Venkatesh Chowdary 5 months ago. Music was composed by Maestro Ilaiyaraaja. Rajendra Prasad last sabha lo speech Naga Phani 4 months ago. E movie ma uru lo tisaru appati roju le veru nijamga vamsi garu cinema lu chla baguntay. Bharadwaz Avvari 3 months ago. Your browser doesn’t support HTML5 video.

He is a bachelor and helps Divakaram to get married to Bhuvaneshwari. Sakshi Ranga Rao plays her husband in the film. Music was composed by Maestro Ilaiyaraaja. Bharothu Ramesh 4 months ago. In this process, he suffers in the end for his mischiefs in the past. Ee rendu points manchiga anipinchavu. Anji dampetla 3 months ago. This we can see in her introductory scene, where she goes against dowry.

Chinna Rao Mallikarjuna Rao: Views Read Edit View history. She, in greed of money, gives the loan to Divakaram and gets cheated and tries to take revenge on zpril. April 1 Vidudala Movie Part volgamovie 1 day ago.

Rajendra Prasad owns a videocassette shop. April 1 Vidudala English: Rajendra Prasad far exceeds expectations.

In order to secure the capital, he uses all kinds of tricks. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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It’s then that he realizes that he had been cheated by Jagannatham. Anji dampetla 3 months ago. Retrieved from ” https: Once he goes to video graph a marriage where he meets the wonderful Shobhana and loses his heart right at the very first sight. She is a Doctor by profession and she raises Divakaram as her own son.


Mkvie Garu, Eppudu ee cinema chusina super ga anipisthundi Her helping nature also establishes in the first shot. Meanwhile, she finds out all of Divakaram’s mischief through the neighbors. Sriram who is the dialogue writer for the movie appears in a single scene as the barber. She has an affair with the neighbour and has a son, she gets blackmailed because of this from Divakaram along with the neighbour.

She makes the deal with Divakaram to get rid of him, but finally falls vull love with him seeing his sincerity.

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He knows the intricacies of survival in this big bad world and he has the ability to knit very wonderful but untruthful stores about almost everything under the sun. The videos and channels which are shown to you are changed by this. He is in love with Jayalalita, even though he is already married twice and he thinks he is a superstar and wants to marry her. SP BaluChitra. So Divakaram comes back to Rajahmundry and gets permission from the doctor Shubhawho raises him as her foster child, to use the front veranda in her house for his video shop.


In that process, he gets cheated by Divakaram and finally when reformed, Divakaram comes to give him the money, he dies of a heart attack due to the shock. She is very straightforward and doesn’t like anyone to go against the rules.

Finally, he is killed at the hands of the doctor played by Shubha, for which Divakaram goes to jail. Bharadwaz Avvari 3 months ago. GOWRI naidu 1 month ago. Gopi Chand Krishna Bhagavan: Gopi Gopi 4 months ago.

She works as a railway booking clerk. Divakaram dramatically cheats them with the Dubai TV. Comments 79 Comments Venkatesh Chowdary 10 months ago. Runs the chit fund company illegally. Rajendra Prasad last sabha lo speech Finally, when she lands in Rajahmundry he approaches for marriage. The only visudala of this site is changed by this. This enrages his friend who comes out of jail as there is no proof of his murder.