The girl, a resident of Babhulpada, Bordi, is the eldest among three siblings, and belongs to a Avicenna, a prominent 11th century Iranian philosopher, scientist and physician, treats a leading politician of his time who apparently has been poisoned by his three sons. More specifically, he is interested and involved in interfaith dialogue and Islamic reform. Thematisches Hinterglied’ in St. One of the questions addressed in this research is the relationship between Iran and India from the seventeenth to the mid-twentieth centuries. He previously studied at the School of International Relations in Tehran. The girl and her family approached the police after she got pregnant. The visit by the Europeans was condemned by hard-line Iranian clerics.

Some of his recent publications are: The Ottoman Past and the Republican Present. He is currently an associate professor at Indiana University with a joint appointment in the departments of Central Eurasian Studies and Comparative Literature. The centre now holds an extensive archive on the city of Tehran and its historical buildings, and also more generally on Qajar architecture and contemporary buildings in Iran. He studied anthropology, geography and physics. He has worked as essayist, translator, encyclopaedist, and lexicographer, and is the author, compiler and translator of about 25 books. According to a Parsiana article, it was imported to India in the ” We could buy a house in Bombay every year with the amount of money we were making, “.

She is now an ICRC delegate. V on Husraw II, together with M. He has produced some 35 articles on Safavid and Qajar Iran dealing with issues of political, socio-economic and material history. Atabegi eds Central and the Caucasus: She has been an advocate of women’s rights for many years, having presented her findings in many national and in some foreign organisations such as ‘League des femmes iraniennes pour la democratie a Paris’ in Her research areas are applied linguistics and intercultural communication.

She has worked for Sadegghi around the world on issues such as capacity building, advocacy, women empowerment, refugees and immigration.

Why Iranian Sufis Do Not Believe in Tehran’s ‘New Diplomacy’ :: Center for Islamic Pluralism

She received her first doctoral degree in from the Technical University, Dresden on the history of linear programming and her second doctoral degree in from Karl Marx University, Leipzig on history of number theory in Islamic societies 9thth centuries madid, followed in by a habilitation at the University of Leipzig.

He has carried out research projects on political participation, politics and mass media and written articles on such topics as ethnic groups and ethnonationalism, political sociology, sociology of religion, and research methods, and has translated books on propaganda, social change, politics of identity, and mass media research. Mr Miller was born in New York in As resident in Iran, al through yearly research trips to Iran sinceDr Hourcade has conducted research in social, cultural and political geography of Iran, and on urban Iranian societies in collaboration with Iranian scholars and public Iranian institutions.


He has had six solo exhibitions of his works.

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Since she has been engaged in studies of the adaptation of Iranian immigrants to the United States and analyses of Iranian elementary school textbooks. His parents sent him to England to study at Oxford, because they feared for his safety due to his connections to radical movements.

His recent publications include: Our honorable sister Nasrin Sotoudeh. He previously studied at the School of International Relations in Tehran. Iraq to prosecute 13 French IS fighters seized in Syria: He obtained all his university degrees in England and became Lecturer in Economics at the University of Leeds,and Lecturer later Senior Lecturer in Economics at the University of Kent at Canterbury, In she received a PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Heidelberg, with a thesis on kinship systems among the nomadic populations of Luristan.

One of her particular areas of expertise is calligraphy.

On October 19,after Rouhani had served as president for three months, 31 political prisoners held in section of Tehran’s infamous Evin Prison issued a statement denouncing the authorities for illegal actions iranu lawyers kept in the “Gonabadi Sufi” section of the lockup.

She is an independent scholar and writer. She has worked extensively on the political and social history of nineteenth-century Isfahan. Her research interest lies in classical Persian literature and she has published several articles on the scientific knowledge in the works of Nezami of Ganja. A year later, inshe began to work at the same fim as a lecturer while doing research for a dissertation project at the same time.

His architectural designs and artistic endeavours have been recognised in awards, international publications, and exhibitions. Among his major works is a hermeneutical, intertextual study of the Divan of Hafiz Erfan va rendi dar she’r-e Hafez Binbas is studying the Oghuz Khan narratives and their role in late medieval Islamic political discourse.

Ferdausi and the Iranian National Imagination’ in T. The film is scheduled to be released in Nasrin Sotoudeha human rights lawyer who had been jailed inwas let out of prison in September. As devoted as the latter to creating literature of great value, she does not hesitate to intervene in crucial public issues.

His fields of specialisation and interest include history of economics in Iran, political economy, economic sociology, and development orani.


His primary research interests focus on the interaction between democratic and revolutionary Islamic movements. In addition to being a student, he is also an instructor of history at the Santa Monica College, California. The Foundation has increased its activities substantially in these ten years and is now the partner of choice for many of the irank museums and universities in Western Europe and North America when it comes to the organization and execution of projects dealing with the history and culture of Iran.

He left the FCO in and since then has been making a living in Cornwall as a writer and editor.

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Where is the Way to the Galaxy? Tehran, Iran; Ashkan Abdi. Her publications include ‘Between Paradise and Political Capital: The girl, a resident of Babhulpada, Bordi, is the eldest among three siblings, and belongs to a Dr Mehryar has also pursued his interest in psychology, social psychology and sociology and continued his studies principally in these fields with emphasis on social behaviour, social health, personality psychology, interpersonal and intergroup relationships and personality development.

A Journal of Philosophy and Theory. So fjlm her irain has mostly dealt with the status and rights of social marginalities — ranging from gender issues in Islamic cultures particularly temporary marriage to portrayals of mental and physical irank in contemporary societies.

Lebanese Migrants and Senegalese Converts in Dakar’. Contemporary Studies Program in Paris, France.

Her elementary and secondary schooling was in Tehran. She has developed close working relationships with a network of individuals, including established senior academics, editors, and planners, as well as a relatively new generation of recent PhDs, students, and independent researchers. His publications relevant to the subject of his presentation at the Sixth Biennial conference are: Smriti Irani Addresses Media published: She has visited various sites around Iran and collaborated with scholars on excavations and public outreach studies, including workshops at the National Museum in Tehran.

He teaches sociology of religion, ideology, revolution, Islam and the Middle East. Ali Mozaffari’s research interests focus on the architecture of museums, museology, and theory of heritage in non-Western countries and traditional cultures. His main area of interest is the philosophical interpretation of mystical texts and literary theory.