I have several and can’t pick just one. And Voldemort going manic at Malfoy manor really looked intense. It is a bittersweet moment, the end of the film series, but for me HP will never really be over. I like the Horcrux one best. Tenshi June 30th, , This is a new spot too though there is only one new shot of the trio in the entrance courtyard. Well for me it is now even less than that!!

That’s all there is to it. How do you plan to celebrate and how does this make you feel? AtlasShrugged June 29th, , 9: I don’t want to. On 10 June, one month before the film’s release, tickets went on sale. I remember someone saying that from the test screening.

I want 3D watchh die hard. I also am glad that the kiss isn’t because of the houselves. Then they simply poor artists. Just thought I’d share.

Oh, wow, that’s amazing! Not having a movie to anticipate is going to be quite bizarre, but there is Pottermore, so I’m happy for that. I booked my ticket a couple of weeks harrypottefandthedeathlyhallows. The story continues to follow Harry Potter on a quest to find and destroy Lord Voldemort’s remaining Horcruxes.

D and started seeing TV spots on UK television as well finally.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 : Watch Harry Potter Movie Online:

Sort of show him getting worn down whereas they are getting energized saying we can end this. Also i found a few of the tv spots in better quality and have no idea what has been posted here, so this is a link to the post that lists all the video that has Part 2 footage in it. Actually the problem is not sooo much him imitating it. I don’t think this is an official poster.

Leaky has lots of stuff from the EW magazine. Waiting has been nerve-wracking, but when it comes, it will be amazing. Spindlewick June 30th,7: Not any big ones, I’m being open minded about the changes so I will wait and see, only excitement from now on! I don’t know, and “the battle” is too general of an answer. It seems to be harrypotterandthdeathlyhallows much the same except for the fact that they are standing on a table in the great hall during it.


So I’ll say the whole movie. I was introduced to Harry Potter when I was six years old so It has been a lot fun doing it and i have hit the photo limits per post and we are two weeks to harrypotherandthedeathlyhallows day of the film release so it seems like a good place to stop. Like the binding spell on the catwalks. I have forced myself to stay away from this new footage regarding the Chamber of Secrets “missing moment”.

Harrypotterandthedeatlhyhallows has been a lot fun watching them. Rowling has a wonderful imagination and a gift for characterization.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 : Watch Harry Potter Movie Online

A harrypotterandtedeathlyhallows final battle will not be in keeping with the wand lore which really is the only reason Harry won that last duel, and will again break the fabric of the world and send watchers into disbelief. Also today I won a radio contest and got an awesome 27×40 inch theatrical poster for the movie, the one with Harry and Voldemort going head to head with the elder wand between them, and I can’t wait to frame it. Some new pics and info if they have most of the article.

I want a lot of emotion, which apparently we are going to get.

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Then I saw the GiF and it looked like some kind of lotion. Ellen June 30th,7: My favourite one is “Dragon’s Flight”, it’s so beautiful and I can imagine the trio flying on the dragon as it plays. However, none of them have bothered me to the point where I hated the movie. Why isn’t Harry dead in that situation?


I went to the midnight showing with a coworker for Deathly Hallows Part one and we had a blast. Let’s keep it strictly to Deathly Hallows Part 2, please. BlueBronzeNerd7 June 29th,6: We should cherish these last two weeks as much as possible but at the same time, don’t get too mushy because as Pottermore proves, Harry Potter is forevermore even if the films aren’t The movies were entertaining, and at times Prisoner, Goblet, Order really good films.

They may just show Snape casting the doe to Dumbledore and that’s it. Looks like I’ll be taking an all nighter This being said I’m working on finishing A Curse so Dark and Lonely this week and it looks like it might put up a fight to be February’s favorite read D Dobson June 28th, hsrrypotterandthedeathlyhallows, 6: From studios’ point of view, every single movie they produce is a money-grabbing effort.

They didn’t even show them by the entrance. I’m positive Ron’s line will be kept in. Prisoner of Azkaban was when I started paying some attention to the production of these things; I remember seeing harrypotterandthedwathlyhallows photos of the Knight Bus as probably the first indication that there was a PoA movie in the works.