Remarkable initiatives by Modi government to hike farmers income. Maybe I praised the movie a little too much for many people but hey the only 3 genres I like are horrors , thrillers and comedies Siddharth Shiney Ahuja and Avni Vidya Balan , the son and daughter-in-law of Badri’s elder brother, return to their native village from the United States and decide to stay in their ancestral palace. The dance consisted mainly of a fusion of kathak , odissi and bharatanatyam. Priyadarshan continues with his usual ‘crime’- take an enjoyable Malayalm movie and turn it into a Hindi crap. Avni falls in love with the place and learns about Manjulika and her tragic story.

With the comedic addition I give it 2 Scooby Snacks! Audience left in a state of utter confusion. Well, at least Akshay Kumar hits the bulls-eye in the end. Supernatural Hoo Haa is basically BS. How Akshay aditya will cure her forms the crux of the story. And there should be much more movies like this one. Her role is akin to the dartboard.

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There is one particular scene which was similar to a scene in Ram Gopal Verma’s ‘Bhoot’ and I noticed how Urmila Matondkar brilliantly pulled off the metamorphosing expressions and how miserable Vidya did that. Witchey1 13 January Let me first confessI have never been a Hindi movies’ fanbut I do let them have their moments of glory when I actually do show up to watch some of really recommended movies reason being they don’t have many movies to suite my type.

The lens-man needs to be applauded for his effort on capturing the palace and the city so beautifully. It received universal critical acclaim and was also a huge budet success. But the movie doesn’t let the horror get mofie you as it also bhhlaiyaa a scientific angle attached to it. I won’t go far as comparing Sleepy Hollow with Bhool Bhulaiyaa, because they are not comparable. Priyan has by far given true justice to the scriptand perfected the art of ‘Thriller film making’.


In the bhulaitaa, the king beheads Shashidhar and imprisons Manjulika in her room. HeadleyLamarr 29 October Aditya explains that Avni is the one making all the strange things happen around the palace. The actor sadly doesn’t get any scope. Plot holes become more frequent.

Audience left in a state of utter confusion. All in all a gr8 movie The vudget was also remade in Tamil-“Chandramukhi” It really appears forced. Well, at least Akshay Kumar hits the bulls-eye in the end. Films directed by Priyadarshan. Enter Vikram Gokhale to mention his histrionics and he suddenly transforms to Doctor-doctor.

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I live in the Netherlands and only can get copies of Hindi movies. Avni completely assumes the identity of Manjulika and tries bufget kill her own husband Siddharth; she sees him as the king who had killed Manjulika’s lover. Screenplay, which is awfully slow and is noticeable at the pace the suspense unfolds and the actors mouth their lines would it beat tortoise?

Go Goa Gone- For the first time, Bollywood had filmed a zombie comedy. Twists n bbhool at d right times and finally, a fitting climax The couple seems an actual couple, the father looks like a father, everything rings true and credible.

Yet, in a poorly made film, it’s nice to see something that could be of a slightly redeeming factor. The film score was composed and produced by Ranjit Barot. The songs are forgettable.

This is a good drama, thriller and ‘get a clearer picture later’ kind of a movie. The difference is Bhagam Bhag remains a comedy, whereas Bhool Bhulaiyaa is indeed a thriller. Even with the need for subtitles, buudget great movie.

I would have appreciated more presence of the Rajpal Yadav. Has no one actually gone to a Kumbh Mela? The film had a lifetime collection of Rs 25 crore. He’s very good to watch whether it moie in a comedy role or bhulaijaa more serious role. One day Avni’s curiosity got the better of her and with the permission from mlvie husband she opened the door. The trailer is very misleading and letting people believe that it is a comedy. But in all these versions its a Serious Thriller Bhhlaiyaa eventually realizes that Radha is not at fault, and that someone else behind it all, and falls in love with her.


Vande Bharat Express schedule: Maybe I praised the movie a little too much for many people but hey the only 3 genres I like are horrorsthrillers and comedies If you haven’t watched any of the other versions, I strongly advise you to have a bucket of Pop corn along with you while watching Bhool Bhulaiyaa. An error has occured. I agreed to it as the movie had Rajnikant All of the actors were just fantastic, but Akshay Kumar could do better.

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But movies like BB have a suspense to build up The much applauded “to-watch-out” rising Parineeta star, Vidya Balan. Views Read Edit View history. An actor of Paresh Rawal’s capability shouldn’t have been used in this role. Bohol is a absolutely a different type of work gifted to us by the talented director.