Anime and Manga portal. Sakon deduces from evidence that a left-handed person committed both murders, but everyone there is right-handed. To Kaoruko’s surprise, Sakon eventually reveals that Naoto is the mastermind behind the murders, using Tsubota to help him rid the Kujou school of what he saw as its unworthy successors, enabling him to take over himself. Since then Numata Mitsuru has changed incurred gambling debts. End of Judgement Gugure! Retrieved from ” https: While there, he encounters the pop idol Mai Kawai and her group of friends and affiliates. As Sakon was carrying out his investigation, Yagisawa confessed his guilt and then jumped to his death.

The ambitious Hospital director Terao appears to be the only one to benefit from the deaths. On the eve of Naoto’s, final performance for the Kujou school, master Kujou is shot through the head by an arrow from a cross-bow some distance away. One of the group, Yagisawa, is killed when the two-faced demon statue falls on him. After her brother suicided 10 years ago, her hatred for the Tachibanas grew and she was driven by the need for revenge. During family puppetry event, Sakon’s grandfather Tachibana Saemon collapses during the performance. Hoshie explains to her who she is and Tsukiko gives them a videotape she found nearby. The Mightiest Disciple — Pururun!

Naoto finds a threatening note in his room, fired by the same crossbow that killed master Kujou, and then Aki is found stabbed to death by someone wearing an Oni mask. The ambitious Aakon director Terao appears to be the only one to benefit from the deaths.

Views Read Edit View history. Ukon needs repairs, so Sakon leaves the puppet with the craftsman Hayami at Fukami’s puppetry workshop. The Legends of the True Savior — Green vs. The Italian Adventure — Cardfight!! It appears that Museum’s director Yuuki Mari realized that the Egyptian knife that Isshiki purchased was a fake. Sakon travels with Kaoruko to the house of Noh master Kujou to meet Naoto, the senior apprentice and potential partner in an arranged marriage.


The tape shows Dr.

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Shukumei no Taiketsu Panda! End of Judgement Gugure! When Sakon returns to retrieve Ukon there is a gas explosion and fire in Hayami’s workshop and living quarters and Hayami is burned to death.


Sakon uses Ukon to mimic the voices of ayagsuri dead men, tricking Aoki into confessing that he is the killer. He also frequented a club in Tokyo where she worked as a hostess. Sakno tricks Isshiki into revealing that sakpn knew about the telephone tampering, discrediting his alibi and exposing him as the murderer. Final Stage — Tengai Makyou: Sakon deduces that Yagisawa committed suicide to protect the identity of Sato, Mai’s mother who killed her abusive husband in the puppet mansion 16 years ago and who has been managing Mai under an assumed identity.

Sakon, Kaoruko, Zenkichi, and Shiho go to Hida Takayama for a puppeteer festival and apparently see a ghost, the spirit of Nishimura Tsukiko, She was said to have committed suicide after making a mistake at the hospital where she worked and her fiance Numata Mitsuru’s sister Youko died.

The Untold Legend Ace o Nerae! Episofe Bike Orange: Mysterious events occur and one of the group is killed. Just then, Tsukiko walks by, suffering from amnesia. A family friend, Oki Katsumi, reveals himself as the killer when he tries to dig up Kyouichi’s body. Kamisama, Kekkon Zenya Trickster: Afterwards, Sakon cannot practice, but Shiho uses Ukon to break his somber mood, and Sakon goes saion to give his first public performance.


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Niemon Tomonori is found to have died from cyanide poisoning from a needle embedded in the demon puppet.

Retrieved from ” https: Later Sakon and his group apparently see the ghost of Tsukiko push Numata Mitsuru to his death at a nearby hot springs.

After her brother suicided 10 years ago, her hatred for the Tachibanas grew and she was driven by the need for revenge. Most Evil Death Row Convicts From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Hoshie says she can’t believe that her sister Tsukiko made a medical mistake e;isode took her own life as that was completely out of character.

Kaoruko finds evidence that Isshiki has been living at Takahashi’s house, and then Sakon discovers that the telephone handsets in the museum had been tampered with. Later he declares Sakon as his successor, much to the dismay of other older puppeteers. It is revealed that Aoki is in reality the ex-husband of Keiko, Hayami’s partner, and Aoki is seeking revenge for the death of their daughter years earlier in the fire that disfigured him when he tried to save her.

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Bomber Girl Captain Tsubasa: Kobayashi being attacked in the warehouse, apparently by Tsukiko. Sakon takes Ukon to a puppet mansion to see a statue of a two-faced demon. Chie-chan Funsenki — Watashi to Watashi: His aunt, Tachibana Kaoruko believes that it was an accident, but Sakon suspects murder. Red Saint Seiya: