The regular visitors are aware of the ongoing RTI war between Mrunal vs. Protests and demonstrations are being conducted at several places in India including delhi, hyderabad and chennai. A m2 B m2 C m2 D m2 He will do good. Links to Answer key not working. Utilize this for intrvw preparation.

Those who have question series other than D, how do we verify our answers? Those candidates who prepare for the exam after keeping syllabus in front of them, they have done better in the exam. Post Pagination Next Post Next. As this exam does not take place annually so there is not much available neither on net nor in market. I called up upsc , they said that results wont be out before jan 3rd week. In another notification i. The good news is- all the leaders have assured support to the cause including those from south india Any case of any eventuality, the team leaders will go the court with relevant documents. Thanks a lot and is there corruption in upsc????

Depend on the candidates views for the exam, We expect that the paper of exam was little above average and cutoff will be as like the UPSC prelims. All four answer choices were set wrong.

What is the original average speed of the train? You may have look at few of the question asked in APFC indianexamforum. Plez tel me about upsc exam my gereduTion is raning last year i applly upsc exam plz enfrm me sir.


[RTI] Official Answerkeys for CSAT 2011 received (all 4 Series: A,B,C,D)

I appealed to the first appellate authority FAA Jt. The regular visitors are aware of the ongoing RTI war between Mrunal vs. Utilize this for intrvw preparation. Download WordPress Themes Free. Mrunal Sir, Please tell me, is there any progress of giving extra attempts on the lines of after such massive change in the pattern of the exam.

[RTI] Official Answerkeys for CSAT received (all 4 Series: A,B,C,D) ยป Mrunal

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But cut off for OBC is Question were totally from the syllabus. But no such answer choice was given.

I consider seeries is as your victory only mrunal, You are fighting alone against the Bigbrother? There are different views on the level of question paper of APFC by candidates.

In intend to make an appeal regarding the first and adopt legal recourse regarding the second. So can we take the OMR answer sheet displayed above as the Original Answer Key to cross check our answers or it is only a sample? Exam for OMR sheet? The correct answer as per the key is b. Even Iey had filed a RTI to get my score. Recent On This Blog: In places where congress had influence, labour took part right? Pattern was strictly followed as per the syllabus and almost all the topics were covered.


A m2 B m2 C m2 D m2 A technique in which data is written to two duplicate disks simultaneously, is called: Your email address will not be published.

Photocopies of OMR Answer sheets of my roll number. Most of the candidates giving high scores which are not true.

Which os the following ajswer also known as brain of computer? It is expected that there were nearly seven lacs candidates appeared in the exam of APFC on Hence all options are incorrect. I have scored and hence missed the bus by 3 marks.