The struggle is real. Around the time of the Cold War, what do you think was the easiest way to make a heel? I wrote a many paragraph long essay on the symbolic battle between Cell and Netero, but now that his Nen is actually revealed, we can go into more detail. Also it was in the ED. This made me think of Gyro’s flashback. It’s hard to believe this is the same guy who randomly killed that human girl to test her out for food. Also, I can’t look at poor Pouf getting neteronetorare’d by humans anymore. Gintama definitely felt like a chore to get through until you get to the major arcs but the good news is most of them ended up being worth it, and the later Gintama seasons felt a lot easier to watch.

Neither are right, neither are wrong, because there is no right answer. If you remember the old woman who quizzed Gon, Kurapika and Leorio as part of the Hunter Exam back in episode 2 episodes ago jfc , the answer is neither. Hmmm, this is a dilemma. Netero is trying to defeat Meruem, but that is physically impossible. In my notes I still have this quote from a while ago that makes this even more shocking: The reveal of Netero’s Nen power is breathtaking for me, especially on the rewatch. I did since you put the warning in but I kind of miss the little banter at the end. There’s no good guys or bad guys, just two parties trying to protect what they hold dear to them.

Also, to clarify things a bit further, I had this post’s fun fact written down ahead of time, which is why it’s appearing now. Meruem’s much more reasonable now and is willing to discuss the issues lol.


Do not post screenshots, jokes, single images of cosplay, wallpapers, comics, or any other low-effort content. Meruem has to be really dense to assume that Netero would just be ok to go along with a conversation, or the fact that the point of leaving was for that in the first place.

I can definitely see where it came from, how he ended up hynter broken Sit down and talk!


Today’s episode of Hunting x for x your x Arms is brought to you by God Netero: But his role in this arc is very important so I wouldnt’ change a thing about him. Damn, not only was he not interested in fighting with Netero initially, Meruem wants to resolve their standoff with words instead of force.

CA is full of ’em! Which one are you talking about? The problem with make the other person give up fights is that you get someone like Gon who just won’t give up no matter what they do.

Yeah that attack was moving so fast Meruem couldn’t even see it but it still barely did any damage. Heard our spoiler tags might be too. I will be interested in seeing this fight play out, especially with how great its beginning was. We may have lost illumiface, but at least we got this. Anime4tun creepy-face torch has been officially passed to Pouf.

He liked to show that allegiance off. Despite this, he insists on his way of doing things, which strangely seem more off-kilter than what Hunfer has done thus far. So today our pro wrestling term is the gimmick of the Foreign Russian wrestler. Meruem is a threat to humanity, and he says as much. As a character I mean.

The day has come! Some examples of the collab getting it right would be the likes of Biscuit getting real PhysicalChrollo staying true to his assorted skill bookNetero pulling out some ridiculously strong powerand Genthru because he’s just as shitty here as he was in the anime! Initially, Meruem was unfazed by Netero’s abilities and procedure, only telling off Netero for his actions and politely sitting around.


And Netero is the perfect foil to him. Perfect reason for him to get into a fight.


And how more awesome can God Netero get??? I’m currently wrapped up in finishing my projects for school, which requires a lot of writing and patience, among other things. How Mechi said Netero was being harsh by making it a “no killing fight” where one person would have to back down? He would never do that.

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The struggle is real. The King has never fought anyone before besides slaughtering some humans.

Netero’s in a difficult position, and the ants have done too much already to just be forgiven. That was one of my favorite early animw4fun.

Yeah they both started out as but Togashi does a perfect job of humanizing them and giving them something you can connect with. I… kinda like Pouf i like him too! Poor Meruem just wants to animefun checkers with his waifu but instead he has to be babysat by this old man.

Will the Earth survive the might battle between a King and a God?