Seem to remember upsettting the front man for Alexanders Palace as well, stood right at front of stage, in middle of dance floor just txting on me mobi, even trying to make the odd call. Posted by Alan Eccles at 2: We will email you as soon as UK tour dates are announced. Welcome to our new weekly blues jam: Cath 87 said “Well I won’t be back to see that dorty filth, but I’ll hear you sing again Thursday, December 28, Christmas Eve pics from Waterfront. April 20, 8: She didn’t even crack a smile when I pointed out she knew all about Chlamydia

He bought us a couple of rounds as well. Anyhow I personally had a feeling before going on that Crawley wouldn’t like us, being Northerners and that but they seemed to enjoy everything we threw at them, nice one! We will not see each other until the 29th now, so there was a lot of group hugs and good wishes. Gig was OK but as is often the case in pubs when we go on late and everone is pished, not everyone wants to see a set of silly bastards fukin about, so they opt to stand close to the front just glowering at us and gesticulating things, wanker usually. Housequake comedy band We like doing these big sports hall with a tent inside jobs, let’s us know it’s nearly Christmas.

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Plenty of material to put in our act. They say variety is the spice of life and groups don’t come much more varied than Hull based comedy band Housequake. The ultimate Brixton eating out guide: Housequakke like to thank everyone that came to CP for making it the great night it was!

You housequakf tracking Housequake. As usual at posh events, we all arrive looking – and smelling in some cases – like a pack o’fukin pikies!

Tentmakers must make a lot of money this time of year, not like zeppelin builders, can’t see much call for them these days. He bought us a couple of rounds as well. Based around carefully selected featured acts, the[ Posted by Alan Eccles at 3: The ents manager was a nice Scots lady called Lesley 27who did look after us very well.


Who’s he looking at??? The dynamic duo Joolz and Chappie were just about to get onto the M1 when they realised they’d forgot to remember to fuel up, the unsurprising result being they spent a few hours on the M25 waiting for some diesel to arrive. Once again it was about 10 people deep at the bar, the place comedj heaving and cmedy wasn’t enuff staff to keep everybody moist, at least all that body heat kept us all warm.

Housequake comedy band

We could play a different venue every night of the week, 7 nights a week for 2 years and still not go to the same club twice up NE. It stuck to the lining of his mouth and throat and caked like a scab, he was in ccomedy right state.

Blog of the UK’s No. The concluding chapter in this series of two episodes took place at the Waterfront Night Club in Hull on Christmas Eve Alan Eccles View my complete profile.

It has to match up precisely with the tickets that you selected with the. We were halfway through the show when Four hours here, Seamus O’Hoolahan! We didn’t have to ask people us to dance they just did it I’ve already the photo to use for it. You are tracking Housequake Email alerts hoousequake be sent to your email address Manage your tracking here. Bit of contradiction for me calling it a big boozy p1ss up as I was on coke noooo, the drink!

No seriously, I had started on Margeritas before leaving for the gig and had become progressively inebriated hic before going onstage.

Needless to say I didn’t want to get up for work today. Hiusequake decided to ask the audience at key points of the show “Do you want the censored version or the full filth? Bit of a disaster for Chappie who we were delighted stepped in for Lucky Shaun; Shaun very brutally accidentally getting drunk whilst trying to sell a basket of pups. Tommy has performed housequakw respected comedy venues all over the country, including: You know it makes sense Not surprising that they’re Rambo types who don’t like people paying us more attention than them.


Arrived on barracks to find a very very posh do, all attendees in regimental costume and one helluva spread layed on, if you can be sure of three things it’s that our armed forces are dressed well, fed well and can party like Hell! After featuring a few different house bands on the weekends, such as Phoenixborn country band Coyote, the Hu family started presenting local live music inincluding many of the famed acts housequake comedy band Make sure that it is the precise Housequake tour dates schedule.

Whilst there they did remember they had taken the brand spanking new Indian headdress out of a box to put in the van.

Housequake comedy band

Posted April 10, at 6: Unlike Livingstones last week, the lads at the hosequake all had their camera phones out taking pictures and videoing bits of the act, Craig David seeming to be a favourite. Lesley 29Hallmark cards We had been asked to do a clean show and Shaun had arranged this with nice lady – but be a houseqyake bit dirty but – not too much etc, etc.

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In here I found an unmolested proper cigar left on an ashtray in a corner and decided to keep it company, Houseqkake fond of a nice cigar at Christmas or I was until the owner of it came back for it, much to the krews delight. Better still, even trying to hold a conversation with some poor tw t who can obviously hear even less than the pillock who’s calling them!