FEMINA RIDENS is a feminist pop/culture blog about everything under the sun, brought to you by these women:


Madeleine Wall was born and lives in Toronto. Her interests include women and death, and the many ways in which they intersect. She has spent an inordinate amount in time in academia and libraries, which leads to her making up words and loving elaborate systems. She has had the chicken pox twice, but besides that she is rarely ill. She loves your pet, whatever it may be. She also blogs at A Scavengers Daughter.



Dana was born and raised in the great Midwestern US, recently back after 6 years in Brooklyn. She spends a lot of time watching films, particularly genre and woman-focused films, and writes occasionally about film at The Brooklyn Cult of Mystic Horrors and Screen Slate. She has a wonderful husband/partner in crime, and a chubby little dog named Magnolia who steals everyone’s heart.




Madeleine Lee is a hyphenated Canadian currently living in Montreal. Her interests include sociolinguistics, New Wave cinema, modernist architecture, and noodle soups. She writes about Korean pop music, feminism, and identity politics at her blog My First Love Story, and about pop from around the world for The Singles Jukebox.




Emily lives in Hamilton, Ontario, where she studies obscure old things (eighteenth-century literature and material culture) during business hours and obsesses over slightly less-old obscure things (silent films) for most of the rest of her time. She writes about the women of the silent era for Silent Revue and runs Cats of Silent Film. Her own cats are named after Margaret Cavendish and Asta Nielsen. She spends a lot of time thinking about things that have been forgotten or trivialized because of their association with femininity.



Julia is a bilingual bundle of contradictions, endlessly enamoured by self-portraits, dip-and-dunk photobooths and confrontational contemporary art. She has called Quebec City home since 2008; it is only appropriate she ended up in one of the oldest cities in North America, given her affection for all things old. She makes radio in English, broadcast in a primarily French-speaking part of the world and has relished the opportunity to introduce unsuspecting listeners to everything from Tanya Tagaq’s Animism, or Louise Bourgeois’ flaccid penis sculptures on the radio at 7:30 in the morning. Her most popular Tumblr posts include art by Shelley Niro, quotes from bell hooks, and of course cultural appropriation. Like Emily, she named her cat after one of her favourite silent film stars: Louise Brooks (she goes by Lulu). You may better know her as garconniere. (Brevity has never been her strong suit)



Eva Grace Della Lana is a perpetual teenager in her mid-20s living quietly in a small college town in the Pacific Northwest with an ancient history degree, no dogs, and some bookshelves. Her interests include ghosts, crimes, death, and the intersection of ghosts, crimes, and death with art and fashion. Most of her work experience has been with books and detailed information. She’s been writing on the internet in some capacity, for better or worse, since her 2003 Livejournal.




Erica Mallory was born in upstate New York and lives in the midwest. A library school student, she hopes to graduate with the title “Information Witch.” She will talk your ear off about fashion, flowers, intersectional politics, and punk rock. Most of her time is spent hanging out with her rude black cat, Marlowe, and reading weird books by women.




Maaike was born and raised in the Netherlands, a country about the size of Maryland, and tends to forget, when not confronted with maps, how large other countries can be. She lives and studies in the picture postcard town of Leiden, aspiring to get out of there and become a silent film scholar, in that order. She has a long history of becoming deeply enamoured with genres that generally serve as punch-lines, most notably silent film, Bollywood film, and opera. She has a love of excess and clutter in general, so long as they are used either with extreme precision or complete abandon; this is also why she enjoys learning other languages. Her main ambition for the future is to keep a home full of Persian rugs, plants, cats, and windows, all of themoversized.



Kate Russell is a writer living in Lawrence, Kansas.  Her fiction and creative nonfiction have appeared in Mid-American Review, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Crab Orchard Review, Redivider, and other journals.  Originally from a small town in eastern Maine, her work focuses on northern New England and the Canadian Maritimes, as well as issues of memory, sexual violence, and trauma.  Editorially, she has served as an associate fiction editor of Indiana Review and is currently a fiction reader for Guernica Magazine.  Kate holds a BFA from the University of Maine at Farmington, an MFA from Indiana University, and is a PhD student at the University of Kansas.


Amaka is a fruit sorbet enthusiast with an accounting degree and a small collection of rarely used cookbooks. Her favorite color is “black, but sometimes orange,” which is probably not how favorites should work. She finds herself interested in work that deals with uncertainty, posturing, and post-colonial cultural identity. She lives in the Bay Area region of Northern California.


Hannah is an accent-free North Carolinian who may end up residing in chilly Boston before spring. Out of university for too long (still halfheartedly studying for the GRE), she holds a Film Studies B.A. but currently works in financial analysis. Traveling with her flight crew bae is her current passion; next destinations on the list are Curaçao & Cartagena in February, then Iceland & Copenhagen in August. She loves 1910s-1940s fashion, Georgian & Victorian mourning jewelry, Joseph Cornell, Janet Frame, Joan Blondell, and Jean Rollin (and alliteration). Sorry David Lynch, but she watches a lot of films on her phone. She is severely allergic to cats but not dogs.


Cassie runs a fine art printing business with her partner in Melbourne, Australia and works as a media monitor on the side. Last year she completed a Master of Arts & Cultural Management (Moving Image) and wrote her thesis on Claire Denis, auteurism and noir paratexts (rather, the intersection of all three). She has two rabbits – Dolly and Frank.


Chelsea Pc was born and raised in Toronto where she studied cinema. Here interests lie in inter-war French film, science fiction, fashion, race, and their intersections.


K lives in Cleveland, Ohio and is descended from matchmakers, soda pop delivery men, pool sharks, and women who made their living dipping ice cream bars into chocolate. Her favorite things are wild rabbits, NBA basketball, Mary Timony’s The Golden Dove, and Pretty Little Liars as an exploration of the hidden literacies of teenage girls. For money, K works as a museum grant writer and for love she makes a perzine called Lake Effect (http://lakeeffectzine.bigcartel.com).


Brandi Bee is an anishinaabekwe living in Vancouver via Montreal via Manitoba. Raised by the internet, she spends her limited attention span jumping from one obsession to the next and reading gay/queer subtext into everything.


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