Ren Xue Hai Huo Wang. When Jing Xuan was away or outstation, her mother-in-law and the first wife would beat her, scold her and treated her like garbage. Yong He committed suicide Sept From then on, he deemed Mei Li as an impure woman and was convinced that she had slept with Yong He before marrying him. The parents of Yong He tried their best to get their son out of trouble because Meili though matched with Yong He, is still the love interest of Jing Xuan. Only when her child was treated badly that she begged her husband to interfere. He and his parents managed to save Meili and maid, but Meili using a bow and arrow, failed to kill Gao Tu while he was escaping, to avenge her father’s death.

Imagine a Mongolian princess who is a bubbly free spirit with a pleasant disposition, friendly to all people she meets. Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience – Mark Twain. Later, a younger palace officer, commoner Yong He also met her by chance and he too fell in love. Being used to freedom riding horse and other outdoor activities, she lacks manners, and this was more apparent with the high standards of protocol expected in the royal palace. It was back to the problems involving the two pairs who were royally mismatched. Although sappy, it is one of the few drama that have successfully captured me watching them entirely.

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At first, I thought the grief would not last forever, but damn, it did. I skip a lot of parts becuase some mei,i it frustrates me. Both seemed to be around whenever she got into trouble.


Although sappy, it is one of the few drama that have successfully captured me watching them entirely.

This further strained their relationships, especially the thought that she would rather die if Yong He could not be pardoned. Newer Post Older Post Home. Yong He committed suicide Sept Ren Xue Hai Huo Wang. Or it was just an act to make jing xian angry? This was the start of serious misunderstanding between Jing Xuan and Meili. It was interesting to note that Jing Xuan tried his best to break his engagement with his betrothed, Su Ying.

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Why did everything turn from bad to worse to very detestable? Email required Address never made public.

Corruption so prevalent it affects English language? Career options I suggest government Mei Li in the beginning had so many potentials — outspoken, able and free. As a result, she was clumsy and accident prone both in actions and words, yet charming Onlins need better tools Everybody seems to know Meili committed suicide at the priness. The songs are remarkable in its own way. The first few days, she refused food and drink.

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The drama touches on a wide variety of women issues such as freedom, marriage and societal expectations on virtue and purity that I think make the drama worth discussing here. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Sep 12, 41 of 41 episodes seen. Can I just slap you in the pprincess Which pretty much sums up everything about him.

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She, too, was falling in love with him as well. Generally, it is a good melodramatic drama.


When Jing Xuan was away or rkmance, her mother-in-law and the first wife would beat her, scold her and treated her like garbage. Dai Chun Rong [Jing Xuan’s mother].

Stuck in a marriage where her ppalace had always the suspicion of her impurity, she gave birth to a premature child, whom Jing Xuan was convinced was not his but Yong He. I am not sure what was wrong with her but there was definitely something wrong. However, he decided that he would rmance the wedding ceremony with Mei Li first, as he wanted to spend his first wedding night with her.

In order to save Yong He and his parents, Meili grudgingly agreed to marry Jing Xuan, but on the condition that he got royal pardon for Yong He.

Initial love between Jing Xuan and Meili turned to hatred, as events unfolded, starting from the 3-year exile and hard labour. She was traumatized by the event, always blaming herself and somehow ended up punishing herself very severely. To get Meili out of this major problem, Jing Xuan priness to the emperor that Meili should be exiled for 3 years. You are commenting using your WordPress. Corruption is so prevalent it affects English language?

But as it turned out, when fire crackers were let off, it was Jing’s sister Meili’s prncess who got killed in the accident instead.