Suryakant demands to know whose permission she had sought before leaving! Halki tells Menka that despite her iron hand, Savitri’s girls were out of her control, especially Lakshmi. Most Related Most Recent Most Popular Top Rated expand screen to full width repeat playlist shuffle replay video clear playlist restore images list. Savitri scolds Chanchal for coming over because Suryakant disapproves of her but Chanchal says that she was here only to share her troubles. Everyone at home wonder who had stolen the jewellery if Kshitij had not. Lakshmi tells her sisters that she will meet their father and apologise if that would make things better for Saraswati and their mother.

Menka gestures to Rasik to shoot their picture. Yuvraj mentions how he had then staged the entire drama of getting Kshitij trapped! Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. He is delighted seeing her but she gives him a cold shoulder. Lakshmi then asks Kshitij if he loves Saraswati, so he replies that he loves Saraswati very much. Menka says that she will leave the house for her good. Menka and Halki go to display the jewellery being given away to Saraswati but are shocked to see all the ornaments missing.

At home, Suryakant is furious with Savitri about the girls not having returned.

Seeing this makes Lakshmi angrier, and she tells Gauri and Durga that she was going to meet their father! He then warns Savitri and Saraswati to go inside as women should not be seen out of the house at night. Lakshmi tells her sisters that she will meet ghaar father and apologise if that would make things better for Saraswati and their mother.

Meanwhile, Dhara tells her husband about the photos and says that everyone was begging her not to break the marriage. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login.


Rasik warns Menka that she’s losing her grip on Suryakant but she assures episodee otherwise. Baa orders Lakshmi to remain episkde her room. Menka overhears this conversation. Yuvraj excuses himself saying he has to go for an outing with his friends.

Lakshmi then narrates eplsode that had transpired near the temple. He takes it across and gives it to another man, who turns kl to be none other than Yuvraj! An enraged Suryakant goes to shoot Kshitij but is stopped by Yuvraj who asks him to think about the familys honour and Saraswatis wedding. Saraswati offers the boy a cup of tea and even she realises that it is the same boy.

The priest looks at Surykant’s horoscope once more and says that he is surely destined to be the father of a son! Menka puts on a charade before Suryakant and defends Lakshmi.

Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan-lastepisode-27th august 2009-part4

Suryakant replies that he has given his word but promises to think about it. He also pays Menaka more attention than Savitri. Phulki and Halki taunt the four betiiyann about dishonouring their brother. However, Saraswati reminds her that they have always put the happiness of their elders ahead of their own.

Gauri and Durga give their special performance at the dance function. Suryakant and the entire household are lakshmk So, both of them peek from the window.

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Savitri comes then and applies henna on Lakshmi’s hand. Everyone at home wonder who had stolen the jewellery if Kshitij had not. Back at the function, Baa introduces Chanchal to Dhara.

Menka is upset at the amount of jewellery being sent away with Saraswati. However, Baa laakshmi to forgive them because they did not reciprocate Menka’s love. Chanchal then gets ready to leave when she collides into Rasik.


Yuvraj comes just then and demands to know from Kshitij what he was doing in the house. But a hesitant Yuvraj lkashmi his father to let Ji and Gauri give a surprise dance for the function! Gauri and Durga overhear Lakshmi and Saraswati’s talks. Lakshmi apologises to Menka and says that she was only fighting for her mother and did not mean to cause her pain.

Savitri’s divorced younger sister, Chanchal Manini De arrives just then and challenges Suryakant but manages to subtly change the topic!

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Lakshmi implores Savitri to speak to Suryakant and call off the marriage. Chanchal tries to intervene but Savitri begs her not to interfere in her family affairs and asks her to leave the house. Rajshri takes an lskshmi liking to Saraswati. Destiny is a Hindi language television drama-series that aired on Zee TV. Meanwhile, Savitri eagerly waits for Suryakant to come and see his newborn daughter but is disappointed.

Hasmukh suggests to the four girls to keep Menka at home at least till their father returned. This page contains text from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia – https: Saraswati replies that lakshim will marry Bhavishya.

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Baa and Suryakant apologise to Yuvraj and his parents. Menka and Rasik return to her room jubilant! Saraswati then asks Savitri to sing a lullaby.

Please login to continue. Suryakant gifts Yuvraj a new sports car.