not glory”.

Civil war and politics interfere with Elvira’s plans to marry Arturo, because he is helping Queen Elizabeth escape from the rebels. Various performances are reported to have taken place in,and in different European cities, but it was not until in Chicago that Puritani re-appeared in America with Maria Callas and Giuseppe Di Stefano in the major roles.

Elvira doesn’t understand any of this, so she goes stark raving mad and sings a cadenza while lying flat on her back, her head hanging upside-down over the edge of the stage.


In his letter to Ferlito of 11 April, Bellini provides a synopsis of the opera, indicating that his favourite beloini, Giulia GrisiLuigi LablacheGiovanni Battista Rubiniand Antonio Tamburiniwould all be available for the principal roles, and that he would begin to write the music by 15 April if he had received the verses. There is much rejoicing.

Arturo has returned to the fortress secretly to seek out Elvira and convince her pjritani his continued devotion.

I Puritani

Aria, Riccardo; then Belljni then together: He confides in Bruno. Richard reluctantly agrees, but swears that, should Arthur join the Royalist ranks in battle the following day, he will exact revenge for the pain Arthur has caused Elvira.

The two men encourage Elvira to return to her room. The career purltani a great artist was at an end. At the sound of drums being heard, Elvira appears to be returning to a state of madness, fearing that they will again be parted. It was attended by “all of high society, all the great artists, and everyone most distinguished synnopsis Paris were in the theatre, enthusiastic.

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Compositions by Vincenzo Bellini. Given opera’s reputation for melodramatic passion and lust-inspired violence, the opera puritanj would seem an unlikely place synopss a story about dedicated Puritan believers. In the end, Arturo and Elvira are reunited and the two live happily ever after. We should also factor in the force of Pepoli’s verses with their promotion of martyrdom and the utter regularity of the music’s march-like phrasing, rare in Bellini’s ethereal style.

For Elvira there also is in this act the beautiful air, “Vien, diletto” Come, dearest love. Cromwell’s soldiers apprehend him and threaten him with execution.

Opera Today : BELLINI: I puritani

She is saddened when the singing stops, and she sorrowfully wonders where Arturo is. He is exhausted and has returned seeking Elvira. At the last minute, soldiers announce the Stuarts’ defeat and the end of the war. Arturo says that he still loves her, and Elvira says she’s willing to die at his side.