The two of you are still a sweet couple as ever because Haru is such a sweetheart. So he kind of has an inferiority complex. Email required Address never made public. Episode 7 Look at Haruki Yell at Tsuyoshi. The characters are all in high school, and as such there is no sexual tension. Yoshihide begins to take an interest in you around the fourth chapter?

And also in typical shoujo story fashion, Haru sees the two of you together and gets mad at YOU. His name is Yoshihide Matsunaga, if I remember correctly haha. Posted on February 18th at 4: Notify me of new comments via email. Episode 8 It was normal. I have my own. Posted on January 7th at 3:

Episode 10 You were so close to me! There are quite a few scenes of you and Haru at the river where you both like to look for clovers because it is a memorable and significant place for the two of you.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Notify me of new posts via email. When the MC cries over it, worrying over the emo kid, in comes the third party Yoshihide in typical shoujo story fashion who tries to comfort her. Episode 4 I can talk to him myself. Posted on February 17th at As with many other Voltage walktrhough, the group dynamic is what provides most of the humor to the game.

Tell him to let me go Episode 14 Talk about Haru Why are you taking it off? Haru seems to have a perfectionist syndrome, I might say?

“Dreamy Days in West Tokyo” Walkthrough – Haruki

Episode 7 Look at Haruki Yell at Tsuyoshi. Voltage totally gave me no hesitation to buy him one fine day when I saw that his main story and sequel were both on sale. Posted on February 15th at 4: I don’t think the walkthrough for both the main story and sequel will guaranteed the super happy ending will be gained for all devices. This site uses cookies. Spencer Main Story Walkthrough. Visit How to Otome for more walkthroughs! Posted on February 18th at 4: You and Haruki have now been dating for over three years and everyone is now in college.


I really enjoyed these, mostly because the sprites of the guys as kids are so darn cute. Haru, you can say no! Haru is in a different college from you and is now studying law at H University. Episode 8 It was normal. Episode 9 I think you should do it.

You are commenting using your WordPress. This led to his reluctance and an immense lack of self confidence to meet your parents who came back to Japan for a short visit and asked to meet Haru as your boyfriend. Posted on February 16th at Do you think I can handle this? Posted on February 19th at After some angsting and depression and whatnots, you and Haru make up with each other in Chapter 7 after talking about your feelings to each other and doing your favourite routine together from the main story — looking for clovers.

I mean the MC and Haru were doing the same things there over and over again — searching for clovers. Episode 1 I feel a little shy. His name is Yoshihide Matsunaga, if I remember correctly haha. I have my own. I found those scenes a bit boring as they were getting a little old? Episode 3 Hold his hand Carry me on your back.

Roberto Button Main Story Walkthrough. And I should know because I selected the answers for the sequel on the iPad version and I ended up getting the regular happy ending instead Posted on February 13th at 7: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Okay… Episode 8 Why do you want to be perfect?


What was I supposed to do?

Yoshihide begins to take an interest in you around the fourth chapter? Right Episode 3 Sort of… Yeah While it makes backend updating easier, it also borked my way of doing things—big time. These show scenes from when the characters were children, and the MC still lived in the same town. He tried to solve them himself but in the process, started pushing her away and got progressively more angry and jealous of Yoshihide who started to take the opportunities to get close to the MC and talk to her more.

I do, however, have a couple of things to note:. Episode 2 Are you jealous?

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The funniest walktyrough of the whole story was a conversation with the other guys at Black Ship and I like the scenes with the guys in them because they have such easy chemistry with each other. The game also adds a new element day little cut scenes that play between certain chapters. Posted on February 18th at Firstly, Happy Labour Day! Probably the biggest thing… I have removed the series pages for the games that were amalgamated into Lovestruck. Posted on January 7th at 3: