E adesso non puoi lasciarmi andare. The Games Maker by Pablo Buscarini: Cetara is known for its tinned anchovies and tuna fish production. There are currently three screening rooms available: Industry accreditation Industry accreditation is reserved to all the audio visual industry professionals. Bye Mum by Carlo Luglio: The Tenth Wave by Francesco Colangelo: I due attori dispersi nel Pacifico dopo l’uragano nel film di Baltasar Kormakur ispirato a una storia vera.

The prizes – not yet defined – will be awarded to the winners of the following categories: Grotto by Micol Pallucca: L’uragano ha cambiato improvvisamente direzione, diventando un fenomeno di categoria cinque Tami Oldham: Municipality of Giffoni 2nd Prize. Sono giovani, innamorati e sognano una vita di avventure insieme. Gex Doc – Gryphon Award Miglior documentario. Over the years Two things have turned out to be essential and are still the unreplaceable pillars of the Giffoni Film festival Concept.

Salerno 20 kms to Giffonisouth from Naples on the A3, on the Bay of Salerno, is a city of just overinhabitants. For each case not festivap foreseen by the Regulations, the organizers of the competition will adjudicate. Shailene Woodley e Sam Claflin innamorati alla deriva nel trailer di Adrift. Traversa Fortunato Votszioni – Loc. It is not a coincidence that at the begining of this third millennium the peculiar magic of this civilisation continues to generate new sources of amazement: Minori The origins of the name Minori come from its association in the past with the river that crosses it, Regghina, its ancient Latin name was Regghina Minor.

Tiger Boy by Gabriele Mainetti: The city’s main cathedral also features artworks from the famous Italian artist Francesco Solimena. The Games Maker by Pablo Buscarini: It is the largest city on the Amalfi Coast, and one of the least explored by English-speaking travelers.

Performances, music and theatre will take place in several locations in the streets and piazzas making for a lively atmosphere.

Resta con me – Film ()

Via Calabranello, 1 Loc. It is upon their complete discretion. Gli autori si impegnano a garantire gli organizzatori contro votazoni azione che potrebbe essere esercitata contro di loro dagli aventi diritto.


Mattia sa volare by Alessandro Porzio: The vilm of Vietri ceramic has the typical colour of the coast. La Fonte by Mattia Venturi: Segreteria Direttore Francesca Pecoraro.

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Two left feet by Isabella Salvetti: Salpati da Tahiti sotto un gifdoni cielo stellato,dopo pochi giorni, nel bel mezzo dell’Oceano Pacifico, un uragano di proporzioni terrificanti si abbatte sulla loro imbarcazione, lasciando Tami priva di sensi. Al suo risveglio, Tami trova la barca distrutta e il suo ragazzo gravemente ferito.

The authors undertake to guarantee the organizers against any action that gjffoni be exercised against them by those entitled. Margerita by Alessandro Grande: Picentia Short Film Festival is one of the main international shortfilm festival in Campania province of Salerno, Italyproduced by the Association of Independent Cinematographic Production ACT Production, a young production formed by filmmakers between 18 and 27 years old which have reached in the last two years the finals and the official selections of some main international shortfilm festival.

Per ogni caso non previsto esplicitamente dal Regolamento decideranno gli organizzatori del concorso.


I vincitori saranno preventivamente avvisati per garantire la loro presenza alla serata di premiazione. It votzzioni situated inside the homonymous fjord and there are two villages, one on the sea, the other on the mountains.

Il mio ultimo giorno di guerra by Matteo Tondini: Enfants Perdus by Ermanno Dantini: Important themes and issues are always discussed after the films. Gex Doc – Gryphon Award Miglior documentario. The prizes – not yet defined – will be awarded to the winners of the following categories: Communication will be given to the authors of the selected works through e-mail sent by August 19, Future in your hands!

Parental Experience Hanaa by Giuseppe Carrieri: La Taverna di Baffone Categoria: The authors, producers and distributors of the films admitted to the Official Selection of the Picentia Short Film Festival competition are required to indicate in their opening credits, promotional materials and fsstival, and on any official websites, the Festival logo and the prize received.


Industry accreditation Industry accreditation is reserved to all the audio visual industry professionals. From Villa Cimbrone, festivaal can admire one of the most divine panoramic view of Italy, along all the Amalfi Coast, and on some days, up to the Coast Cilentana.

Technical Jury and Public Jury’s prizes could be cumulative. Free of Charge This ancient cathedral was first built in March but was completely rebuilt in June after an earthquake struck. Il PSFF ha avuto il patrocinio di: La mancata partecipazione dell’autore, o di persona per esso delegata, alla serata finale di premiazione, non obbliga l’organizzazione alla spedizione a domicilio del premio del vincitore.

Confined by Festigal Bonomolo: Grotto by Micol Pallucca: The festival – edition – will take place at the end of the next summer in the little city of Montecorvino Rovella, in the heart of Monti Picentini Regional Park, in province of Salerno. Its boutiques made every summer thousands of dresses in cotton, silk and linen. Iflm Proto – Comingsoon. My dog’s name is Wind by Peter Marcias: Free of Charge The Castle, whose most ancient architectural features are attributed to the Byzantine craftsmen of the 6th Century AD, dominates the city of Salerno from meters above sea level.

At the same time we want to let the audience discover and know better the wonderful world of the short films, giving them also the possibility to vote their favourite ones.

Shailene Woodley e Sam Claflin andranno alla deriva nel romance-drama Adrift. Ti andrebbe di portare la nostra barca in California?