By default they would use the whole body instead to the selected features as currently. In the one toolbar of the Part wb the first five buttons are supposed to quickly create some standard primitives. Difficult, never did it before I am not sure how difficult is this to handle as it is in the Python realm, but it would be great if the original colors where maintained. Now change the “Global” value the length constraint to the Very right. It is not uncommon to have a flipped profile path like above. PNG 53, bytes I can tell you why I thought I needed it.

Draft workbench preferences snap settings does not use “units” settings. This is a meta issue to collect missing tooltips in FC’s preferences dialog. Sorry chrisb, i pinged you accidentally: This would allow to elso edit parametric objects, and keep the edit. After further research, I found out that the problem arises with a layout in which top edge of secondary screen external display is above top edge of primary screen Built-in display of the laptop. Sorry for the missing version:

Basically from FreeCAD we should be able to do the same as what sketchup does, that is: I have moved this ticket to “Expressions”, as the problem lies in the Expression Engine.

In part-desing-next it is possible to pad or pocket complete faces. File Export to webGL crashes the system. Attachment should support attachin a plane perpendicular to another plane.

Sophie: FreeCAD x86_64

It would be nice if FC and user like me could benefit from this. I would tend to think that if the one half of the arc was possible, the other half should be possible as well. Wed, 15 Oct At a given feature, I can part-mirror that feature and start a second body from that foubd without refining.


When “Auto Remove Redundants” is enabled, a “Point-on-line” constraint isn’t removed when redundant if the superseding constraint is applied in continue mode.

Create a new sketch and add some constraints with a length 2. To add objects it expects user to select something and then press ‘add’. Many engineering software offers to use the decimal separator of the UI language. Double click onto an item in the element tree to start editing. PNG 69, bytes When the user leaves the widget then it automatically removes the dot.

If that’s so, well, maybe this is related.

Yorik’s Blender page

TestTranslation This page created in didn’t seem to have any further use. Read the step model now with Part. Examining the code shows that FreeCAD has already added camera presets, even when the template defines them as well. The new value is “” instead of ” Why are you willl posting 0.

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It looks like OSPRay is among the fatest ray tracing engines: It would be helpful if the image could: It was hirnsalat you said that it crashes with OCCT 7. It was really, really confusing for me, I thought it was broken, until I found that I need to select some objects beforehand.

If you lack such thing for testing, I should be able to create one. This isn’t a bug, not even an issue. And freecad has a lot of such ugly parts.


Message 12 received at bugs. This only happens for the Conda build of FC. Almost 40 years after the boom of the personal computer, spaces keep being a problem Set Bug forwarded-to-address to ‘ http: Therefore I understand wmayer that FC should not ploot a workaround but let Qt do the job. Load the attached file 2. This bug can hide itself and ruin CNC paths if one is not aware of the problem.

Body is not added to active Part. Not frescad sure that would be the proper way Should I open a new tracker issue for that? You can use it by double clicking on a primitive.

I can make changes in the combo view but they do not show up in the 3D view. I can tell you why I thought I needed it. The Hole function of freecad is for the moment only the draft, I am sure, of a practical and complete intuitive function.

This would be useful for things like making labels, or placing images onto the top and bottom of an unpopulated circuit board to give it a life-like appearance.