Episode 7 Full Episode S 1: I hope the writers learn from this though and next time for you know there will still be an illness next time they stick to diseases that can be at least curable. For making these past 3 months so great in dramaland, I thank you. It was awesome talking to you too. Awe September 6, at 4: Great acting, awesome OST, memorable characters and the OTP spent the last episode being all adorable and lovey-dovey, so no complaints here. I thought you wrote “Lord, Chuno, talk abs”

I know the exact moment things changed for me. Ftly September 7, at 1: But the ‘T’ just adds that extra oomph, doesn’t it? Kang Nam Gil Supporting Cast. This is what FTLY did for me. Instead, they opted for to give us slapdash collection of fanservicey swan song vignettes for each of the primary characters.

For making me love you, for being filled with more heart than any show I have seen recently.

Joo Ji Hoon Main Cast. Their on-screen chemistry gooddramma also good except i personally didnt get many smoochies from them. A pretty little collage it was. I think his “cameo” was audio-only, the first DJ preceding the hilarious Que Sara Sara Sara mashup in one of the earlier car rides.

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Also thank you to the recappers for your fun recaps and wonderful insight! It has a LOT of corporate scenes and whatnot though I saw Innocent thing eng subbed on either gooddrama. It was awesome talking to you too. Have you caught SSofBG? The Dance of Two Jjangs! I appreciate that this drama has fostered such a lovely community in support of it, and I just want to really thank everyone for making this happen.


Thank you for expressing what I couldn’t. Have been waiting for this recap so that I could share all the feels, but you have said everything I wished to say so well, with so much heart and so much love.

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While that story may have been interesting to those who saw TW or others, personally I am really happy the show focused on OTP. I only stuck through it because I loved the Taiwanese version so much.

It was so hilarious and never lost its heart. I know, so many dramas forget to give us some actual time with the couple just being happy, because they think it’s boring. All these recaps are such good reads, really. Although not as much as Chuno. I also want to say thank you to all the fellow commenters for sharing their civil yes, that’s important and constructive critiques.

I like Thank You but it’s really just too slow for me. Once watched, began the slow, painful countdown to next Wednesday.

I am already missing all these characters. But School didn’t showcase JN’s talents very well. They were made to work very well together, seriously. If I remember the rules of the game correctly, the objective of the game is to grasp the opposite person’s fist when they say ‘rice’ instead of barley.

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Lee Yoon Ji Main Cast. As stated before, it’s my first encounter with both Jangs yeah, I live in a cave: I loved that they focus on the OTP in the last few episodes and gave us this happy moments.


Thanks for the recap. Especially since nothing on the drama horizon catches my interest at all. Give the Taiwanese version a chance. For making me have such lovely conversations with other db posters: Reading this made me equally happy and sad.

Boxed-In September 6, at 4: And i goooddrama loved that scene. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they are also A-list veterans actors, or that SJS was normally a melo actor – it just makes for a great performance when the actor really throws themselves into it, like SJS earlier and Jang Hyuk now.

Just very slightly though.

Thank you to HeadsNo2 and Gummi for the recaps. They could have realized that ‘every day together is a gift’ after they unexpectedly lost KD to the car of doom. Im Ye Jin Supporting Cast.

Gun and Mi-young begin their official walk down the aisle this time, which is like night wpisode day compared to when Gun looked like he was walking to his grave the first time around.