November 22, 5: If you look at all historical changes and calculate all those movements along more than years you would exactly know waht I mean. And who the hell are we? If you believe there are no Imazighen anymore in Morocco I would think you are an ignorant or a fascist with some kind of genocidal agenda. Not it is not. All this can be done if we agree about what we want. Instead I would say the islamization of Morocco is coming back, and islam comes together with arabic language. Interesting, please continue sharing your comments!

Hakada The mentality of blaming the other has expired! May 29, 5: The fact that we have more freedom of word is due to globalisation Satelite, Internet,.. To block any language is ignorance whether it is Arabic or Berber. What is a Moroccan, that is a tough one, I think it comes down not to passport or blood but to someone who loves, has pride and is willing to protect this land. Yes, people all over the world are working together constructing their country.

So what can we do to solve our linguistic anarchy — or shalada as some may call it? You are an unwanted shameful relic of the past and your days are numbered. With so many mix marriages through the centuries, different invaders God knows how many milkmen…. I say that for two reasons.

February 12, May 27, 8: A good justice system and good education should be enough to eradicate most sources of trouble.

May 27, 2: May 30, 7: When it comes to Morocco we try to paint the picture in black.

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I think it is a unversal feeling, and everyone notice the gaps of his own country…Morocness does not mean to be A,B,C…and there are a lot of factors that have shaped to the worst unfortunatelly our Morocness.


E-mail Subscribe to Talk Morocco by E-mail. And yes Simo, you are right: And not just because your post looks what Google Translate spits out when you feed it a Friday prayer sermon. November 12, 8: February 14, 4: Hakada I think you are mixing apples and bananas.


December 31, 4: There are the biggest villas in Soussi while there are shanties not more than two blocks from our own apartment. I smazighi Moroccan and proud of it. As far I am concerned I am Moroccan, with a couple of other passports, I am neither Arab nor Berber, actually I am both with a bit of this and a bit of that on a top.

Being born inside a set of imaginary borders by chance does not make you special. As of ethnicity, it has never been a problem and will never be as long as people are respected in their specificities. The best to you all Arab, berber or whatever: The daughter, rightfully passed the age when she also should be donning the hijab herself, is encouraged by her mother to buy more clothes and make-up. The media plays only a small role in shaping the Moroccan Identity.

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The American society is indeed unjust but the constitution of the country guarantees freedom of speech and equality. The constitution defines the country as Arab and Muslim. May 27, maazighi This is because these characteristics are the basic principles upon which the identity is founded. To all the people here who make a stand for Amazigh.

For that reason we say that identity is something fixed not variable.

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People should be free to learn the language they want. Wake up and smell the coffee my dear friend. The constitution define you as national and I am pretty sure that you live with your identity without problems you got your fikm music, your amazigh cuisine you talk to your family in amazigh fashion… ideas believes…the issue her is us as Moroccan we have to show our identity.


When i said that a Moroccan Identity is family-oriented,i meant that the government orientation is absent or confused because it has no strategy and no defined politic concernig the Moroccan Identity. To Ben Aissa I would ask: Other societies like the USA that Hakada worship are described by me as fettuccini sause where you can see it amazifhi even it contains black pepper and other components that are not visible dessolved!

What is the Gilm Identity?

Morocco defines itself as an Arab and a Moslim country. Was it ever something different or more definable than it is now?

Here it come ignorance and lack of faith and trust in God, this is also a big problem: People live on the hills of California in a multi-million houses and millions live in the streets with the food stamps. The irony is that Arabs are a minority in the country, but decades of propaganda ensure that very few people so much as realize it. May 25, 1: You could not find yourself and had no achievement what so ever, and all you do is pitching the blame to the others, passing the backuet.