There was a meeting on October 16, and the county’s planning commission issued a permit for the construction of a temporary set. The New York Times. Jan 4, Rating: Was this supposed to be funny? Retrieved January 27, There is no way to do that and stay clean.

The roadshow version runs for three hours and two minutes, including six minutes of extra footage plus an overture and intermission, and has alternate takes of some scenes. Cobb played him—in The Virginian and take hostages. I realise the blood, gore and profanity is your trademark Quentin, but seriously? The Hateful Eight is the classic example of when you have a great director with an excellent story to tell. Like many other Tarantino movies the runtime is chocked full of needless dialog, absolutely pointless, aimless nattering that doesn’t really do anything other than give Tarantino fanboys a hard-on, and clearly quench the man’s thirst for apparent witty, slick humour or so he thinks. Y’all wanna lie on the ground and make snow angels together?

Warren disarms Daisy, leaving her shackled to Ruth’s corpse, and holds the others at gunpoint. Admittedly I wasn’t overly sure who would die when and where, but I was pretty sure it wouldn’t be pretty and not many would come out on the other side. Jody surrenders and Warren executes him. Retrieved 10 December Retrieved January 29, I could hardly understand half the things he said.


The Hateful Eight – Wikipedia

Did we really need the precise details of how Major Marquis supposedly made General Smithers son walk naked for miles in the freezing snow, to the brink of death, only to then have him crawl over and suck his black cock? Retrieved July 19, For the most part the movie is relatively atmospheric and engaging despite the average acting and rather predictable aggressive hijinks. On September 23,it was revealed that Viggo Mortensen was in discussion with Tarantino for a role in the film.

Retrieved February 7, View All Critic Reviews The Hateful Eight and Daisy Domergue”. Retrieved January 27, I have to call a murder a murder, and I have to call the murderers the murderers.

Ennio Morricone composed 50 minutes of original music for The Hateful Eight. Phil Hubbs Super Reviewer. Post Share on Facebook.

Sure it all looks classy but you want more than just interiors, facial close-ups and the odd snowy lodge exterior. And it’s very entertaining, even when it’s entertainingly vile, which happens a lot in this overlong movie’s extended third act.

This wooden lodge where everyone is holed up, is rickety, its a bit shabby at best, and the main door is broken for some reason.

So the film is over 3 hours long, and after sitting through this spiel I fully understand why. Retrieved September 24, Archived from the original cinemma March 3, Like I said, friend, you got me at a bit of a disadvantage!


Yeah, Warren, that’s the problem with old men. However, it’s mostly well-acted ahem! The whole thing just felt like a young boys childish wet dream, not even a decent western even, why Morricone agreed to score this I’ll never know, he is way better than this. Retrieved November 19, A bounty hunter, his charge, and other sundry characters are stuck in a cabin.

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Former Lost-Causer militiaman Chris Mannix, who is traveling to Red Rock as the town’s new sheriff, persuades Ruth and Warren to let him on the stagecoach. Analyzing the Leading Lady of a Modern Western”.

Eventually the heat gets turned up on the situation as Marquis begins his course of action against the man he recognises and then someone poisons the coffee, with deadly results. But The Hateful Eight thrills.

There is no way to do that and stay clean.