He even wishes Pablo were there to hear it all. Marisol also well-dressed, with a mike: Rocio claims not to know, then says that Don Daniel had raped her. Among her people tequila is the celebration drink. I know that many of you feel that Miriam is going to show up at some point. He pours a little for her and we learn that she’s never had it before.

I normally don’t speculate why and — quite frankly — I see no legitimate reason for her apparent disapproval. She tells her mother that Iago was going to talk to his family about her, but Amanda can’t be fooled about this. It makes ordinary men handsome but handsome men look princely. Juan heard, but not seen: What was that black thinggy she wore over what looked like an elegant grey dress. UA–Thank goodness you had a fan handy, I needed it last night.

Daniel and Camila sleep, but Daniel dreams of a hospital room. It’s going to take Hissy awhile to do everything that’s necessary to get her hands on the money: Will he be over her and want to remain with Cam? Refugio looks on while Mariano tries to comfort his mother and Iago looks like he’d rather be anywhere else.

They had the most sour faces throughout this episode. They don’t usually go episde in time to show what has happened to others.

She breaks down and cries, crying out that he can’t abandon her; he exits. I thought that Cayetano had been a good dad up until he got bewitched by that bee-itch. Well, couldn’t they at least show us the followthrough?

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I think he said something sarcastic about her being happy. And if Miriam is alive how many think she is? Camila will epieode hear the end of this from Augustina and I hope she tosses Gullible Gussie oh, I hate that name and her evil husband out on their butts. They scene to have edited out Cami climbing on top of Dan and positioning herself, and brvaio her bare back which the censor really seems to hatealthough it’s a REALLY tame scene. Marisol seen quickly behind the wheel of her car: Aaron brings forth the rings and they are presented to each other by Daniel and Camila.


Come to think of it, she might be the perfect next bravjo for Cayetano if he survives Hissadora. The Albarrans are imploding and soon Pablo’s Monterde connections will be revealed. Sadly, it looks like El Diablo will look for him.

La infidelidad de Rocío

She’s a fortune hunter! I think rather than jealousy of Agata, Agustina has expressed distain for all women who are sexually active out of wedlock.

She bids him farewell and something about seeing him tomorrow. I never thought I would love again that intensely but when I met Daniel. I can’t see it without thinking of Kate smor Castillo doing the same thing many times in La Reina del Sur. Thanks so much for the recap and the pictures!!!!!!!!!! While I don’t believe for a minute that don Dan abused Rocio, more and more I’m finding it difficult to picture him as quite the wonderful man that Camila episkde so fondly.

Ay yi yi what to expect when you’re expecting nada bueno. He was putting her in the past, and acknowledging he is moving on with Camila. What a clever idea, UA, for a recap!!! Yes, she was once involved with his older brother, Mariano. Monday, January 28, at What truly concerns me is how this will affect Epksode when he finds out.

She looked so grossed out. Rocio is despicable for saying Don Amro raped her. What a marvellous recap, UA, though “recap” doesn’t do it justice. This comment has been removed by the author. In fact, I think Miriam is going to come into the picture because I think Camila must surely have another, better dress waiting in the wings for the finale.


Amor bravío Season 1 Episode Watch Online | The Full Episode

That will be the upcoming weekend’s topic. Have you been listening to anyone including Yago who has told her on more than one occasion that he is no Pablo? And I’m dressing as a charro, as he did. Thanks UA, for another great recap.

Want them to continue? The bridal shop owner said she didn’t even accompany the bride into the store. I would like to think she is dead and the baby lives.

It made her look so top heavy. If she wraps her legs around wmor one more time, I’m sorry, I will FF. Cathyx- Rodolfo was indeed tonto for 10 sex with Iliana, when he obviously feels like a cad about it sonce he has no feelings for her. The Moon Wanes a Little clearly symbolic of different things to come He’s not altogether happy about what happened.

Traveling lady, “Mariano’s blood “boils” when he thinks about Camila and Daniel together. I never think when she does this that it’s an invitation to sex. Perhaps we should leave them to their task, as we did promise not to show the dress before the bride arrives at the chapel.