Yash too is left shocked when he sees Aarti. Paridhi expresses her excitement to Prateik. Shobha is about to tell Amma about it but Satyendra intervenes and agrees to give a thought to Yash’s proposal soon after they return home. After Yash leaves, Aarti tells Mansi that she has agreed to marry Yash for the sake of Ansh and that she does not expect anything else from him. Yash calls up Aarti’s landline number to talk to Satyendra. Pankaj expresses his happiness to Yash. Aarti agrees to go ahead with the engagement and comes downstairs.

Do you know how many times Sehrish humiliated her wrongfully? Yash recollects Gayatri’s advice to get remarried as Palak and Payal needed a mother to take care of them. Please change intikam repeating time back to 12 midnight. Views Read Edit View history. Punar Vivaah – Episode 3 – Full Episode. I loved it too!

After Prashant proposed marriage to her, she accepted his proposal. Punar Vivaah – Episode 10 – Full Episode. Pratik’s aunt overhears his conversation and gets furious. Such as all people can see their favourite episodes. Sania leaves for Australia, Ali and Sehrish resolve their issues andnget a child they already both love. When Satyendra agrees to return the money, Aarti does not allow him. Yash tells Pankaj that, however, he still loves Arpita and would never forget her.

Next morning, before leaving for the venue, Shobha tells Satyendra to inform Aarti that they had told Scindia family that she was a widow and not a divorcee. Both Yash and Aarti do not look at each other. The way she was shzdi to ignore the awkwardness was so amazing to see.

Sehrish has been wronged now but Sania has been fron the beginning. As the story played out I got annoyed, angry, frustrated, aggravated — you name it and I felt it — but majaal hai ke remote ko zara bhi takleef di ho … I was glued!

Shed rather talk abt crepes than to face the truth. She argues that she her own identity would be lost in the bargain.


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You can find information about all popular dramas and TV stars, Right place for Drama lovers. Aarti gets scared when Satyendra grants the permission and asks her to go along with Yash in the lawn. He gets scared and leaves.

Eppisode love Razia sultan a lot so please enhance the timing of Razia sultan drama like an hour. Now for an ep where the narrative didnt move forward one inch, goes to show yasir and samiras ability to keep us glued! Aarti and Shobha get apprehensive when Ansh asks her when he would meet his father.

Shobha tells Mansi that Yash was a well epissode person and so he had come to drop Aarti.

Satyendra Dubey is none other than Aarti’s father-in-law. If it is meant to make us re-evaluate what we perceive in absolute terms then Shuk has passed the acid test.

She rips off Aarti and Prashant’s wedding card and requests Aarti to forget her past and start a new life with Yash.

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Her husband tries to convince her saying that they would do a favor on Aarti by accepting Ansh and thus that she never went against them and always danced to their tunes. Otherwise you are not a man or fit for marriage. Aarti is further surprised when she addresses her as Arpita. Yassinos – Yala Chedi Esafe. Plz plz rat ko 1. Showed how much this thing was lacking in her previous life. He believes that Pratik had purposely avoided going to the airport. When Aarti arrives home, Shobha and Satyendra inform her that the Scindia family would be coming the following day for roka and engagement ceremony.

Shobha fears that Aarti would have rejected the proposal had Yash’s aunt taunted her, hadn’t she knew that they have told the Scindia family that Aarti was a widow and not a divorcee.


Bulbulay Drama very funny Episode bulbulay episodes. If Ehtisham and Sania break it off, this will be third time she gets hurt especially because of the same peraon, Sehrish. Yash climbs up the crane to which the basket of flowers is attached and manages to solve the problem. Aayu returns to the family as a supposedly orphan who is adopted by Yash’s half-brother Prateek Dishank Arora and his wife Paridhi Leena Jumani who are childless.

Aarti recollects the moments spent with her ex-husband Prashant and for a moment imagines him to be around her. I Like Mera Sultan.

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Bilal Sghir – Mansmahlekch. Aarti and her family episoce boarded in the second class compartment. Punar Vivaah – Episode 11 – Full Episode. After Vimla leaves, Mansi’s mother apologizes to Shobha on behalf of Vimla.

Retrieved from ” https: Aarti overhears their conversation and misunderstands them.

Next morning, Shobha writes a letter to Aarti to apologize to her as well as convince her. Gayatri informs her husband that she has told Satyendra that they would not accept Ansh.

And here, I must commend the technical crew for their editing and Naeem Mustafa, the DOP, epizode his fabulous camerawork. Shobha introduces Aarti to Yash’s father and Gayatri.

Aarti is furious at Yash as she doubts his intentions behind getting married to her. Shobha tries to pacify Aarti and advises her to forget Prashant.

Shobha tries to make the Scindia family understand Aarti’s plight. Mein toh hoon hi sahi….