We’re all out enjoying summer, so here’s a short edition of Things We Currently Love for August!

Madeleine W

So, as everyone who has spoken to me, even this passing, knows, I just finished a run of four weddings in six weeks. Two of which I was some kind of maid of honour, one of which I helped make an elaborate dragon cake, and the last where I was (thankfully) just a guest. Everything went well and the couples were lovely, but I am very tired. Since this has been the lens of my summer so far (all the time spent at not-wedding related events involved working overtime to help pay for my expenses) my Things I Currently Love will be somewhat themed.

Get Lucky – Daft Punk

I remember when this song first came out, and the waves of meta-ness and internet think pieces that followed. Now the song exists where it always belonged – on the dance floor of a wedding. This song played at every wedding. And each time I danced, and each time I danced with someone’s mom. At the last two weddings I left mid-conversation in order to dance to it. And there was always a mom on the dance floor. Wedding playlists are all very similar, I learned, whether programmed by the punk rock groom, the personal trainer bride or a DJ named AJ who is probably 14. I would also like to add that my brilliant idea of letting the dogs run around the dance floor and then playing “Who Let The Dogs Out” did not happen, but I’ll elaborate more in an upcoming entry “Ways I Which I Have Been Slighted At Weddings.” Heel Cushions I have oddly shaped feet. They’re small, but the heel is narrow and the toes are wide, which means that I don’t have a pair of shoes without blood in them. I’ll be 26 in less than a month, so I’ve come to terms with that always being the case. However, before my first wedding my mother handed me a packet of gel pads to put on your shoes. Figure out where the friction is, stick it on, and you’re set. They worked! My feet were sore, and I ended up ditching my shoes at every wedding at some point (and was scolded by the staff of Chateau Laurier for doing so) but they’re been in the best shape I’ve seen them after a night out. Obviously I’d rather have beauty norms for women which actually comply with women’s bodies, but this feels like a step in the right direction.

Running After A Bride Through The Woods

This is less of a thing and more of a favourite memory, but my first wedding involved my bride and I running through the woods of her parent’s property (where the wedding took place). Have you ever run behind a woman in a long flowing white dress in the early evening? And seen how it floated behind her in the wind? And since it was grass everywhere there was no fear of damage? I’d recommend it, but it’s not common circumstances. I will also add that the poutine truck that we were running towards was not there when we arrived.

Former Embassies

The second wedding was for my boyfriend’s brother, so I came up to Ottawa with him and his family a few days before, but most of this trip involved making a very elaborate dragon cake. His family included his extended family, so we ended up finding a place through airbnb. The house was massive, but decidedly past its former glory. The first floor had enough room for two living rooms and a dining room in the large open concept space, and then multiple bedrooms and bathrooms to the side. The basement was the same, though with two dining rooms and two living rooms. The whole house felt off, and not just because of the strange layout, or the Ikea kitchen that was falling apart. Maybe haunted? Maybe a murder? Who knows what secrets Ottawa hides. But with some redecorating it could have been a house in a Duras film.

Cashew the Squirrel

Rather than wedding related, this is more wedding adjacent. A month or so ago I woke up to find a squirrel in my kitchen. I don’t have air conditioning, so I keep the windows open, but I also don’t have screens. I’ve been expecting an animal to come in, though I’d always pictured a raccoon. The squirrel ate my cashews, which is truly a tragedy, so he’s been since named Cashew. And he keeps coming back. And keeps getting in. I’ve seen him trying to open the windows. I wish I could strike a deal with him, where I leave food for him on the ledge but still have the windows open without him coming in. I have confidence in him, not simply because of his bravery and stubbornness. Who knows what our relationship can bring


Trusting my gut

I’ve never been a particularly confident person – I’m often second-guessing myself in even the smallest, most inconsequential decisions. This summer, however, I’ve made two big life changes, both of which took a lot of soul-searching and actually, you know, being an adult about things. This is new for me. It’s awesome! And hard! And I am starting to trust in what I know about who I am and what I want. Plus, my favorite horoscope says August is going to be an amazing month for me.

Magic Mike XXL

I already wrote about Magic Mike XXL here, and in all over the place tweets, but I just wanted to say for the FR record that I think everyone should see this movie. Plus, Channing Tatum says that he believes God is a woman. Let that sink in.


I took a work trip in February with a group of foreign exchange students to California, where we visited both Disneyland and Universal Studios. I had a surprisingly great time! Despite being too timid for rollercoasters most of my life, I went on everything there was to offer, and I…loved them. The last few weeks, I’ve gotten rollercoaster fever, so in preparation for a Six Flags trip my husband and I are going to take in the next few weeks, I’ve been reading a lot about rollercoasters as well as watching POV videos of each of the rides I want to go on. Pretty weird, I’m not gonna lie, but I am so into it.


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