The digital counters showing numbers of births and deaths in huge red letters made me think about over-population and the ever-growing numbers of children born into poverty around the world. Supper was even provided by a sponsor who operates a Frozen Yoghurt business in the Bankstown Plaza. Goodbye Casula as we knew it. It is also about coming to terms with loss and bereavement. He turns off the radio, looks at the audience, the pace is slow. Support your Australian Theatre Creation takes ideas, time, guts, skills, relationships and financial assistance.

Azza had a dual personality or image as represented by two costume changes, one a fully kitted guerrilla fighter and the other, real one of a modern, glamorous Arabic woman in tight black trousers, black sandals and red satin blouse. Life in Australia is more regulated and constrained now. The show itself was fantastically paced. Keeping in mind that authenticity is not just in the detail of the writing. Whilst a large portion of the play is focused on the communication between the characters, a fair portion is also dealt with in a multilingual fashion. Children’s The littlies can look forward to more adventures inspired by songs by the Beatles in the new series of Beat Bugs , the animation series centred around five bugs living in an overgrown suburban backyard. It stars Claire van der Boom Sisters of War as Frankie Bell, a second year practising doctor who, eight years after her own kidney transplant, is set to start on a renal rotation. So when the band members, who had been sitting there got up to go onto stage I made my move, David followed me there.

Maybe it was the Riverside Theatre stage up-front, passive audience seating, maybe the show needed more clowns, but it was not really a performance for both young and old.

Then there were the challenges of working in China in a city that even the Chinese considered to be remote and where little English was spoken. Bani portrays Edmund as a sadistic, cruel and malevolent man and pulls this off far more than convincingly with his performance, with his eerie maniacal laughter that rings in your mind well after the show has finished. Ganesh, the elephant-head god, is sent by Shiva on a dangerous journey through Nazi Germany to reclaim the traditional symbol of the swastika.

It truly topped the most dramatic scenes.

Another young woman tells of her experiences of becoming a doctor, a young man talks about body image and the gym. Frances Panopoulos Magnificent soundtrack, inspired choreography, impressive strength. The nuns had a variety of talents and issues with which they had to deal, relating to and stemming from their lives, before and since taking up holy orders. A big blue and red flickering heart stretched between two trees creating an ambience of kitsch illusion.


There was one main downfall to the play and that was the lack of emotional connection between the characters and thus, less empathy could be felt by the audience. Beyond Entertainment also manage the Beyond West Production division, which provide Executive Production Services to Producers wishing to co-produce with Western Australian production companies. He even grew Australian native plants in his garden including waratahs, which he explained were very difficult to grow. Whatever happened seeing Super Discount first took some of the shine off Ganesh Versus the Third Reich — a disturbing, harrowing yet tender creation.

A film was being filmed in a studio opposite ours and two American photographers said the crew would often work until two or four in the morning. Chopper Rescue Chopper Rescue is a unique observational documentary series following the work of the helicopter rescue crews of Emergency Management Queensland.

Let’s get physical

The younger daughter eventually realised she was marrying an unsuitable man she did not love to please her mother and called off the wedding. The poets speak their Western-Sydney identities into being, each with individual performance styles. This play was an accurate nmaes of the situation of this family from Palestine and now living in Australia.

The director stands out as the lithe, muscular physical embodiment of a Hitler Youth.

It creates a mixed bag of emotions ranging from dark humor all the way to sadness, however the true message of the play shines through strongly and thus, I could easily recommend doopal play to anyone. The only access to the stage is via a steep staircase, which makes it very difficult for wheelchair users or people with mobility issues to see the play. Sophie Alice Ansara — the neurotic Arab-Australian woman trapped between two cultures — was at times unconvincing in her emotional range.

A major function of the oral tradition of South African praise poetry is to preserve and develop social consciousness. And current affairs and politics were also right up there too.

They doolla to put on a variety show and I guess this is where the fun began. Matthew Whittet wrote the play and it was directed by Anthea Williams whose original concept it was.

We got great front-row seats to watch SistaNative. Scott Price adamantly believes that Simon Laherty, who is not Jewish and knows nothing about Judaism, has no right to play the part of Levi.

Overall, Jump for Jordan was wholly satisfying play with an enjoyable conclusion. If it were normal, then fair enough. Mark is waiting for his mother to pick him up.

I cried as the audience clapped. Membes is battling to get through her university studies in archeology, working in retail and lying to her mother, Mara Doris Younanewho cannot get over the shame of Sophie leaving their Campbelltown home before marrying. He has no reason to socialize with Mark.



Rather than a competition, it felt more like a family affair, where all involved were more interested in each other, rather than winning. The people there were so enthusiastic and engaged, those organising it, the audience and the people who stood up to declaim their poetry. However once the story began to unfold and the past of everyone, I began to empathize with them and this became a largely enjoyable experience of the play.

Well done to the cast for an evening of fun! Early on, the majority of the performers and audience were from Arabic-speaking backgrounds and there were more young men than women in the audience and among the performers. In country South-East Gippsland, where I spent most of my childhood, a circus coming to town was a pretty rare, but magical event. The Royal Commission into child abuse was the subject of one sketch in a cathedral setting with Biggins playing the archbishop, Phillip Scott a pedophile priest, the other male lawyer and a kneeling Amanda Bishop the victim.

They had run out of funds and with 4 of the dead sisters in the freezer and needing to be buried, they were putting on this variety show to raise the money for their burials.

Chopper Rescue is a unique observational documentary series following the work of the helicopter rescue crews of Emergency Management Queensland. Half the cast speak only English, and the other half only Chinese, and their interaction off set is confined to the physicality and humour that has made the ABC’s collaboration with Chinese network CCTV a hit with its pint-sized audience in both countries. The actor playing the role of Keating was so good it was hard to believe he was not the real Keating.

This would expel thousands of tiny lights towards the viewers and give off the illusion of the night sky and its stars.

Words on paper are reference points for memorisation and recitation. This is what we have coming up: Although this sounds like a simple and potentially boring idea for a show, the expertise and imagination that the performers brought to the show was far more than enough to create an extremely entertaining nsmes.