Retrieved February 5, Archived from the original on January 4, Retrieved April 14, Archived from the original on September 5, Retrieved April 20, Robert challenges the Dunder Mifflin staffers to double their sales.

Search for ” Angry Andy ” on Amazon. Retrieved April 20, This was the first season without Steve Carell as Michael Scott in the lead role and the only one to not feature the character in any capacity. Up; ‘Person,’ ‘Rob,’ ‘Parks’ Adj. Retrieved November 5, This page was last edited on 20 September , at

Schrute, Acting Manager ” ” Search Committee “. Ryan tells the office he has a love poem for her, which Kelly has no interest in reading.

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The series is an American adaptation of the British comedy series of the same nameand is presented in a watcb format, portraying the daily lives of office employees in the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of the fictitious Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Erin, upset about her unrequited feelings for Andy, drinks too much at the Christmas party and is escorted home by California.

Nellie further asserts her authority when she orders Angela Lipton Angela Kinsey to dock Andy’s paycheck twice, and she complies. The eighth season of The Office received mixed reviews. Meanwhile, Ryan becomes jealous after Pam tries to play matchmaker for Kelly.


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Archived from the original on February 13, Retrieved December 27, The eighth season introduced several new characters. Robert California Catherine Tate Despite debuting with moderate viewing figures, the departure of Carell affected the show’s ratings, which fell as the season progressed.

Rainn Wilson portrays Dwight Schrutewho, based upon Gareth Keenanis the Assistant to the Regional Manager, although the character frequently fails to include “to the” in his title.

Retrieved February 2, Todd Packer David Wallace. This causes Andy to have sexual performance difficulties with Erin.

Retrieved June 6, Retrieved October 28, Retrieved May 25, Robert tasks the remaining employees with coming up with a new business idea for Dunder Mifflin and becomes convinced that Kevin’s simple ideas are elaborate metaphors.

Jim, worrying that he will get into trouble, confides in Andy, who understands and tries to help cover up the incident.

Retrieved November 12, Retrieved November 6, It marked the first time since season one that the show did not receive any Emmy nominations. Retrieved February 9, The series— presented as if it were a real documentary —depicts the everyday lives of office employees in the Scranton, Pennsylvaniabranch of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.


This was the first pffice without Steve Carell as Awtch Scott in the lead role and the only one to not feature the character in any capacity. Retrieved May 15, This page was last edited on 20 Septemberat When California reveals he hates Nellie’s business plan, Jim swings into action to keep Dwight from getting thr.

Ryan makes several attempts to get back with Kelly, though everyone finds the attempts pathetic because he can not even say he truly loves her and wants to be with her always he keeps qualifying all of his feelings for her and even admits he would prefer she not be with anyone else if she is not going to be with him. Archived from the original on November 28, Views Read Edit View history.

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Initially scoffing, they are both noticeably moved by it. Archived from the original on April 10, I’d rather ogfice be alone than with somebody. Start your free trial.