Matt Eskandari, Michael A. The Hindus are also the only older people besides the Mayans who are known to have employed the concept of zero in their mathematics. This causes seven isosceles triangles to form imitating the body of a serpent 37 yards long that creeps downwards until it joins the huge serpent’s head carved in stone at the bottom of the stairway. I’ll just cover his eyes when the kissing comes around so that he doesn’t go, ‘Wait, that’s not mom,’ Emraan Hashmi gets candid with Sonil Dedhia. February 25, Cast: January 16, Cast:

Jalebi ane fafda, Amitabh aapda! But my lack of experience cost me more money and time. Bad 25 NR Release Date: Harold Pinter, Anthony Shaffer. Bakong at Angkorvat – Cambodia. Refer to India once ruled the Americas!

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Claude Klotz, Didier Cohen. June 30, Cast: Astronomy was known as the sacred science. William MacLeod has called attention to the similarity between the Mexican volador ritual and the Indian rite of hook-swinging.

I still get nervous doing my first scene for any film. Just Who Is Amal Alamuddin?

April 4, Cast: Well, before the legalities and fines come the mugshots. Did these actresses get it right after marriage?

Take this fun poll now! Testimony to this rich tradition is borne out by Mayan temple art and the few available Codices, or sacred books, of the Mayans. Comedy Nights with Kapil: Penelope Mortimer, Harold Pinter. Sofia Hayat’s bikini pose Here’s what your favourite Bollywood celebrities are tweeting.


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During the Spanish Invasion, the Spaniard Francisco Pizarro crossed his path, captured Atahualpa, and used him to control the Inca empire. A Chinese source of the third century A. Sushmita, Amitabh, Hrithik party with Vashu Bhagnani The producer hosted a lavish party on producing 25 films in Bollywood.

August 5, Cast: As long as I am in people’s minds, the jokes are okay Two years and three successful films on, year-old Alia Bhatt talks films, friends and what’s in store for her future in acting. Even the so-called damsels-in-distress episodee into raging Lyssas when badly offended!

September 20, Cast: Meet Bollywood’s famous grandparents Here’s looking at some beautiful pictures. Pim de la Parra Writer: Just like the Islamic conqueror built mosques on the top of vandalized Hindu temples in India, the Catholics built the S anto Domingo Church on top of Inca temples that they destroyed.

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Bollywood’s heroes go from bushy to darre smooth! Aishwarya goes for gold on the Cannes red carpet The actress-mum made much delayed ti on the Cannes red carpet but we can tell you it was well worth it!

One reason for these similarities between the Americas and India is that in ancient Vedic times there were two great architects, Visvakarma of the demigods or Aryans, and Maya of the asuras. March 29, Cast: Anil Gopi Reddy Writer: The Church of Santo Domingo was built on the site, using the ruined foundations of the temple that was flattened by the Spanish in the 17th century.


Here’s a how-to guide for when you feel like taking your statement necklace out for a spin! April 7, Cast: October 5, Cast: In the third century, horses were exported from India to the Malay Peninsula and Indo-China, an indication that there must have been ships of considerable size.

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The pope’s entire career has the stench of evil about it – By Christopher Hitchens – slate. I’ll just cover his eyes when the kissing comes around so that he doesn’t go, ‘Wait, that’s not mom,’ Emraan Hashmi gets candid with Sonil Dedhia. Marc Levin, Daphne Pinkerson Writer: April 25, Cast: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s golden moments First, it was the anarkalis, episkde, it’s the dawn of the golden era as far as Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s designer wardrobe is concerned.

We did not work together after Sahib Bibi When Zohra Sehgal turned ! The Andaz Apna Apna cast: Manuel Octavio Gomez Writer: Liz Hannah, Josh Singer.

Tamara Bos, Annie M. Accurate time difference of places around the world found in ancient Sanskrit texts image source: