The deeper causes of the assault undoubtedly lie with the ruthless socialist propaganda, instigated by Serbia and having rooted in a very strong group of the Serbian population within Bosnia. The latest winner of the Nobel Prize of Literature, the Belarussian Svetlana Aleksijevitsj, writes literary non-fiction as well. The Collective Memory Reader. By looking at Fama Collection as a transmedial archive containing memories of Sarajevo inhabitants during the siege, we drew at- tention to the co-relation between digitalization and memory, along with the issues ascribed to the very process of digital archiving. Bruno is a neuron, a part of a brain intertwined in a game of structures and macrostructures, of languages and metalanguages Pappalardo Umro je , u dobi od 67 godina. Zna se tek da je tamo That sewer newspaper of Antwerp found is necessary to write an editorial claiming that socialism has a reason to cheer after this double murder; in other words the socialists are to blame for this crime … Being rulers Ferdi- nand and Sophia prepared their own bad luck.

The enemy serves, perhaps even more strongly than the actual positive im- age that of a motherly woman representing the nation as a unifying agent, a force of social cohesion. De moord in Sarajevo Giovanni Aquilecchia, her younger contemporary, saw Bruno primarily as a philosopher. For the next century to come, Princip would get all kinds of labels, depending on the source or the ideological framework defining him. Owing to this database, the severe problem of space limitations for housing the museum collection can be partly overcome. If she is motherly, she cannot be Athens a virgin, therefore not a mother, warrior goddess, clearly of solar origin and nature ; if she is protector, she cannot be Virgin Mary initially also a virgin but a symbol of a virtuous mother — clearly of chthonic origin and nature. All three time dimensions buckle into the circle of mythical time which rules in the Balkans.

That way, once this region overcomes the present-moment obstacles future generations can use this knowledge to evaluate the past. All these diferent kinds of relevant fragments and quotations the au- thors discovered slovenxki presented in the original spelling and together with clear references to their sources, so that the interested reader can always trace back the source, if desired.

Petrovic, Boris, Apokalipsa u nacistickom i sovjetskom plakatu, http: Boje su tople i dominantne, pa su identifikacija i empatija kompletne. De Volksgazet, 30th of July These kinds of quotes among others in the book clearly illustrate that flim and occasion of World War I are often not being diferentiated.


However, it was uploaded to YouTube only on May 20, Much of the available audio-visual material has been digital- ized, but it was never sorted in one digital collection, rather it was dispersed and fragmented. The earliest beginnings were in the last decade of the XX century at the Na- tional Museum of Serbia in Belgrade, as the central museum of the country.

In Yugoslavia’s Livada prison ininmates led by Keber convince reluctant authorities to let them watch the televised Olympic final basketball game between the home country and the U. It is in fact a very important part of the nationalistic narrative; rendering the key aspects of it unstable in such a manner, the narrative is therefore rendered more vital and open to interpretations while retaining its simplicity and directness.


Two partisan coalminers need to take three orphan children away from dangerous area to the liberated land. The Trap for the General, made as the politically correct action film, revolves around ethical dilemmas of the officer of OZNA Doktor, Bekim Fehmiu who orches- trates the whole undercover action.

The film takes place in the in the former Yugoslavia. He sees collage as the metaphor of images and memories in our remembrance. Sarajevo – Kiev Identity, Testimony, Representation, Oxford: Alexandra is a student from Krsko, a small town in Slovenia, while she studies the English language in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

Our nation depends on the existence and solvenski the desired non-existence of the enemy at the same time. Ravna gora The ten episodes that have been broadcast are almost two thirds of the first part entitled Ravna gora of the announced and planned Dramatic Trilogy Dramska trilogija The archives and libraries in institutionalized slovwnski informal theatres can use the same application to process and display their own collections, although they still have the original objects at their sole disposal this is, naturally, with mutual consent of the museums and the owners of original collections and with completing training tilm the software beforehand.

Although the issues of copyright are delicate and legally defined, in line with EU standards, many restrictions can in practice be overcome by means of a partnership agreement between the institution and the theatre or the authors, who are most frequently also the authors autsajde digital objects, i.

In The Last Act, the confrontation of partisans and Chetniks is implicitly positioned as the conflict of two equally morally righteous sides. Even more than that, they are made to be powerful emotional agents, linked to imagery that is at the very foundation of our culture — in other words, they need to represent archetypes.

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Although the main purpose of the institution is to be a museum, the theatrological data are of high significance since they refer directly to the objects in the museum collections. Their collection was established as a result of a private and not institutional initiative.

National heroes subvert the systems of social hierarchy, uniting peasants and aristocrats into one Autsajrer. Estab- lishment of a museum he presumes as an irrevocable happening after which the look at the art has become the look at the art history. In the Aftermath of the Holocaust, Bloomington: Rehearsal recorded in the Rebibbia prison. Our starting point is the notion that the nation is a cultural construct, well-rooted historically and contextually in the post 18th century Europe a development of the concept presented by Herder.

Twenty years after the wars ended in the West Balkans, the process of reconciliation has been marked by disputes over diferent inter- pretations of the same events. Virgin Mary is not very warrior-like; Athens is not very mother-like especially as she is, in all of diferent variations of her image, always unmistakably virginal.

Cardinales Generales In- quisitores. De man die WO I ontketende. Media archeology appears as a multifunctional interdisciplinary area of research of memory, media and culture at a time when the fi,m, cultural and media studies, and arts are increasingly being focused on digital media and technology. Bruno valiantly defended his ideas and his right to maintain them to the very end. There are three autsajdre segments and numerous sub-sections that make up the digital database: Berkley, University of California Press.


This s drama film—related article is a stub. De dood van Gavrilo Princip. Digital archives face the same dialectics other historical models of ar- chiving faced: The main curator, Massimiliano Gionni, inspired with the dream of gath- ering the knowledge of this world in one place, has again reminded audience to the theaters of memory and chambers of all the curiosities of the slovesnki. This is how we can see that the entering of slovvenski and every-day-life objects into the art world in modern times and extension of autsxjder two-dimensional paintings to the three-dimensional installations is just one step further within the same process.

This conference was organized in the framework of the national research project on Identity and Memory: The four friends decides to turn the workhouse of a dead dressmaker into a pizza restaurant.

Fulm Mattino di Napoli. The nation itself, as we shall see, is invested with sacred qualities that it draws from older beliefs, sentiments, and ideals about the nature of community, ter- ritory, history, and destiny.

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Not only are modern national public celebration, monuments, and dis- plays, though created for relatively new purposes, often modeled on earlier traditions and older religious motifs, rituals, and ceremonies. The political moment involves two components that further tailor the narrative perspective.

The specific activities of the Museum of Theatrical Arts of Serbia MPUSor its dual needs — on the one hand to perform its basic museum function, and on the other to create a theatrological database of theatres and theatrical personages, with all necessary metadata created the necessity of this merger of theatrology and museum practice. Fama Collection has accumulated and systematized records of Sarajevo inhabitants and their memories of war in Bosnia and Hercegovina It requires the construc- tion of an ideal-type, based on both the visions of the nationalists and the processes that converge to form the type of human association we call the nation, processes like myth-making, memory selection territorialization, cultural unification, and the like.

In the text Memory and Digital Media: The produced episodes tell the story of the first two months of the German occupation, the arrival of Chetniks to Serbia over the Drina river, and the foundation of their HQ at Ravna gora. In the alovenski ofthe Museum marked its 60th anniversary — and instead of a classic celebration it launched the first public presentation of its digital database.