In Celebration of Jenny Slate’s Twitter


Jenny Slate is, or should be, at least, one of everyone’s favorite comedians. Obvious Child was in my top 5 films of 2014, and Slate stole the show. She kills it in every TV guest appearance she has – including Kroll Show and Parks & Recreation – and I’m really looking forward to her being a major star in the near future (I was really hoping to see her in the Ghostbusters reboot cast, but alas).

On top of that – and this is the silliest thing to say about a celebrity, I understand – she seems like a person I would actually be friends with. Her Twitter feed is a delightful mix of hilarious jokes and pictures of her dogs and admissions of how intense and hard life, especially married life, can be. She’s candid in a way that most famous people are not – she speaks about anxiety and anger and getting older and fighting with her husband about stupid shit, things I totally understand.

I really just want to have a few bottles of wine with her and chat about life and dogs and Elena Ferrante, but since that’s not gonna happen, here are some choice tweets from the past few months that should convince you how wonderful she is.

Screenshot at Feb 08 13-28-10 Screenshot at Feb 08 13-28-34 Screenshot at Feb 08 13-29-05 Screenshot at Feb 08 13-29-24 Screenshot at Feb 08 13-29-45 Screenshot at Feb 08 13-29-59 Screenshot at Feb 08 13-30-19 Screenshot at Feb 08 13-30-41 Screenshot at Feb 08 13-31-21 Screenshot at Feb 08 13-31-33


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